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Gender Feminine
Usage Japanese
Scripts 雷華, 雷花, 礼佳, 來夏, 來華, 莉花, 頼架, 頼加, 莱夏, 来香, 来花, 来佳, 羅依嘉, etc.(Japanese Kanji) らいか(Japanese Hiragana)
Pronounced Pron. ṘAH-EE-KAH  [key]

Meaning & History

From Japanese 雷 (rai) meaning "thunder" combined with 華 (ka) or 花 (ka) both meaning "flower". Other kanji combinations are possible.

A famous bearer is Raika Fujii, a Japanese former synchronized swimmer.
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Raika 4
Gender Masculine
Usage Persian
Scripts رایکا(Persian)
Pronounced Pron. [Rayka], [Raaikaa], [Reekaa]  [key·simplify]
Other Forms Formsریکا

Meaning & History

In old persian language and Zoroastrian culture and Gilaki dialects, Raika was the title of boys who assisted the persian prince (the kings sons) throughout the day, during parades and other daily occasions. The Raikas spent the most times with the prince and they were usually the sons of the Royal families such as Royal governors or ministers. They also walked in front of the Prince during official ceremonies.
There are other versions of the name in other languages such as Japanese and Kurdish and east European, where the name could be masculine or feminine depending on the culture. However the oldest proven text of the name Raika appears in the ancient epic Book of Kings (Shahname) and the ancient Mazandaran and Gilak cultures and languages.
More resources can be found in Dehkhoda persian Encyclopedia, Alavi persian dictionary and the Aryanpour Persian Encyclopedia on the internet or in libraries.
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Raika 5
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