My name is Palmer, and I believe it is quite a fun name. All the other Palmers are mostly old men, but that makes it a rarely-heard name. Other people also like my name, so I simply must disagree with all of the comments of it being a bad name.
Sounds kinda funny as a name. On a girl it sounds even more hilarious.
I don't really love this as a last name, but I think it's pretty bad as a first name. I don't like the sound, or the 'palm' bit, but mostly because this is very much a surname and not a first name in my opinion.
Palmer? HA! This is my last name!

Why would anyone in their right mind name their child Palmer?
Strongly dislike!
Sorry, but I really hate this name and would absolutely hate to be stuck with this name throughout life!
This name can also be FEMININE in modern times, making it UNISEX -- As seen on the USA chart.
Palmer? You Palmer, you brought her!

Otherwise I really like this name.
The TV show Twin Peaks centers around the Palmer family. Who killed Laura Palmer?
Lol. If you have twins, a boy and girl, why not Coco and Palmer?
Stick with Palmer for boys. If you can't resist giving it to a girl make it a middle name.
My father-in-law's name is Palmer Lafayette McCoy; my husband is Palmer Alan McCoy; we named our first son, Palmer Scott McCoy. Now, my son is married and they are expecting their first baby--- our first grandchild & the first great-grandchild. They have decided whether the baby is a boy or a girl, they will name the baby "Palmer". If it's a boy, it will be: Palmer Talon McCoy & if it's a girl, it will be Palmer Christina McCoy. I'm trying REALLY HARD to adapt to the idea of Palmer being used as a girl's name, especially since every "Palmer" in the family is a MALE. It's because of this that I even found this discussion. I was doing a search to see if there were any girls named Palmer and what the trend was.
I went to high school with a girl named Palmer who was really sweet which makes me like this name. I think it's one of the better surname inspired given names.
The name Palmer was given to 176 girls and 137 boys born in the US in 2015.
Palmer Joss is a character in Carl Sagan's "Contact," played by Matthew McConaughey (opposite Jodie Foster) in the movie version. He represents the spiritual path to truth, to Ellie's scientific approach. He is a great character, so this name has positive associations to me!
Makes me think of alcohol. Bleh.
The name Palmer was given to 114 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Unless it is a family-tradition, I truly feel that "Palmer" be best left as a surname.

I find it undeniably unprofessional, to be honest; it lacks the luster and shine a forename should be in possession of. While I can moderately accept and keep quiet my distaste for it on a male, I find it absolutely hideous as a feminine name.

I fear the day that some poor soul with a surname of "Coast" is dubbed this.
I actually love it for a girl. I have a friend named Palmer, and it really suits her. It's not as bad as it sounds, really.
My husband's name is Palmer. No one he meets ever forgets his name because it is so unique. The name has been passed down for 400 years in his family so we decided to continue the tradition and name our son Palmer. People who meet him love his name and really feel like it fits him.
Palmer Courtland is a famous character from All My Children.
My husband's grandfather is named Palmer. I had never heard of it before meeting him. He is a very caring guy. Everyone that I tell about his name thinks that it is a really cool name.
This is the last name of Jimmy Palmer (played by Brian Dietzen) on NCIS.
I can't easily imagine this as a first name. It sounds a bit pretentious in that position. It would be more natural as a middle name.
This is used as a boys name, but I would use it for a girl.
Very sorry, but I cannot get over Palm Olive connotations.

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