Gender Masculine

Meaning & History

Portuguese form of Ronald. A notable bearer is the retired Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima (1976-), who is commonly known only by his first name.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesRaginald, Reinald, Reinhold(Ancient Germanic) Reinoud, Reinout, Ronald(Dutch) Reginald, Reynold, Ronald, Ron, Ronnie, Ronny(English) Reino(Finnish) Renaud(French) Reinhold, Ronald(German) Raghnall(Irish) Rinaldo(Italian) Ragnall(Medieval Irish) Ragnvald(Norwegian) Ragnvaldr(Old Norse) Ranald, Ronald(Scottish) Raghnall(Scottish Gaelic) Reinaldo, Reynaldo(Spanish) Ragnvald(Swedish) Rheinallt(Welsh)
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Entry updated March 21, 2014