Gender Masculine

Meaning & History

Medieval Irish form of Ragnvaldr.

Related Names

Rootsregin + valdr
Other Languages & CulturesRenaud, Rinaldo(Carolingian Cycle) Reinoud, Reinout, Ronald(Dutch) Reginald, Reynold, Ronald, Reg, Reggie, Ron, Ronnie, Ronny(English) Reino(Finnish) Renaud, Reynaud(French) Reinhold, Ronald(German) Raginald, Reinald, Reinhold(Germanic) Raghnall(Irish) Rinaldo, Naldo(Italian) Ragnvald(Norwegian) Raginawaldaz(Old Germanic) Ragnvaldr(Old Norse) Reinaldo, Reynaldo, Ronaldo(Portuguese) Ranald, Ronald(Scottish) Raghnall(Scottish Gaelic) Reinaldo, Reynaldo, Rey(Spanish) Ragnvald(Swedish) Rheinallt(Welsh)

Sources & References

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