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Also Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
This is so cool. I like it on either sex, really.
Kind of unique and uncommon, and I like how it has its own meaning, without having to be a form of any other name.
Also used in Romania:
Sounds like Rascal. I don't like it.
I strongly wonder why this is supposed to be a girls' name in Chile. I mean, it sounds horrible on a girl!
Also Swedish, Danish, Spanish (Rare), Portuguese (Rare), English (Rare)

Pronounced: PA-SKAL (French), PA-skal (German), PAS-kal (Swedish), PAS-gal (Danish), pas-KAL (Dutch, Spanish, English)
Pascal Siakam (born April 2, 1994) is a Cameroonian professional basketball player for the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Nicknamed Spicy P, Siakam was selected by Toronto in the first round of the 2016 NBA draft with the 27th overall pick. In June 2019, Siakam helped the Raptors defeat the Golden State Warriors in six games to win his first NBA championship.
I had a really annoying teacher with this name, one of the reasons why I don't like it. It also sounds very unattractive.
Very artistic, because of the meaning and history, and also because it sounds like pastel (I also think of crayons as being linked with creativity, for pretty much the same reason lol, something I often get stuck on).
I was given this name by my mother who told me I was born on a Sunday and it was close to Easter. I tell you, I got some stick at school in England having this name, in Ireland it was regarded as a normal name. And the thing is, I have never met a Pascal in England, but have met several in Ireland. It is gaining in popularity and I am glad of this, I am proud to bear this name as I have done for the 62 years I have been on this planet.
More fitting for a dog, in my opinion.
Pascal "Paco" Jobin, guitarist of Canadian metal band The Agonist.
I hate it, mainly because I know that in Finnish it closely resembles the word "shit".
If I ever have a boy of my own I'm pretty sure if not definite that I'm going to name him Pascal :)
Pascal is also the name of a prominent computer programming language.
The name Pascal is really dated in France. It shot up in popularity in the 60's, and died down just as fast by the 80's. It ranked 966th in 2010.
Pascal, a sea otter, is a special character in Animal Crossing: Wild World and City Folk.
Pascal is the name of Rapunzel's pet chameleon in Disney's "Tangled".
Pascal is also the name of Pascal Sauvage, the antagonist who is a Frenchman after the English crown in the movie Johnny English (played by John Malkovich).
This name is also frequently used in The Netherlands, where it is pronounced as: pahs-KAHL. [noted -ed]
Although the related word paschal rhymes with rascal, the name Pascal does not. It is accented on the second syllable.
Pascal is such a laid-back name. It's not obnoxious, but it doesn't seem like the name of someone who doesn't care about the world. I think of a Pascal as one of those quiet people who end up absorbing so much more in life.
I don't like how it rhymes with rascal, but it's still a great name.
My cousin just had a son named Pascal, we call him Pax.
Pascal is the main character in the 1956 film The Red Balloon (Le Ballon Rouge). Director Albert Lamorrisse's own son and daughter, Pascal and Sabine, acted in the film.
Pascal is also used as a last name. Adam Pascal is the amazing singer who originated Roger in RENT and played Radames in Aida.
Pascal sounds like such a lovely name to me. I'm not sure if I'd name my kid Pascal, but most definitely a character in a story, and maybe even a pet.
Jean Lefebvre has a son Pascal.
Pascal Obispo is a singer/composer in France, and has made lots of great music, and his live performance is thrilling to watch.

Interesting that the first name and last name combined, it is an anagram of "Pablo Picasso".
I quite like the name Pascal, but I find the wording of the meaning very odd - it makes it sound like Pesach is an old holiday that isn't celebrated anymore instead of a Torah holiday celebrated to this day by modern Jews and Noachides alike. [noted -ed]
Pascal is the name of a guy in the Sims 2 who lives Strangetown. He is alien pregnant after getting abducted.
Pascal Bentoiu (born 1927) is a Romanian Modernist composer.
I really like this name. I think it's strong, unusual, and has a great meaning behind it. I would certainly consider it for a son.
I named my dog Pascal. It's a nice, soft name that would go well with gentle people.
The name PASCAL is also used in Germany. In the Saarland (a state in South-East Germany) it's a quite popular name I think. [noted -ed]
Pascals are also the name for the unit used to measure pressure (force per square inch, or Newton per inch).

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