Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. RIE-nəl(Irish)

Meaning & History

Irish and Scottish Gaelic form of Ragnvaldr.

Related Names

VariantsRanald, Ronald(Scottish)
Feminine FormRonalda(Scottish)
Other Languages & CulturesRaginald, Reinald, Reinhold(Ancient Germanic) Reinoud, Reinout, Ronald(Dutch) Reginald, Reynold, Ronald, Reg, Reggie, Ron, Ronnie, Ronny(English) Reino(Finnish) Renaud, Reynaud(French) Reinhold, Ronald(German) Rinaldo(Italian) Ragnall(Medieval Irish) Ragnvald(Norwegian) Ragnvaldr(Old Norse) Reinaldo, Reynaldo, Ronaldo(Portuguese) Reinaldo, Reynaldo(Spanish) Ragnvald(Swedish) Rheinallt(Welsh)

Sources & References

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Entry updated January 21, 2022