I like that it's simple but not too popular, it's not hard to pronounce either, it's tricky to find middle names for Paige, so I'd say it's better as a middle name.
I just had to come back here to say: Paige Turner.
Good name for a transgender.
Oh, come on, it's not THAT bad! And yes, it does sound like the word page, but it's very pretty. I know someone with this name!
It's a really cute name that reminds me of the ocean. I just can't get over the meaning.
This is my name, and I’ve always loved it! I’ve read other comments about the teasing people with this name may face and honestly I’ve never heard or gotten any teasing if that helps anyone. I like that it’s relatively easy to spell, I’ve only had about a handful of people forget the ‘I’ but it never really bothered me. I also have only met around two Paige’s. It’s simple and cute without being overbearing, at least where I’m from.
The meaning (servant) could be better if I’m honest, but it’s still a name that’s plenty good enough in my opinion. And servants tend to be loyal people so maybe it’s not such a negative.
It reminds me of a book page.
This is my name, but while I find it very pretty I don't really care for the meaning.
Paige is okay. In a way to me it sounds old fashioned. Idk.
Paige is a pretty name. It sounds sweet.
My name is Paige; My Dad named me after the Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. I am 22 and I have only met one other Paige in my life so I like that my name is unique.
However every single time I have to tell somebody my name I have to spell it out for them and even at this age I still get the "what book are you from?" jokes. I have had a couple of pervy men call me "Page 3" over the years too, referring to the usually naked women on pg 3 in newspapers...
This is my friend's name. I like it! It's simple, but pretty. Of course we torture her with the "are we on the same PAIGE" puns, haha.
My name is Rebekah Paige but I have been called Paige since I was an infant because my mom didn't want people to call me Becky. She wanted to call me Bekah, but she knew that they would use Becky instead and I was not the Becky type from the minute I was born apparently. I really don't like my name. I think Paige sounds harsh and guttural and you can't make a nickname out of it. It's not romantic, it's not sexy, it doesn't sound pretty, intelligent, or anything at all. Of course I got all the usual jokes growing up: Turn the page Paige, find it in the Yellow Book Pages, what page are you on...
People even still do it to this day and I am 48 years old. I have met no one with my name but I have heard of other people named Paige, maybe about 20 times in my lifetime but they're usually way younger than me. I tend to dissociate myself from my name and I think it's what has made my life the miserable time that it has been. I don't know why I feel this way but I think to have the name Paige has made me be unpopular and nobody likes me and has made me unsuccessful in my career and it has made me just not be happy.
This name is cute! The only Paiges I’ve known have been kinda rude but I think the name is cute so I would use it anyway.
The spelling is pretty, but when you pronounce it, it just sounds like "page".
I don't like it much. It feels dry and also looks, well, just boring!
Very dated!
Cutesy middle name.
I knew a girl called Paige, she was really smart and got into a private school, I also love this name because it sounds interesting and pretty.
Paige sounds way too much like “page” for my liking. But if you want to name your child this, be my guest.
It's not that bad, I sort of like it actually. But it sounds like the name of a girl that would be in one of those dumb high school films from like 2009.
I don’t care for this name because it means young boy... & it is not pretty... sounds like a boy’s name.
This name is okay, but it has a bit of a snobbish vibe to me. I picture a prissy and spoiled girl when I hear the name Paige.
It's cute and I don't care that it sounds like page, as in book pages.
BTW, Wikipedia THINKS that THIS name is UNISEX.
But according to the charts, its NOT.
It's a good name but there is a mean girl at my school named Paige. Buttt other than her it's very pretty!
My name is Page. Female, age 25. Obviously the original Page without adding the I. For the longest time I was made fun of because my name was a spelling word in elementary school. Before that, no one paid attention to it. Afterwards, it was a big deal and I did come home crying. "Lets all climb on her so we'll all be on the same Page", "You are a Page turner" and "Spin around so we can turn the page".
As a young child with raging hormones I hated my name and wished my mom had named me Alexis. She told me my biological dad wasn't a fan of Alexis and they both came to like the name Page. Which was fitting for me because my maiden name is Baley without an I.
I grew to love my name in high school and now wouldn't have it any other way. It's beautiful and unique. I think many people with the name Page/Paige will go through moments where they hate the name. Especially with the definition being what it is.
Embrace your name and who you are.
If we all gather together we can create a new chapter full of unique pages, all of us with different thoughts and opinions. Be the Page others are so eager to read and learn from.
I apologize for the motivational pun.
Meh. I know about 5 Paiges, too popular for me. I prefer other "P" names such as Parvati and Petra.
People might make fun like saying “social media page“ or “book page”, but it’s pretty and I love reading so Paige sounds like a nice middle name (:
Okay people my name is Paige and I am most certainly NOT a little boy in fact when I was in third grade a fifth grader called me a stupid little man so I punched him in the face and found out later I had broke his nose. I am protective, helpful, kind, and a strong girl. I love my name- sure it comes with jokes every now and then but I have been faced with many struggles in my life including seizures, bullies and some family issues and I still put a smile on my face every day plus third grade was a long time ago. I am a kind person and I am DEFINITELY loyal to all my friends.
Paige is a beautiful name, however, it means servant. I would never name my child Servant so it’s unlikely I’ll name my kid Paige. But it still sounds very beautiful.
Riley Paige Busby is the daughter of “Out Daughtered” stars Adam and Danielle.
Paige Mackenzie Hyland is a dancer known for starring on “Dance moms” for three and a half seasons.
Another Paige here. I often think I was the first Paige, although I know that can’t be true. I was born in 1964 and never knew or heard of anyone with my name, and nobody I knew ever heard of my name either. First time ever was when I was 19 or 20 and there was a fictional character on the tv show Knots Landing named Paige. I was so excited! However it wasn’t until I was into my mid 20s that I met an actual person with my name, and she was a toddler. Her mom got the name from watching Knots Landing.

I didn’t really care for my name growing up, as naturally I got all the same comments you all have. That changed as I got older though and I learned to love my name. By my mid 20s people were telling me how pretty my name is, and how unique. Now it realize it really is a beautiful name and I feel honored to be in the relatively small pool of Paiges. I encourage anyone with this name to appreciate your parents for giving you a unique name that’s so pretty; it’s even pretty to look at spelled out. I’m 54 now and still haven't met anyone older than myself with my name, but at least now when people hear it they have heard it before!To the people commenting on the meaning of the name Paige, are you serious? Who cares? If you let something so silly dictate whether a name is preferable or not, I say learn to think for yourself and realize that obviously there can be more than one definition of a word. Servant is taken from a “Page” and that’s not the same spelling and doesn’t have anything to do with the name any more than a page of paper does. Think outside of the box and don’t let silly people tell you there’s anything wrong with your name. The kind of person who would do that isn’t worth your time.
Paige is a beautiful beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL name. I am gunna have 16 kids (girls and boys) and they are all gunna be called Paige! I could never get bored of it. Simply magnificent⭐️
I distinctly remember the first time I met a girl named Paige. I was five, and she was our new neighbor kid up the street. But her name didn't quite stick in my head because it was previously unknown to me, and when my mom asked me what my new friend's name was, I said, "Book." Oops. But I really like the name Paige now. I think it sounds like a name for a clever, genial person. It has a steady, mature quality to it.
In 2018, 7 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Paige who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 445th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
A good nickname could be Annual Leaves, if you get the joke on that.
Sounds like "page". And what kind of meaning is servant?!
My name is Paige, and I don't like or dislike my name, I think it's okay. For starters, I'm really more into names that are a bit longer, have deep meanings and you could maybe abbreviate, and Paige is obviously not one of those names.
I know a few people have already said this, but I, too, grew up with a lot of jokes like, "Your name's funny, like, turn the page, hahahahahahaha how funny's that", which did get really annoying. I'm 16 now, so I haven't heard a joke like that in a while which is probably a good thing.
Besides the name being short, I also don't really like the fact that I was named after a royal servant. However, it does sort of make sense considering I help my friends a lot.
Over the years, I've learned to not think my name is horrible and I've learned not to cringe when people say my name, although I still don't think it's fantastic.
Overall, I think this is a fairly cute and pretty name for a girl if you prefer a shorter name, but just prepare for your daughter to be compared to a piece of paper stuck inside a book.
The servant meaning isn't TOO bad, as long as her surname isn't something like Butler. That would be awful.
My name is Paige, and I am a caring and loving person, I care for others even when they don’t need my help, I am always looking out for my friends, family and people I don’t even know. I do many many things to serve my community and my religion. My name is Paige and I am a servant to the people I love, as they are to me. It is a beautiful and suiting name for any boy or girl with a loving and generous soul.I have always loved my name. Kids had their puns about my name, but you know I just embraced it and joined in with them and turned it into a positive and right away the other kids knew they couldn’t pick on me by teasing my name so it became a fun class thing even with the teacher and it was like that until I graduated school at 17. It honestly gave me confidence, self love and a sense of humour. Pages in a book, just shows Paige’s are successful and intelligent people who enjoy reading and learning. I have lived in two countries, one country the name was crazy popular, my best friend was actually named Paige along with multiple other friends of mine being named Paige across many ages. In my current country the name isn’t popular at all and I’ve never met another Paige here. I have to say I have loved being both a girl with a unique name and a girl with a beautifully popular name. My mother naming me Paige isn’t “basically naming me manservant”, not even in the tiniest bit. It’s the meaning of the name not a direct translation. The only translation can be young boys who were being trained for knighthood during medieval times, (awesome piece of history), and this ancient lingo isn’t used any longer and manservant, that’s the ugliest way you could’ve put it. So many names out there come from royalty and the rich, so it is so lovely that a name from non royalty or servants is now so popular. They are people just as much as royalty are people. Also, almost every single person I’ve met had zero idea what the meaning of Paige was, so if you love the name and not the meaning, who bloody cares! Nobody knows the meaning of anybody else’s name, like let’s be realistic here, a lot of people don’t even know the meaning of their own name.
I love the name Paige! It's adorable :) I know a child name Paige and she's the most sweetest thing ever! This is another name I would likely use for a daughter in the future.
Paige is a given name for males and females. It is of Latin origin (Byzantine "Págius" young boy helper/mate of young nobles, from "padius" young boy, derived from Greek "Paidion" child) and its meaning is "young helper" or "young child.
Baby names meanings search results: The name Paige is a baby boy name. The name Paige comes from the French origin. In French The meaning of the name Paige is: Attendant.
It is a beautiful name, don’t think it is not.
I do like Paige, even though I hate Sage. I just like the sound of Paige better, and I prefer Paige as a middle name.
Paige Summers was an American adult model. She was a former Penthouse Pet of the Month and Pet of the Year. She moved with her family to Morganton, North Carolina and graduated from Freedom High School where her senior superlative was "Barbie Look-Alike".
A masculine name in the case of Matt Paige Damon.
My middle name is Paige and I love it! I love that it's relatively uncommon and you don't hear it that often. Most girls my age have the middle name Rose or Grace so I'm happy with the middle name I was given!
I like my name! Sure I get teased about pages in a book but it's okay as only close friends do it! I have met a few other Paige's and we all have our own personalities!
My name is Paige. I was born in 1966 and grew up in a small town in Connecticut, so up until about the 7th grade, I was the only Paige in town. Overall, I liked my name. My family made caring yet funny/clever comments about my name (such as Paige One) that made me feel special. My friends and the kids at school would comment on my name, but never in a mean-spirited way. One clever nickname they came up with was "Pedro" (which sounds like Paige O or Paige Ro). When I was in my 30s and had moved across the country, a realtor about my mother's age told me that she named her daughter Paige and that she'd discovered the name in what was deemed a "racy" novel at the time: "Parrish" by Mildred Savage."Parrish" became a movie too, although I never saw it or read the book. The old movie posters make the story look like something... less than desirable. So for years I secretly feared that I may have been named after a "racy" woman. My father had told me long ago that there had been a book, but neither he nor my mother remembered the name, and he insisted that "You were named after a very nice girl who rode her bike, just like you do." (His emphasis that Paige from the mysterious book was nice, yet nobody could recall the name or author of the book from which they named their first daughter, seemed quite suspicious to me, as if there was something they didn't want me to know.)I just now looked up the movie online and discovered that the "Parrish" movie score included a piece called "Paige's theme" written in 1961 by Max Steiner. It's quite lovely and performed by the Warner Bros. Orchestra. Judging by the violins and a brief clip of the movie that someone posted online, Paige Raike really was a nice girl, just like my dad claimed. I hope this adds something to the discussion. It's another bit of info about how and when the name has been used, and I hope will provide some context and perspective regarding what some parents may have had in mind when they chose this name for their daughters.
The name Paige comes with a lot of jokes like "Turn the Paige blah blah blah"; but I actually like it. I began to love my name a lot when I got older. My name is Paige Elizabeth. My name together means a servant pledged to God which to me is beautiful as a christian woman.
I like this name and the fact that I'm a writer and love to read, it adds a bit of meaning to me. (Pages in a book, pages in a story)
I would be more inclined to using it as middle name though. A similar name would be Saige (more commonly spelled as Sage).
I know a little girl who spells it Payge...
My name is Paige and I've never really liked it because I was always teased as a kid because they said "Your name's funny! Like, turn the page! Haha!" And I've always thought one-syllable names are a bit boring. For a short while I tried to have my friends call me by my middle name, Olivia, but they couldn't really, because they always only knew me as Paige.
I find it to be an ugly name, in both spelling and pronunciation. I'm not big on "P" names in general, but this one just takes the cake in terms of ugliness.
This name is simply beautiful. Every positive adjective can be used to describe it. If you are considering this name for your little girl, (well I this case, as a middle) some combos I have that you more than welcome to take a look at are: Savannah Paige
Talitha Paige
Veronica Paige
Merida PaigeI like this name but personally prefer it best as a middle (:
My name is Paige but I find it ironic that it means something like "manservant" yet I'm lazy, heh.
Hi, my name is Paige and I am 14. I think Paige is a beautiful name and if you're going to call your child Paige then don't listen to the horrible comments out there. Just call your child whatever suits you the best.
The name Paige can also mean "Loyal Friend".
I am not Paige, but my best friend is. Hating a name for a meaning that is hundreds of years old is a petty excuse to be outwardly negative toward someone with the name. Paige in my opinion is a very cute name that ages and becomes sophisticated with the owner of the name. Sounding like pages in a book to me signifies how intelligent Paige is, and in turn how successful she is. Paige is a beautiful human being who puts her heart and soul into everything she does, who loves reading and learning, who is wise with an instinct to take care of people. That is what her name means to me, and I can't imagine a better name for a child who wants to be successful.
This name rocks and I've had it and loved it for 48 years.
Okay, so my name is Paige. I'm an utter tomboy, though I love to read. For a while, to annoy one of my friends and get a laugh out of another, I spelled it Page. Why? As I said, I love to read. In third grade, I broke the school record for reading words. I read 3,531,351 words. Nobody has broken it since. Well, except me. I got five million something words. So yeah. And, I'm immature, and, also in third grade I was the same height as my brother (who's a year younger), and we're practically identical. So, when I cut my hair so that it was only a tiny bit longer than his - even shorter than a pixie cut - everybody, and I mean everybody, asked us if we were twins! And I'm a triplet of three girls, so we thought it was hilarious! Anyways, to everybody who's said something rude about this name: Really? The meaning doesn't really matter. Though the spelling, that really does. Which looks more appealing? Page, Payje, Paije, Paje, Payge, or Paige?
Obviously, Page. Anyways, I guess I shouldn't have said the thing to rude people. I mean, it is your own opinion. Oh well. Sorry.
My name is Paige. My mother named me Paige because "like pages in a book, there is a new part to a story on each page, but you are the author of the story and each day is like a new page to write on"
Or something of the sort, it's been quite a while since she has told me. When I was a child, people would joke with me about my name, but never make fun of it. When I was born (1997), Paige was not a popular name. Now, in 2015, it is a bit more popular. Although I wish my name had another meaning, I enjoy my name. I believe it is pretty and simple.
Also shout out to @Paige_marie_raven because we both have the same first and middle names!
I love the sound of this name (it sounds so cute for a girl!) but I don't like the meaning of this name... :(
I guess this is where my hypocrisy kicks in: I don't like girls' names ending in "son" (not even Allison), but I like Paige - which evolved from a Greek word meaning "little boy." Since the etymology isn't immediately obvious, though, it doesn't bother me. Paige is also one of those short, to-the-point names that's not too harsh.
A famous bearer would be Page Hamilton. He doesn't spell it with an I, though.
My name is Paige, and I've reasearched a little about its meaning. Paige is a French baby name and also can mean "Young child".
My daughter's name is Paige Elizabeth and it fits her perfectly! I absolutely love her name, obviously, and she has no problem with it nor has complained about her name. Her nickname is Paigee Pooh, which she's totally Ok with. I became to love the name "Paige" from the night soap opera on "Knots Landing" played by Nicollete Sheridan.
My name is Paige Elizabeth, and I really love my name. When I was a little girl, I got teased just a little (mostly from adult males) about my name making me a page in a book. I wanted to be called Tiffany so badly! But once I hit middle school I really came to love my name, and as a teenager and young adult I have received a lot of compliments on my name. Paige is common but not as common as the Brittany's or Hannah's I grew up with. I knew of a handful of Paige's from my community but was never in a class with another one. Who cares about the meaning? I think it really suits me.
Please don't hate your name PAIGE. It means to be able to serve another.
It has an amazing meaning. JESUS said that greatness in His Kingdom is anyone who serves another. Be blessed by your amazing name.
I'm a 63 yr old male and I've always hated my middle name of "Paige". I read a comment by Marcel and really appreciated it.
I really hate the name Paige. I know what you're thinking: "How rude!" but I have some right to say that as it is my own name! I know, I hate my own name. Well, I didn't choose it so I have every right not to be very keen on it. I sorta wish my name was Kimberly, it's just such a pretty name! I'd get everyone to call me Kim. In conclusion: I HATE THE NAME PAIGE!
I love the name Paige because Paige is my name! :D.
I named my daughter Paige Elise and she is 4. It is not common at all where we live as a first name. It is used more as a middle name. We get compliments all the time. She is usually the only Paige in her class too. BTW, Paige is not a new or trendy name. It dates back to the 1900's. It has just become more popular in the 90's and 2000's. I love meeting a 90 yr. old with the same name as a 4 yr. old. I knew it meant "assistant" when I picked it but I loved the name so it didn't matter. To me it has a southern feel to it but also a spunky artistic vibe as well.
Like others have already mentioned, this name sounds boring and a bit harsh. I also think it sounds too juvenile/young and too "cutesy." Therefore, the name Paige does not age well on a person, in my opinion.Also, people from certain countries seem to be very confused by this name... One time my middle eastern friend came shopping with me and the cashier's name was Paige. My friend thought the name sounded awful on a girl and very unpleasant and "heavy" sounding. Not only does this name sound masculine but it also has a masculine meaning too! I mean what girl wants to be named "male servant?"I think there are much better alternatives names to Paige that are short and sound cute and simple like: Ava, Elaine, Rae, Ainsley, Raven, Claire, Maeve, Wren, Bryn, Bella, Noelle.
I don't think the meaning of the name is so bad. My name's Maria, and everyone I've met seems to like the name, although it means bitter. The meanings of names have nothing to do with it if you ask me.
Very ugly name, plus it reminds me of having heartburn when you say it.
My 7yr olds name is Paige. I loved it since I saw it in my baby name book. The other Paiges I know are Godly sweet women. Everyone calls her Paigey. I call her PaigeyLynn. I have to spell it to people since the I is left out sometimes. She says some people tease her and say she's a page in a book. We've had people ask
"What page are u? Like in the book"
"Turn in circles so u can Turn the page"
She's the only Paige in her school. It's a timeless name with a sweet sound to it.
My name is Paige, and personally I have never liked it. The meaning shouldn't matter too much if it's a nice name, but Paige just sounds gross and not feminine at all. How I wish I had a say in what my name was, but alas, I'm stuck with an ugly name for the the rest of my life. I always wonder what other people think of my name, since I have always hated it so much. I also don't feel like Paige fits me as person, I have never really felt like it was actually my name.
During the medieval era, a page was a boy who was being trained for knighthood. I suppose that's a pretty cool history to have as part of a person's name.
Today, I was looking at the SSA's "beyond the top 1000", and I found that the name Paige was given to 9 baby girls born in 1915.
My name is Paige, and while I used to hate it, I love it now. I know a lot of people say they don't like the meaning or that it's not a very feminine name, but it's simple and classy. And about the 'page in a book' jokes, I only heard those from my brothers when I was little. I would definitely recommend the name Paige.
I don't understand the appeal of this name. It sounds like 'page' of course, and it means 'little boy'! I know a lot of people these days don't seem to care about the meanings of names, (take Madison for example-it means son of maud) but a lot of people know that in the Middle Ages, young male servants were called Pages, only adding more to the true meaning of the name. There are plenty of pretty, classic, feminine names out there, but yet so many people choose Paige. Why?
Actor Matt Damon's middle name is Paige. Personally I think it sounds much more masculine than feminine and don't know why it is so popular for girls. I mean, come on. "Little boy"? How did a name with a meaning like that become popularly feminine? Although on the other hand, it does sort of remind me of pages in a book, but still, it seems like it should be much more popular for boys than for girls.
Paige may sound horrible, but, when you see it on a person you may like it better. That's what happened to me. Paige sounds so sweet and strong, not girly, not a tomboy name.
I love the name Sage but not Paige. It sounds very plain and boring. Anyways, would you like to be named after a part of a book? No. The name is too common for what it really is.
My first name is Paige. Personally, I don't find my name very pretty or feminine, but it's a good name. It's a little rough around the edges with its harsh pronunciation, but once you get used to it, it's not bad. I have been given several nicknames to go along with my name, including 'book', 'paper', and 'tree' but they were all given in good humor.
I do kind of like the sound of this name, and with this spelling. I don't really care about name meanings that much unless they're specifically negative, which most are not, but knowing this means "little boy" kind of ruins the idea of it being a girl name.
Sage is nice alternative.
Me and my friend don't really like the name Paige. It reminds us of a servant and a book. Ew! It's chavvy and disgusting. It's also boring. Why would you EVER call your child ppppaaayyyyaaaggggee.
I hate this name with a passion. I even hate it more when us African Americans use this name. I don't think this name fits right for an African American child. I am African American myself and there are other names out there other than Paige we can use. Paige doesn't fit for a black child, I can only see this on an Anglo-Saxon child.
This name is so boring and unappealing. I really can't understand its popularity at all.
Yet another terrible surname-derived name. It doesn't have any real history behind it, and sounds awful in general. The name is also very silly. If you like the meaning so much, why not choose a name that means 'kind' or 'helpful'?
All my life I have disliked this name. I don't know why. I knew a girl with this name and she was nice. Recently, this name has been growing on me. I still think it's not a good first name, but a great middle name. I agree with the "It's just like 'Manservant' with an 'i' or an 'e' thrown in: Manservainte" comment, but the meaning isn't that bad if you interpret it as "servant of God." But you'd need a name before it that meant "belonging to God" or something like that for the name to have the meaning of "servant of God."
Paige Michalchuk (portrayed by Lauren Collins) was a regular character on the Canadian teen soap, "Degrassi: The Next Generation", from 2001-2009. Initially presented as the self-centred Queen Bee, Paige evolved into a heroine within the show.Paige McCullers (portrayed by Lindsay Shaw) was introduced as a recurring character, and love interest to the character of Emily Fields (portrayed by Shay Mitchell), in the 2010 television series "Pretty Little Liars". Paige was presented as a groundbreaking character due to her "coming out" as homosexual.
Apparently the rank foolishness of calling your daughter "little boy" is quite acceptable. I weep for society.
I have always thought Paige was a cute name. The meaning is kind of dumb, though.
Well it's my name and it really fits me. It's a cute name, I would have liked it if it wasn't my name.
I have read somewhere that this name also came from France, meaning "young child."
A horribly ugly name with a bad meaning to back it up. My mom wants to name my new baby sister this, and I shall not cease to try and convince her otherwise. I just can't stand it.
Why would you EVER want to name a little girl Paige when it means little boy in Greek?
It's too new and too surnamey. I think it will date horribly. Why someone would name their daughter with somebody else's surname that's not part of her heritage beats me! After all, there are so many beautiful bona fide forenames already in existence.
My name is Paige and I like it okay, although I think it is a little too cutesy, "young," and boring. It has also become too popular, which has only contributed to its vapidity. On the bright side, having an "i" smack in the middle of your name is great, as it looks appealing when you are little and you want to dot it with a star, heart, smiley face, flower etc.
There's so many snobby royalty names that it's actually kinda nice to see names based on humble hard-working common people like servants. And it sounds simple and sweet.I don't see why anyone would think it's stupid just because it sounds like pages in a book. What the heck's wrong with that?
Paige is Matt Damon's middle name.
What a lovely name (but I don't like the origin meaning: "little boy"). Anyway, it is not the girl's fault that this beautiful names sounds like something in a book.
An appealing name -- to me, anyhow -- but I don't care for the meaning.
My mother's name is Paige and she's an accountant. Fitting, isn't it?
Ugly as sin and what a stupid meaning.
It's a very pretty name, but too popular, and a bit plain.
This name is very "usual" but I like it. Who cares if it is a freaky or dumb name? All I think is that it's pretty!
I am a Paige and as a child I couldn't stand it, everyone who heard my name told me how pretty it was. No one else had it. Now (I'm 16) I don't think it's too bad, and since there are more Paiges I don't get the pretty comments. Although it is annoying for there to be more than one Paige.
This name is truly pretty.
For everyone who said Paige is a bad name because of its meaning, you obviously don't have a brain. "Servant" isn't always a bad word, and "attendant" isn't a negative word at all. It could mean someone who is there for someone who is sick, or someone who tends to other's needs. And, back in medieval times, a page was a young boy who was an apprentice to a knight. If you ask me, it is a strong, beautiful name for a girl or boy, though I think it better for a girl.
"For everyone who said Paige is a bad name because of its meaning, you obviously don't have a brain."Obviously they do otherwise they'd not be typing. D'oh.It's setting the bar a little bit low to use this on a kid. Seriously, a poor aspirational name. Other than that, it just sounds cold and empty. I've never met a real life Paige. My only experience has been ditzy, shallow or nasty types in American films.
Paige "Husk" Guthrie, a Marvel Comics superhero and member of Generation X, and later, the X-Men.
Why this name? It means "MANSERVANT".
It's a good name. Different.
This name would be cute if it wasn't for its meaning. But the meaning ruins it all!
What an aspiration for a child - "servant". It's TEH Cuteness! Cold like a dead fish and twice as rank.
What a stupid name. A page is either something in a book or some nobleman's gofer. What a lovely name to give a girl!
I love this name. It is very simple, yet very pretty. I could see myself naming by daughter this.
My name is Paige, and I think my name is a rather unique one. My parents had gotten the idea from Jimmy Page. But I spell mine with an i.
My name is Heather Paige. I agree with the previous-poster who stated that Paige is a great middle name. It goes well with almost any other non-two syllable name. I did not like it when I was young but when I hit high school I began liking it pretty well and then so many of my friends and such fell in love with it that several of them have given this name as a middle name for their daughters. Simple and quaint. Blessings.
Naming your daughter Paige is like naming your daughter "Manservant," with an "e" or an "i" thrown in somewhere, like "Manservaint," or "Manservante."
Oh right, this name certainly isn't common at all, right? WRONG! This is by far one of the most popular girls' names of both the 1990s and 2000s. Really everyone, check the popularity data. This name would be somewhat more pleasant if it wasn't so common.
I think this is a pretty name, except I have never met a girl named Paige that was not mean and all full of herself, therefore when I meet someone with this name it gives me a bad impression of them, unfortunately. Still, names do not mean everything so I guess it is an okay name.
I think this name is pretty. I'm surprised how common it is now. It wasn't very common when I was little but today it is more popular.
"Servant" is a lovely choice for a boy or a girl. *rolls eyes*
Well, I can't believe I am the first to mention this, but Paige Fox is a character from the comic strip Foxtrot, by Bill Amend.
Paige Davis was the host of TLC's "Trading Spaces" for several seasons.
I don't know why, I just really dislike this name. I hate the way it sounds for some reason, even though I know a few people with this as their middle name. It's kind of boring and not very feminine or pretty at all.
I like this name. I think it sounds strong and confident. I prefer it spelt this way, with an "i". I like how this is an uncommon name, too. Maybe in the future I'll use it as a middle name.
The breathtakingly beautiful voice of Belle in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" belongs to actress Paige O'Hara.
I like this name, even though I think of it more as a middle name. But it's still a cool name.
I love the name Paige! It is my middle name. Did you know that Paige is the best middle name under the sun? Yeah, it goes with ANYTHING! Throw any name out there and then pair it up with Paige. It goes no matter what! Agnes Paige, Kayley Paige, Anais Paige, Jessica Paige, anything! All I ask is parents, don't change the spelling so it is Kre8tif. That will spoil any name. I mean the world could use some more Paiges, but not Paije, Paiheje, Payge, or anything else!
I absolutely LOVE this name! Hearing the name makes me think of a person who's funny, kind, and energetic.
There is a girl from Extreme Makeover Home Edition called Paige. I'm not sure of her last name.
Nasty, curt name.
1. Page=attendant, bell-hop etc..
2. Page someone
3. Leaf of paper in a book.
I love the name Paige. It sounds pretty. It would be pretty even for a child. If children act theit age, the girls at least would appreciate this name.I think this name with Aby is beautiful. If I had twins, the 1st born would be Paige-Abby (first and middle but meant to be said together). 2nd born would be Dawn-Ally (same thing).
I do not like this name for a few reasons. First of all, I think it sounds too similar to pages in a book. I also do not like the Paiges I have met in my lifetime. I would never name my child this.
I know quite a few Paige's so it kind of ruins the name for me, but it is cute.
I love this name. It is feminine yet strong. It is definitely gaining in popularity.
Paige Matthews, the youngest of the Halliwell witches (played by Rose McGowan).
Paige Winterbourne, a Witch and the Coven Leader in Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld-Series.
I once saw this name spelt Payge. I have a friend called "Paige", and her uncle calls her "looseleaf."
Though it does not say on this website, I looked in a book of names and the name Paige ment Little Attendant.
I like this name, because my favorite "Charmed" character is Paige Matthiews.
My name is Paige and all I can say is I love it. At first I didn't like it because everyone always made fun of my name because it's so close to pages in a book, but after a while I really started to like it. It's not very common and it sounds pretty but I would really like to learn more about it. Like where it comes from and what it really means. I think it would be fun to learn about my name a little more.
Well, my name is Paige and I know exactly what you mean about loving it now but hating it then. I was ALWAYS so embarrassed about my name until I was a teenager. Suddenly eveyone who heard my name told me how much they loved it or how pretty it was. I always get positive comments about my name. I am 34 now and I have enjoyed more than 20 years of good comments and only a few elementary school years of teasing. I love it so much, I proudly state it whenever I can. :-)
I named my first born ... Paije ... Her father chose the name and I chose the spelling of it. Of course I will never find her name on anything, but does it really even matter?
I called my daughter Paige and a lot of people thought it was silly. But now they all love it and it really suits her. I think it sounds lovely and it is not an overly used named over here in Ireland.
Well... I think this sounds too much like "pages" in a book.
If you want to name your kid something simply pretty, I think Paige (or Page) would be it. And it isn't overly used.
I know a female Paige but I also know a male Paige.

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