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I am a proud owner of the name Reese. It is my trademark and it was shared to me by my father (yes, I am a Jr.). We also have a whole bunch of family members with the middle name “Reese”.
I absolutely love running into others named Reese and even had a babysitter named Reesa growing up.
Spell it however you like, the name is strong and proud, it’s an adjective “ardent” or “fiery”, and just like those definitions it builds character. Those who OWN IT represent.
-Did I get teased? I still do.
-Do I care? Not at all. Those who meet me, or tease me, remember me. Just like my father before me.
JustCallMeReese  4/6/2019
I’m a female teenager who was given the name Reese. I’ve hated this name all my life up until only recently. One part because of the “Reese’s pieces” name teasing (disgusting candy), and another because it sounded too plain and childish to me. I know two males both named Rease, and Rhys. But I’ve started to love the rarity of this name, and the unpredictability of someone who has it, unlike a Jessica for example. Give this name to a child, and they’ll be incredibly resilient.
justforthecomment  2/10/2019
Definitely feminine. Probably because of Reese Witherspoon.
Curious me  9/30/2018
I'm not sure why this isn't listed as a name for males and females. In the U.S. in 2017, 1748 baby girls were named Reese. Only 358 baby boys were named Reese. Certainly it's mostly due to Reese Witherspoon, and I don't think it's a great name for a girl either, but it seems like the name page on this site should reflect the reality of how a name is being used. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  9/26/2018
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
kayisforkeen  8/23/2018
This name can also be a feminine name for a short form/diminutive of Theresa/Therese/Charisse and other names with the "rees" sound. Its feminine gender was popularized by actress and producer Reese Witherspoon (Birth name is Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon: Reese is her mother's maiden name).

When I saw the chart for the name Reese in the USA, the name spiked in popularity in 2007 and again 2012, marking the name #128 for girls in 2012. It was given to 2459 girls in that year.

In the UK, it was also given to 38 girls in 2006.
leoBeyene2002  7/12/2018
If I could have any name for a girl, I would pick Reese. I got the name from a show, and I immediately fell in love with it. I might even name one of my kids this if I have any, and it would be a girl name for me. I understand it started out as a boy name, and that is perfectly fine on a boy, no hate here. I just don’t understand what people have against these type of names on girls. Snotty brats are always complaining about a few unisex names TREMENDOUSLY, and it’s getting on my nerves.
-Kris or Chris
-Camryn or Cameron
When I think of more, I will put them down, but my point is, there are waaaayyyy too many haters for these names.
KennedyandKinley  5/21/2018
Although it's more popular for females nowadays, I still prefer it for a boy as I feel that Reese sounds too masculine for a girl, but it could be a cool nickname for Therese or Clarisse.
TheGreatCornholio  3/26/2018
I love the spelling Rhys, I don't really like Reece or Reese. Reese and Reece look too anglicized to me.
― Anonymous User  11/21/2017
I have a friend by the name of Reese. I personally don't understand why people find this to be a masculine name... Well, that's probably since said friend is female and I've heard of Reese Witherspoon (I know her real name isn't Reese, but still) so I'm used to it being used on females.

While it's a pretty nice and simple name, I wouldn't recommend using it since it's easy to be teased because of Reese's candy. I called my friend "Reese's Puffs" but not in a mean way of course, but some kids may be cruel and use it as a mean way. (Always be careful when naming your kid, make sure it's not easily teasable...)
flightyew22243  7/4/2017
There is a girl called Reese in the kids show 'The Spartical Mystery'.
akg1ltmr  12/5/2016
I like it on girls, short for Therese. I personally like Rhys on a boy.
Eileen1209864  6/28/2016
Reese is a popular middle name for girls in my circle. Our daughter was born in March and it is her middle name and we know two little girls with the same middle name.
twofacecat  6/22/2016
One of the main characters from the film, The Terminator, is Kyle Reese. He was sent back in time to protect Sarah Connor from being terminated.
Whipsmart  6/8/2016
I had a minor character in my series named Reese, but she was female. So I gender bent her and now she is ♂Reese due to the fact that it didn't suit her.

And is Rhys pronounced the same way or what? It looks pretty, but a bit too confusing.
― Anonymous User  5/28/2016
Being a personal bearer of the name Reese, I can tell you that you will definitely get the candy bar slur, but I never got offended growing up. There are plenty of worse things. But it's really not bad. I was born in 1990, it's 2016 now and I still get the "Reese's" once in a while, but over time I've grown to like my name. It's unique, rare, and liked by many and I never negative feedback. Reese seems to be a favorable first name for African American males. It's a great name, uncommon and favoured by women.
Rwilliams77  5/2/2016
I feel that Reese is feminine AND masculine. I have a friend named Reese, and she is female.
KittenMeow  3/31/2016
Funny how it's not unisex because almost 75% of all Reese's are female.
Oleg Karachi  1/15/2016
I love the name Reese. I think it is a beautiful name for a girl. I would definitely consider it for a future daughter. I would not use that spelling for a boy. I would use the Rhys spelling for a boy as a middle name only.
heatherfeather  1/5/2016
I am currently in the early stages of my first pregnancy and should this baby be a girl, my husband and I are already set that her name will be Reese Elizabeth. Both of our names are strong, common-but-not-too-common, one-syllable names so for us it's an added bonus that the name we like for our child is too. I love that Reese is cute but not too feminine, and is just a good, strong name.
― Anonymous User  1/31/2015
Reese is a Welsh name for boys, a derivative of Rees or Rhys. I was named Reese in honor of an uncle named Reese Jinkins. It is defined as 'A stream or brooke.'
kenoscope  7/11/2014
Reese Hoffa (born 1977 in Evans, Georgia) is an American shot putter.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2012
My name is Reese. I just spell it Rhysse. I love being called it, it's a great nickname for Theresa. As I am also called Tess on occasion I like Rhysse the best. It's more original than Tess to me, but it's something people have heard so it's almost never mis-pronounced. I like Rhysse as a nickname for girls, but probably not a full name. If Rhysse (or Reese, however you want to spell it) was used as a full name, I think it would be better fit for a boy, but as a nickname it's great for a girl! I love it!
― Anonymous User  11/5/2011
We call my friend Reese, short for Teresa, but only because her parents wanted a boy named Rhys.
― Anonymous User  8/25/2011
This name is sooo girly! I don't know how anyone can see it as a boy name. (though the Rhys spelling looks masculine)
It is way more popular as a girls name for a reason (It's number 136/1000 for girls and 492/1000 for boys in 2010).
krisscouture  5/10/2011
I like this name, but only on a boy. I can't picture it on a little girl.
Black_X  2/21/2011
Reese is my name; it was my mother's maiden name. I will leave out whether I am male or female because I don't think that it matters at all. I have always liked my name, even though I was always called 'Reese's Pieces' in elementary school - for about 2 days, I might add, until it got old. I was proud of my name's history, meaning, and connection to family, even at a young age. Do not bother commenting on the spelling - it is probably spelled the way it is due to my family's immigration to the US in 1907. Not a bad reason at all. It saddens me that I have to get so defensive about this name on this site, since I have never faced such derision around my name... at least not since kindergarten.
Reese R.  2/14/2011
I love it. Personally I think it's best on a guy, but I can tolerate it for a girl. If I ever have a boy this will be a middle name for Elliott.
Chrila96  12/4/2010
Love the name for either a boy or girl.
Although it's very close, I don't think it should be associated with the candy because the candy is actually Reeses or Reese's. Not just plain Reese.
lil_bri_11  6/9/2010
I despise it when girls are named this. It's pretty nice on a boy, though.
― Anonymous User  5/9/2010
I think this name is kinda strange. Reese's Pieces, anyone? But I actually don't mind it on a boy. It's on a girl that I hate. It doesn't sound feminine. It's probably because of Reese Witherspoon, but Reese isn't her real name (I think it's actually Laura).
bananarama  7/9/2008
I used to love this name for a girl, but I think it is very nice for both sexes. I don't really get the hostility towards the idea of gender-neutral names. How does the use of a name on girls that's been used for boys ruin the name? It doesn't turn it girly, necessarily, unless you're talking about Ashley, maybe, ha ha. It's an utterly sexist view. Some names don't sound particularly masculine or feminine, and Reese is one of those. This spelling looks a tad more feminine, though. It's too common, though, and quite plain, and it reminds me of Reese Witherspoon too much.
slight night shiver  5/3/2008
I like this name for a girl, but it could work for a boy too. I wouldn't use it for my son though.
Patricia Underwood  2/2/2008
I think of Reese more as a feminine name opposed to a masculine name. I also have a friend who spells it Reece. I like both ways, but I think Reece is more masculine.
― Anonymous User  8/24/2007
A feminine name? LMAO. Seriously? Why is it always the Welsh, Irish and Scottish names that get messed with?
― Anonymous User  1/25/2008
I personally love the name Reese, although I like it better when it's spelled RHYS. It's been my family's tradition for years that the oldest child (which, until I was born, was always a boy) be named Reese. As a result, I have known many guys named Reese - a grandfather, a great-grandfather, an uncle, and most recently two cousins.

My grandfather and great-grandfather were wonderful men. Both were highly intelligent, hard working, physically and emotionally strong, and considered extremely handsome when they were young, and the whole family misses them greatly. But, even though they aren't with us, we still have my uncle and cousins, who received not only a name from those great men, but those positive traits, as well.

If I ever have a son, I would want to name him Rhys. It's an awesome name that has a lot of sentimental value for me.
princessleia28  7/31/2007
I always thought this was a nickname for Theresa or Therese.
TheLastMontague  5/5/2007
This name reminds me of Reese Peanut Butter Cups.
love_names  11/21/2006
My son's name is Reese Emmanuel Lebens. When I was looking for a name, hurridly in the labor room I might add, I came upon the name Reese. In the 100 books or so that I have looked in these are the meanings I have come across: enthusiastic, river-stream unwinding and Prince. Initially, when I picked it, it was because I thought it meant Prince, because he is my little Prince. It is a masculine name and since naming him this back on Nov. 26th, 2002, I have come across several other Reeses, all boys. I like the name very much, although I wonder whether he will be taunted and called Reese's Pieces or Butter Cup. He is a mixed race child, very handsome and quite intelligent; however, kids are cruel. He will be somebody famous one day though!
waitenonheaven  11/10/2006
Ugly spelling. Rhys is lovely.
― Anonymous User  9/30/2006
Reese is a great name for a boy, I wouldn't use it for a girl myself.
― Anonymous User  8/9/2006
Cute name, there is a friendly feel about it. I would name my daughter or son Reese!
― Anonymous User  6/22/2006
Reese is a candy brand owned by Hershey's and makes lovely peanut butter and chocolate candies! I believe they pronounce their brand's name ree-sees.
LadyBug18  3/17/2006
Reese is the name of one of Malcolm's brothers in the popular TV programme 'Malcolm in the Middle'.
Buzznick  1/1/2006
A famous bearer of this name is the actress Reese Witherspoon. Best known for starring in the movie Legally Blonde.
Groovey943  7/28/2005
Reese Witherspoon's actual name is Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon. Reese was her mother's maiden name.
― Anonymous User  7/27/2006

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