Gender Feminine

Meaning & History

Diminutive of Ottilie. A famous bearer was the British socialite Lady Ottoline Morrell (1873-1938).

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesOdile, Odette(French) Oda, Odilie, Ottilie, Uta, Ute(German) Auda, Oda, Odila, Odilia(Germanic) Auður(Icelandic) Odeta(Lithuanian) Aud, Oda(Norwegian) Auðr(Old Norse) Otylia, Tola(Polish) Otília(Portuguese) Otilia(Romanian) Otilia(Spanish) Ottilia(Swedish)

People think this name is

classic   formal   upper class   wholesome   refined   strange   complex   serious   nerdy  


Entry updated July 2, 2008