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Paul Dano my love.
Paul is a solid and studious name.
Paul is a simple classic, very nice indeed. I associate it with the wonderful songwriters Paul Simon and Paul McCartney.
Simple and straight to the point. You can't go wrong with this one, and you get to honor St. Paul the Apostle. I also like Paulus, Paolo, Paulo, Pablo, and Pavlo.
A timeless classic. Paul is strong and masculine.
Parents please drop Jayden and go with this or a similar classic.
Actor Paul Winchell the original voice for Tigger in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.
It's a fine name but I prefer the international variations such as Pablo and Paulo. They just have more of a kick to them.
Also Flemish and French (Belgian):
Timeless. Enduring. Confident. It’s associated with painters, saints, shaggy hair guys who sing “I want to hold your hand,” and Fast and Furious.
Name of the Day: December 11, 2021.
I have never liked the name Paul. When said with most American accents, I find the sound atrocious - and it's only mildly better when Brits say it (usually sounds a bit like "pole," so still not one of my favorites). My guess is that mob movies are what ruined this name for me, since so many mobsters were apparently named Paul, and they also all went by Paulie, so the sound gives me this image of an overly tanned wise guy straight out of "Goodfellas" or "The Sopranos," and not somebody I'd really want to associate with. (Even though Paul is such a common name that it belongs to way more people than what fit this mold, the mold still very much exists.) DJ Pauly D off of "The Jersey Shore" didn't exactly help, either.Oddly enough, I wonder if there could be a resurgence of this name due to the recent film adaptation of "Dune," since the main character, Paul Atreides, is absolutely nothing like the above stereotype.
I don’t like it anymore, Jake Paul literally ruined the name.
Paul Atishon is a character in the video game Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice. His name is a pun on the word "politician".
Paul Watson, of Sea Shepherd.
I think Paul is a nice name. It's short and sweet yet strong at the same time. Also, St. Paul is one of the most (if not the most) respected Christian missionaries of all time. So I think it would be beautiful to give a child this name in honor of him. It also goes to show how God can change the life of anyone for the better.
In its simplicity, "Paul" really is a strong, masculine name. It suits any boy/man regardless of his age.
Paul Stanley (born 20th January 1952) is the co-founder, rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist of the rock band Kiss.
I am seriously thinking of changing my name to Paul. Only then can I live free of my inferiority complex I have with everyone I work with, the police, social security...
It's a strong name. It's not that special, but it's a respectable name choice.
Also Romansh.
Source: "Vornamen in der Schweiz. Prénoms en Suisse. I nomi in Svizzera. Prenoms in Svizra" (1993) published by the Association of Swiss registrars. -- Gion Paul
A simple, yet super strong, handsome masculine name. Whoever has the name Paul should feel super lucky!
Paul is a classic name in my opinion. By the way, it can be used as a surname too... like Logan Paul? It looks like more of a given name to me, so do Owen, Ryan, Thomas, James, etc. If I met someone with the surname Paul or anything like that, I would assume they don't have a family name.
Also Provençal: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Not my favorite but it's fine.
Three of my exes were named Paul. They were all horrible and they treated me so badly. I cringe whenever I hear that name. Thankfully it's going out of style and it's now considered an old man's name.
Just a simple name. Nothing much about it. Just a simple name.
Name of the day December 11, 2020.
Very common here in England with men aged in late 30s to 50s - it's a decent name, nothing bad about it, but it's just very dated here.
Also Finnish name. Finnish name day January 25.
Very strong, masculine, and classic.
St. Paul, one of the greatest people to have lived (we all know who really is the greatest), and a classic name. Don’t get why this isn’t common anymore.
Also Estonian: [noted -ed]
Paul Reynolds is an British guitarist and member of the band A Flock of Seagulls.
Paul Darrow (1941-2019) was an English actor. He became best known for playing Kerr Avon in the BBC science fiction television series Blake's 7 between 1978 and 1981.
Paul Hardcastle is an electronic/dance and smooth jazz keyboardist.
I like the sound of it although it is very dated where I am from (England) and most Paul's are over 35, so I wouldn't use it. I prefer it to Peter.
Paul Whitsun Jones was a British actor, especially prominent in television serials.
Paul Miller from Eli?
Woah. Some beyond negative comments regarding the name Paul. It is not my favorite biblical name but I believe those who have named their child Paul influenced by the Paul in the Bible picked one of the greatest persons in biblical history. Paul was once a killer of Christians but turned his life around. Maybe this is why a previous commenter believes Paul is an evil man in the Muslim religion...because he stopped killing Christians. I am unsure as the commenter did not elaborate. Paul is one of many persons in the Bible that shows no one is beyond God’s redemption. I know of five Paul’s I grew up with that were born in the 70’s. I think once the 80’s hit, it dropped in popularity.
Paul Arnold Casey Jr. Created the California Spangled cat breed. He's not exactly widely known except in cat fancier circles and nerds lol.
Also Silesian:
I used to hate this name. Now whenever I hear it I think of Paul Walker. I really liked him in the Fast and Furious. He is one of my favorite actors of all time. Your impressions of a name can change over time.
Paul Pogba is a French soccer player.
I was sadly named Paul 41 years ago. I was named after my uncle, which I thought was cool until I got into grade school and found out there were no other Paul's. If there was another Paul at school, he was faculty; and therefore, an adult. I always associated the name Paul with old men. And now that I am middle aged, those old men are now very old men. When I was in 5th grade this boy, Ryan (a very normal, late 1970s, early 1980s name) had a book of names. He asked me if I knew what my name meant. I figured it was like warrior or something. Nope. Paul means small and humble... ugh. I have only met 4 other Paul's close to my age. Upon meeting one, I laughed and told him that his parents must have had a sense of humour as well. I have actually been using my middle name for a while now and it makes me so much happier. Paul is not common or popular for a reason; though there are far worse names.
I am impressed having this name Paul. Whatever is wrong in the sights of human is not wrong in that of God's eyes. The name Paul means little but in the book of the bible, Paul did a great work compared to that of the Apostles. Nice name.
It's nice and short.
Best of the -aul names.
Because of where I live, this name always reminds me of Paul Bernardo, the rapist-serial killer in Canada. It was in the news a lot when I was still in school.
Whether you like the name or not, you shouldn't really post such comments as I see here about the name that you maybe don't like that much. There are probably many Pauls out there reading all these negative comments and feeling hurt about seeing people calling it a terrible name. Think about it. Please stop. If your name is Paul, don't take those comments seriously. Paul is a good name with rich history, and it doesn't matter what others think.
My name is Paul and I think it is very rude how you think about my name!
I only know one Paul, and he pronounces it "Paw-l".
The Pauls I know are strong, wise, and witty. It has an impact on my personal impression of the name.
Many famous artists named Paul like Paul McCartney, Paul Cezanne, Paul Cohen. Great name, timeless and universal.
Clear, nice, and clean.
Paul is a classic and simple name and I love it. It sounds strong and it is timeless.
I can’t say I particularly like this name. It sounds quite ugly, fitting of all the Pauls I’ve ever known, who’ve all been either annoying, bullies or straight up criminals. It also makes me think of one half of the two little dickie birds sitting on a wall (the other was called Peter).
Boring and overused. The name also has an ugly sound to it when spoken. It seems to have declined in popularity in recent years, which I am grateful for.
In 2018, 46 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Paul who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 27th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Whenever I hear this name, it always reminds me of puke.
It's okay.
I have never liked this name because it sounds like you're gagging or it's what you say when a dentist examines your mouth. I never met a Paul I liked. Most of the Pauls I've known were either troublemakers or social lepers.
Paul "Piggy" Conway.
Not-so-famous bearer: Paul Hemenway is the lead singer of the band Black Happy.
Paul Harvey was a radio host and author. "And now, you know the rest of the story."
Paul Robeson was a famous African-American singer, actor, civil rights activist, and Communist.
I am a Paul, and for my birthday one year I was given a plaque that shows my name "Paul" and it says the name means "Little but wise" it also goes on to say that people with this name are very loyal, honest, kind and passionate. I noted that the first time it was used to name a newborn male child in the USA was Sept. 9th. I was born Sept. 4th.
Paul Irving is one of Anne's student's father. He marries Miss Lavender in Anne of Avonlea.
There is also the rare word paultry, meaning 'rubbish item'. That puts me off a bit, and the name really just sounds like pool or pull.
Paul Michael Levesque (Triple H) was a wrestler at WWE.
Paul Heyman was a sort of a manager for wrestlers at WWE.
John Paul Jones (1747-92), founder of the American navy, born in England to Scottish parents as John Paul.
One reason the name Paul became more common in England after the Reformation was undoubtedly because it was not uncommon among Huguenot refugees who settled in London and other cities, as a look at genealogy sites suggests. (Even so, the popularity of the name did not take off until the mid-twentieth century.)
Paul David Hewson, known by his stage name Bono, is an Irish singer-songwriter, musician, venture capitalist, businessman, and philanthropist. He is best known as the lead vocalist and primary lyricist of rock band U2.
Paul Truong is an American chess player, trainer, promoter, and organizer. He was born Hoainhan Truong in Saigon, South Vietnam. A promoter, organizer and chess coach, he is married to former Women's World Chess Champion Susan Polgar. He is also Polgar's business manager, and Vice-President of the Susan Polgar Foundation. He organized and/or promoted most of the events in which Polgar has been involved since she relocated to the United States. In May 2007, Truong become the Director of Marketing and PR of Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence and assistant coach of the Texas Tech University chess team, with Polgar as the Executive Director of SPICE and head coach. The SPICE Program relocated to Webster University in June 2012, and Truong has served as the coach of the Webster University Chess Team and Director of Marketing for the SPICE Program since that time.
Paul Ichiro Terasaki was an American scientist in the field of human organ transplant technology, and professor emeritus of surgery at UCLA School of Medicine. He spent three high school years during World War II interned with his family and other Japanese Americans in the Gila River War Relocation Center. Later he earned his bachelor's, master's, and doctorate in zoology all from UCLA and was appointed to the medical school faculty.
Paul Francis Gadd, known by the stage name Gary Glitter, is an English former glam rock singer-songwriter and convicted sex offender, who achieved great popular success between the early 1970s and mid-1980s. He was known for his extreme glam image of glitter suits, makeup and platform boots, and his energetic live performances. He sold over 20 million records, spent 168 weeks in the UK charts and had 21 hit singles placing him in the top 100 UK most successful chart acts. From 1997, he returned to public notice for committing sex offences, being imprisoned for possession of child pornography in 1999, and child sexual abuse and attempted rape in 2006 and 2015.
Paul Cohen is an American saxophonist. He is active as a performer, teacher, historian, musicologist, and author in areas related to the saxophone. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory of Music, and M.M. and D.M.A. degrees from the Manhattan School of Music.
Four hard house DJs have this name, Paul Maddox, Paul Glazby, Paul King, & Paul Janes.
Paul Mottram is a Composer, Arranger and Orchestrator of music for film and television, and also currently writes production music for Audio Network. Commissioned music credits include Bank Of Dave, Kirstie's Handmade Britain, Vic Reeves Rogues Gallery and People Like Us. His music has also featured on numerous productions including the films Bad Santa, The Bee Movie and television programmes such as Panorama, Horizon, Newsnight, QI, Doctor Who, Who Do You Think You Are?, Coast, The Restaurant, The Gadget Show, Coast, Hollyoaks and television commercials for companies such as Barclays, JVC, Pizza Hut, Rover, Renault, Hitachi.
Paul Verhaegh is a Dutch footballer who plays as a right back for FC Augsburg.
Paul Labile Pogba is a French professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Manchester United and the France national team. He operates primarily as a central midfielder and is comfortable playing both in attack and defence.
A famous bearer of this name is Paul Doumer (1857-1932), he was President of France from 1931 to 1932. He was murdered by a Russian émigré named Paul Gorguloff (Павел Горгулов) on may 6, 1932, the President was 75 years old.
In 1973 I named my son Paul. He was named after The Biblical Paul. I also grew up liking Paul McCartney from the Beatles. Paul used to be quite common, now it is not. It reflects masculinity, strength and courage to me. Also it is a simple and classic name.
I like this name a lot, maybe because of my grandpa bearing it. However, I feel like this name is a bit dated, so I wouldn't consider naming a child this.
I love the name Paul. It is a very unique name- my boyfriend's name is Paul. In the bible it says that a guy named Saul was a bad guy until he turned good and to God so then his name turned to Paul.
It should be noted that the famous artists Paul Cezanne and Paul Gauguin are NOT impressionists - they are POST-impressionists. Cezanne did paint in the impressionistic style for a brief period, but became dissatisfied with the primary dictum of Impressionism (that painting is primarily a reflection of visual perception), and ended up paving the way for 20th century modernism (Fauvism, Cubism etc.). Gauguin was initially schooled in Impressionism, but his artwork evolved as he sought the "primitive" and "exotic" (Primitivism, Symbolism), cementing his place in the post-impressionistic sphere of art.
English actor Paul McGann.
More people should be called Paul. It's an excellent, classic name, and what's more, it would look great on a CV or official document. It's just one of those names that looks authoritative and a name you can trust. Brilliant.
I really enjoy this name. It's strong and straight forward though I don't much care for the biblical association.
My opinion on Paul has changed since then (I now quite like it), but why do you care what I believe? If I let my religion form my opinion, THAT'S MY OPINION.
Sounds a bit like your mouth is hurt when you say it.
I hate this name. One reason is, in Islam we believe Paul to be an evil man. We believe that Early Christianity was a perfect religion of God, but Paul then corrupted and bastardized the religion and destroying God's word, thus God calling upon Muhammad to restore his true word with the Quran. Even then, I just find this name to be ugly, and the Arabic version "Boulos" is even worse. The one good thing I can say is that it's Bono's real name (I'm a fan of U2).
Paul is a really handsome, sophisticated, classic name that ages very well! •ᴗ•Just want to add: I don't know what the hell the user Ali Hassan it talking about as the majority of Muslims don't hold a grudge over this name at all!(°o°;)The religion Islam encourages Muslims to use names that have good meanings (which doesn't HAVE to be of Arabic origin; all origins are accepted). The name Paul doesn't have a bad meaning (it means "small" or "humble") so there's nothing wrong for a Muslim to like or use this name. (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ @Ali Hassan You should be aware that Islam teaches you to respect other religions. So please stop making Muslims look bad. (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ You don't have to believe in Saint Paul's message to like or use this name. And stop acting that because you're a Muslim, your opinion over the name Paul represents what all Muslims think. ಠ╭╮ಠ.
Sorry, but letting some ancient story shape your opinion on some name is pretty ridiculous and I'm not here to say that "Paul" is the best of the names out there. It certainly is decent though. The name has been used for centuries. A standard, fairly common name. You let religion take control over you TOO much. Including opinions on names all because of religious stories.
Like a name because you like it or dislike a name because you dislike it. NOT because of some ancient story or of some religion.
There is a character called Paul, who is mentioned in The Iron King novel written by Julie Kagawa.
I have tried and tried, but I cannot find anything I like about this name, it's short, bland, boring and ugly to me. I would never name my son it. I guess the only reason I don't HATE it is because it is a timeless name, but I still don't like it.
Paul Ranger (born September 12, 1984) is a Canadian professional hockey defenceman who is currently a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League (NHL). He has spent the majority of his professional career with the Tampa Bay Lightning of the National Hockey League before leaving the sport at the professional level for almost three years due to unspecified personal reasons. Ranger returned to professional hockey at the American Hockey League with the Toronto Marlies during the 2012–13 season, and subsequently signed a one-year contract with the Maple Leafs on July 24, 2013 to return to the NHL.
Paul Walker, best known for playing Brian O’Connor in the Fast and Furious movie franchise, perished in a tragic car accident on November 30, 2013 at 40 years old. I hope that his legacy will extend beyond acting and fast cars… He was a father, a fan of all things marine biology, and a humanitarian. In March 2010, Walker went to Constitucion, Chile to offer his help and support to the people injured in the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that struck on February 27. Later that same year, he flew with his humanitarian aid team, REACH OUT Worldwide, to Haiti to lend a helping hand to the 2010 Haiti earthquake victims. Paul Walker seemed like an all-around good guy who was taken far too soon. He touched many people and the makeshift memorials around the country are proof.R.I. P. Paul Walker.
A famous person with this name is Paul Simonon, who is an AMAZING bass player (from The Clash).
Paul Fréart de Chantelou (1609–1694) was a French collector.
Paul Cézanne was a French artist and Post-Impressionist painter whose work laid the foundations of the transition from the 19th century conception of artistic endeavour to a new and radically different world of art in the 20th century. Cézanne can be said to form the bridge between late 19th century Impressionism and the early 20th century's new line of artistic enquiry, Cubism. The line attributed to both Matisse and Picasso that Cézanne "is the father of us all" cannot be easily dismissed.
Paul Cadmus (1904-1999) was an American painter and draughtsman.
Paul (1554–1626) and Matthijs (1550–1583) Bril (or Brill) were brothers, both born in Antwerp, who were landscape painters who worked in Rome.
While I understand that this is an English site, I don't think it's accurate to say that "Paul" is the biblical version of the name. It is so only in an English bible (or French). But in a Spanish bible it would be Pablo, in an Italian bible will be Paolo, etc. In other words, "Paul" is the English translation of a name present in the bible.
Paul-Émile Borduas (1905-1960) was a Canadian painter.
It's steeped in history, it's traditional and strong, it's really nice.
American Idol contestant current series Paul McDonald is a good ad for this name - so cute, talented and handsome!
Paul Zindel was an American playwright, author, and educator.
Paul is a strong simple name for a guy.
Sorry, unlike! Avoid! It is regrettably my husband's name and though I am completely used to it and mostly desensitised to it for everyday usage, I kinda always thought it was awful before I met him. He's amazing and well, this is so common and plain and nothingy and safe! It's so short. Why would you choose it? It doesn't mean anything much. And if you don't like it, there is nothing nicknamey to be done about it. It sounds horrible to enunciate (especially with a south London accent), it's either like barking or stretched-out whining... if I ever have to call out to him in public I instantly realise I sound like a screeching fishwife and get really embarrassed!
I think Paul is a very young, soft name, and gives an impression of kindness. It sounds appropriate for all ages and is, as previously stated, absolutely timeless.
Czech model Daniela Peštová and Slovak singer Pavol Habera have a son Paul Henry Pešta-Habera, born March 31th 2009, Prague, Czechia.
My boyfriend's name is Paul and I love him to death but it is such a boring blah name.
I used to like this name, but now I have stopped liking it. Paul sounds boring and old-fashioned, even though it's still in common use. What also puts me off to this name is the fact that Paul is Bono's real name. I dislike Bono and find him very stuck-up.
Since the trends seem to indicate more and more parents are using exotic or artistic sounding names for their kids, simple classic names like Paul actually are beginning to stand out to me. That is one of the reasons I named my son Paul, and it is a family name, used often for a middle name, but no one in my family until my son was born went by Paul. Nevertheless, I must admit Paul wasn't my first choice, but my husband vetoed the more quirky Linus. My son's only 4 weeks old, but the name feels more and more appropriate for him each day. And Linus, which seems unique at the moment, will probably get discovered and become trendy soon.
Paul is the name of Louis De Pointe Du Lac's brother in the novel Interview with the Vampire written by Anne Rice. Louis is very close to him and is crushed when he commits suicide.
Another famous bearer of this name is Paul Wesley who plays Stefan Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries on CW.
A delectable name that makes me think "handsome" - a wonderful name with distinguished bearers in many fields.Paul Mark Scott (1920-78), British author of a trilogy of novels about the Raj.Austrian film star Paul Henreid (1905-92)French Prime Minister Paul Reynaud (1878-1966)French poet Paul Valéry (1871-1945)Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)
"The British are coming!" "The British are coming!" Seriously though, This is the name of one of my friends. Just your average overused boy name.
Paul Stookey was one of the trio Peter, Paul, & Mary. They were one of the greatest folk-singing groups of the 60's. They are known for singing "Leaving on a Jet Plane" and "Puff the Magic Dragon."
Paul McGillion, a Scottish-born Canadian actor, most famous for his portrayal of Dr. Carson Beckett in the Sci-Fi series Stargate Atlantis.
Makes me think of an old man. This name should stay in the past.
We all know the Jonas Brothers. Kevin Jonas is the oldest and is currently engaged. However, his real name is not Kevin. His whole name is Paul Kevin Jonas.
Paul Watson is an environmentalist who uses direct action to protest and fight Japanese whaling, Canadian sealing, and to protect all marine life. He founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
I've grown very fond of my name, thank you. It's plain but strong, timeless--not trendy, and I've passed it on to my eldest son.
I love this name for the same reason I love the girl's name Claire - it is so clear, clean, classic and timeless. And many of the Pauls I've known have been so handsome. For those who think it's short and boring, consider Paulinus, not on this database but the name of Roman generals and missionaries, including a governor of Roman Britain and the first Archbishop of York.
Paul Stastny is a professional ice hockey player and son of Hall of Famer Peter Stastny.
Paul Šťastný (born 27th December, 1985) is a Canadian-American professional ice hockey center of Slovak descent. Son of Peter Šťastný.
Pee Wee Herman's real name is PAUL! YOU'LL BE SORRY PEE WEE HERMAN!
I've always liked the name Paul. It's short and simple, yet very nice.
Paul Walker is an actor from "Eight Below", "Joyride", and "The Fast and the Furious".
I love this name on a teenager. It makes me think of a creative music-loving person. The name doesn't work on a little boy, and I don't thik it works on a grown man. In my story, Paul is the lead singer of a band. He's based on Paul Hewson (Bono!) Great name I think.
Actress/singer Billie Piper was born Lianne Paul Piper.
A famous fictional bearer is Paul-Maud'Dib Atreides, from Frank Herbert's Dune.
Paul is the name of a character, who has an amazingly short temper, in Stephenie Meyer's series Twilight. He appears in New Moon. Later in New Moon he is revealed to be a werewolf.
Kevin Jonas (from the band The Jonas Brothers)'s real name is Paul Kevin Jonas II.
The name's ok. But it's a pretty plain name.
Bland and boring.
A famous bearer of this name is Paul Rusesabagina, who is credited with rescuing thousands of Hutus and Tutsis from the 1994 Rwandan genocide by allowing them to stay in the hotel where he was general manager in Kigali. The story is told in the 2004 movie "Hotel Rwanda" and the part of Paul is played by Don Cheadle.
Paul Dombey and his son Paul Dombey Jr. are characters in Charles Dickens' novel 'Dombey and Son.'
Paul Rudd the actor who played Mike, Pheobe's husband on Friends.
It looks like 'Paul' is a good name for musicians! I like the Irish spelling "Pol" (with an accent on the 'o') also.
American actor, director, and writer Paul Dinello, of Strangers with Candy fame.
A famous bearer is Paul Hewson, more commonly known as Bono, lead singer of U2.
How could I be the first to post this! Paul Banks is the wonderfully talented lead singer of Interpol.
I think that the name is a nice name and when I hear it I think of someone from the bible.
Paul Guilbert was the boyfriend to Aaron Fricke--Aaron took his school to court back in 1980 when he was told he could not bring Paul to his prom. The boys won the case, and are now well-known to anyone studying gay history.
It's ok. I find it sounds "flat", so to speak, but it could be great on the right person.
Paul Slater is the sort-of antagonist of Meg Cabot's "Mediator" series.
I can't quite believe that I'm the first to say this but Paul Weller is a famous bearer of this name. Paul Weller is from the band The Jam ;) He is a god!
Paul Baloche and Paul Colman are Christian music artists.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Paul here:
I like this name. It is fairly simple, but it is a good, strong name.
Paul Guilfoyle - American actor. He known as Jim Brass from CSI.
Paul Oakenfold - British techno DJ.
John-Paul I and John-Paul II are famous bearers.
I think Paul is a wonderful name. I think the name is just like Luke. You're not going to like it when you're younger because it's so short and you don't really have a nickname. But this name is a classic. It is for all time.
I would have to agree that it is a timeless classic, look how long it has been in usage, it isn't a fad name that has faded out. I think Paul is a very nice name.
Uggh. I really despise this name. It makes such an ugly sound when said! I would take any other biblical name over this atrocity. There is nothing interesting, or attractive, to it. It's not timeless -- it's heinous! A boring, hideous name, in my opinion. Also, it reminds me of vomit for some reason. Please, don't name your sons this awful name!
I think this is an okay name, not one of my favorites, though.@Pheadirean, wow, just calm down! You are entitled to your own opinion, of course, but people are allowed to name their children whatever they want. YOU may dislike this name, but others may like it, and even want to use it. They are still allowed to name their child Paul, whether you like it or not. You took it way too far there.
I know a guy called 'Paul' and I don't really agree that it's timeless. I think that it is only good for adult guys, cause this guy I know, he is young, and it DOES NOT suit him. I think the name though, it's really nice.
Paul Collins bears this name. Best known for his roles in JAG and a child voice actor in Walt Disney's version of "Peter Pan."
Songwriter Paul Simon bears this name. Paul Whiteman was a jazz age orchestra/bandleader. Another bearer is actor Paul Newman.
P names for guys sound wussy.
I like the name Paul. It is a timeless classic.
Famous actor Paul Newman (born January 26, 1925) bears this name. He began his movie film in 1954 and more than 50 years later still shines on the screen. All my family thinks about him, how wonderful he is still handsome at 81!
Paul Newman, Slovak-Hungarian-Polish actor. He born 26/1/1925, Shaker Heights, Ohio - 26/9/2008, Westport, Connecticut.
Famous bearer is Paul von Hindenburg, President of Germany from 1925 to 1934.
Paul Bettany is a very talented, very *HOT* actor.
Paul is a gross name, but it reminds me of doctors for some reason. A famous bearer is Paul Banks from the band Interpol.
Paul is the name of the bass player from Good Charlotte.
*Paul* will never go out of style. It has special meaning for readers of the New Testament, but parents of any religious persuasion would do well to pick this one for their son. You simply cannot go wrong with this name.
A famous bearer of this name is Paul McCartney from the Beatles.
Paul McCartney is a multiple Grammy Award-winning English singer-songwriter, poet, composer, multi-instrumentalist, entrepreneur, record producer, film producer, and animal rights activist. He gained worldwide fame as a member of The Beatles, with John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.
The famous bearer of this name is Paul O'Neill, a lyricist and a musician of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra band.

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