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Old fashioned.
Nice, classic, salty like a bacon night.
If you want to check a list of people named Robert, don't waste your time with Wikipedia and its pretty plain and uninformative list. There is another wiki that I found, which has a much better list. Here you can find a really cool list of people named Robert with a short description of what they did and why they're important:
Also used in Albanian:
Robert James Reid, known as James Reid, is a Filipino-Australian singer-songwriter, actor, dancer, model, record producer and record label executive. He began his professional acting career in the early 2010s after being named as Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010. He came into prominence for his leading role in the film Diary ng Panget (2014). Reid has since starred in Philippines movies, such as Talk Back and You're Dead (2014), Para sa Hopeless Romantic (2015), This Time (2016) and Never Not Love You (2018). He also starred in the Philippine TV series Good Vibes (2011), On the Wings of Love (2015–16), and Till I Met You (2016–17).
I like it. I think it's much more formal and mature than both "Bob" and "Rob" respectively.
An excellent name. It's good that there are many men named Robert, James, William, Daniel... It means that there are many men with classic names, and not all parents choose trendy novelties of questionable taste.
Such an amazing name. I love it. Heroic, timeless, handsome, strong... and this is a family name for me too, so will almost certainly be my future son’s middle name (or possibly first name!).
This is probably the best name in existence. Bearers of this name should feel very lucky.
Also Flemish and French (Belgian):
Call the engineers! Robert the robot is broken!
Another old man name.
I think Robert is a nice strong name.
This name is lovely, but also extraordinarily common. However, that goes to show that a lot of people must like it in order for so many of them to give it to their children. In a sense, that is probably the reason that it seems like so many guys have the same name- because it's a good name.
Very common but I still like it. Robert makes a nice first or middle name.
Am I the only person who has noticed that the name is very similar to the word “robber”?
My name is actually Robert because my dad wanted it to be James but my mom said there were too many James' in my family so they chose Robert and I like it.
Robert Rinder, the host of the British court show Judge Rinder, is a bearer of this name.
Some middle names:
Robert Riley
Robert Olson
Robert Bryan
Robert Edward
Robert Ryland
Robert Tanner.
Robert Aaron Long, a man who killed 8 people in Atlanta, Georgia is a bearer of this name.
This name was good back in the day. Not the greatest anymore for little children. If you wanna name your baby that go ahead but I can imagine bullying because of this name...
This is my name and I've never cared for it. It's getting less common these years.
Robert Robot. Ribbit Robert.
A big fat YAWN.
This is my dad's name and I think it is okay overall, just a little common.
Robert Johnson was a delta blues singer from the 1930s. His music was very influential to many rock singers. :)
Fun fact: This name has more evil historical figures linked to it than any other name. I found around 10.
Good name, classic, elegant, strong look and strong sound. Little bit overused, however, Robert is a good name.
I quite like this name. A boy in my school year is called this but it’s a shame that he gets picked on and gets called “Robot Robert” by immature boys.
Robert Emmet (1778-1803), was an Irish freedom fighter and key player during the 1803 uprising in Dublin.
Robert Topala is a game developer known for creating Geometry Dash.
I’m kind of surprised nobody has mentioned Robert Jay Perez. Jay from the Kubz Scouts.
Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989) was an American photographer best know for his black and white photographs.
It's too common I don't like it.
It's not an excuse to dislike a name because it's too common. Some names become common and some names don't, and those names that become common are common because they are great names and people love these names so much that they want to give them to their children. Robert is a great name with a great history and that's why everyone loves it and gives it to their sons.
I love this name a lot. I mainly like it because there are so many talented actors, film directors, musicians, military leaders, writers and literally people from any other field with this name. I don't think all these many evil associations ruin this name. It's still one of the most loved names in the world.
Robert Harrison Blake is the main character of the H. P. Lovecraft short story "The Haunter of the Dark". He is a horror writer and painter who meets his untimely end while investigating the abandoned church in Providence, Rhode Island.
I love this name far too much (especially after checking out the Wikipedia article). Even if you somehow don't like or even hate this name it doesn't matter what you think. This name will always be one of the greatest names ever. It's an important part of our culture and many Roberts were important historical figures that shaped the world we live in.
This is my dad's name. He is an amazing man, and I greatly love and respect him.
I have never liked his name though. It doesn't matter much to me, because everyone has their own taste. :)
I agree, this names is actually sexy. I also like that it has so many awesome namesakes. Here is where you can find a list of a lot of people named Robert:
I think the name is sexy.
This name screams military leader and that's good. It reminds of a strong and serious man that protects everyone and a less serious man can seem more mature if he bears this name!
Robert Baratheon and Robert "Sweetrobin" Arryn from A Song of Ice and Fire.
A strong name with a magnificent meaning and extremely high historical importance. I recommend it!
Strong classic name and I like the nickname 'Bobby' as my Grandad goes by this, couldn't imagine a baby Robert though.
Thank you for all of the comments, because this is my name and I'm very proud.
Robert Gates, CIA director and Iraq war time US secretary of defense, in my opinion, bears this name with honor!
This is my name and I don't like any nicknames like Bob or Bobby.
Lord Robert Clive 1st Baron Clive, one of founders of British India and Imperial governor of India who slaughtered 10 million Indians with famine.
Kid Rock's full name is Robert Allen Joseph (or Josef).
This is literally the best name ever. Anyone with this name should be very proud.
There was this kid who was on my swim team named Robert; he wasn't the best, but was nice and seemed to enjoy the sport. Broke a record on our team though. Overall, I do like this name but it just reminds me of that kid.
As someone mentioned, Robert the doll.
Simply the best name, fact. History, namesakes, meaning, everything about it is too awesome!
Such a handsome classic. Can suit any male.
I really love the name Robert. It also has the best namesakes you could ever want. I don't care about all those many sadistic cruel monsters that had this name, I look at the awesome, talented people named Robert and there are so many of them. If your name is Robert you should be very proud!
My name is Robert and I've always loved my name. I'm so happy my parents chose it and I get compliments on it a lot. Most of my friends call me Rob or Robby. It's a great name because you will never get teased for it, and it will age well through college and beyond. My girlfriend really loves it too.
Strong, handsome and classic. Great nicknames of Rob and Robby...
My name is Robert. It’s been such a horrible experience.
Out of all the names in the world my parents picked Robert. I hated it even as a kid, and there were no good nicknames at ALL! Bob, Bobby, Rob, Bert, Robby(ie), they all SUCK. I had a lot of trouble during school trying to introduce myself with the name Robert since there were no good nicknames. And obviously it sounded SO awkward because I was an immature kid with such a defaulted and strong name. Even now at the age of 49 I can’t stand having this name. I work at a medical clinic, which isn’t bad at all, but I wish my past experiences were better. It’s too late to change it. Don’t name your kid Robert. Might sound nice unless you’re named it.
I agree, Robert is clearly the best name in the world. I know that for a fact! I will name my son Robert if I have one.
It's the name of some of the most evil, cruel and brutal people that ever lived but also some of the most awesome and great people that ever lived. There are more awesome people with this name than evil people actually and all the awesome people with this name make me absolutely love this name and so I really love it. Super good name!
That Robert has a good name because it means Bob, Roberto, and Roberta.
Robert is the name of the day today on this website. It's the best name out there for sure! It has many great namesakes, it's not common at all and it has an absolutely amazing meaning! Robert is a strong, manly and timeless name, and it's my favorite name ever. I wish it was my name. Robert is the greatest name ever!
It’s a nice name but a little too common and defaulted for my taste.
Robert is a very handsome, powerful and respectable name. It has great history and great associations and it isn't very common these days, while it's also a name everyone will know and understand. I recommend this name!
The historical value and background of this name is simply incredible. I think this name is worth giving just because of its historical value. I really respect this name and fully acknowledge its background, and I believe this name should make the person who has it proud. A man named Robert has a real reason to be proud of his name.
Such a handsome and classic name. I love how it rolls off the tongue. Rob and Robby are dreamy sounding nicknames too. It's not as common as it was in prior generations, and therefore has a familiar yet unique quality. I'll be choosing this name for my son.
Handsome, powerful and manly.
Cool name.
This name is nowhere near as common as people claim it to be. It's pretty rare nowadays, and personally I've never met anyone named Robert. This name is actually really good, it has a good meaning and many great namesakes. The historical background of this name is also just great. It's an ancient and historically important and awesome name, and it should be one every Robert is proud to have. Overall, a very solid name. It deserves to be given. I really like it and everyone else should too. :)
Robert is one of the main characters in Harold Pinter's play Betrayal.Robert Irvine is a celebrity chef, T.V. host and body builder.
I actually love the name Robert. It's a classic, masculine name and I see it fitting someone of any age from a baby to an elderly person.
It's got a good meaning, but it's too overused. There's also Robert the doll...
In the ancient Germanic language Robert was written as Hrōþiberhtaz. In Old Norse language, which was used by Vikings, it was written as Hrōðberχt. The name means "Fame-Bright".
Usage: Scottish, Finnish, Estonian [noted -ed]Pronounced: RAHB-ərt (American English), RAWB-ət (British English), RAW-BEHR (French), RAW-but (German), RUW-beht (Swedish), RO-bud (Danish), RAW-bərt (Dutch), RO-behrt (Czech, Finnish, Romanian), RAW-behrt (Polish), RO-byirt (Russian)
The amount of Kings, Noblemen and Military leaders and Generals with this name makes me think of a great, heroic man or a brave warrior when I hear this name. Absolutely in love with this name. The meaning is also simply gorgeous, glorious, mighty and dignified.
Bob as a nickname for Robert? Despicable! Bobby is much better!
Robert is the best name ever. There is no name better than Robert, and it's not just my opinion, it's a fact that I have realized after doing a lot of research. I am really interested in names and their etymology and meaning, and I have done huge research in them, but I've yet to find another name as great in its history and meaning as the name Robert. The meaning "fame-bright" is absolutely beautiful. This name has been around for so long and has been borne by so many important historical figures and so many kings and other mighty people that changed the world. This name is also etymologically and in terms of meaning connected to other names that were also borne by many important historical figures that changed the world and so many kings. Robert is basically the ultimate Kings name! This name carries so much history with it and I have not found a single other name that has as much as this name does. Meaning and history of the name really matters. The name itself always reminded me of a king or a nobleman or military commander or any other kind of mighty person, and after doing the research I have proven myself that it truly is the name of a mighty man. There's no way someone could not like the name Robert, this name is so rich in its history and its meaning is so great. The name is not just the name itself, it has so much more to it than what meets the eye, and the name Robert has so much to it like no other name, as it carries in it the strength of history and all it's mighty bearers, and it has kept going strong through history as it still does to this day. Each and every Robert should feel proud of their amazing name that carries the strength of history within it. There is no other name like Robert, and Robert is the best name in existence.
Robert H. Goddard was the father of modern rocketry who built the first liquid fueled rocket in history. Thanks to him we are now able to fly to the cosmos and explore it. Without his help it wouldn't be possible. May god bless this man for giving us this great knowledge and opportunity.
King Robert I of Scotland, also known as Robert the Bruce, was the King of Scotland who freed Scotland of the English rule during his reign. He was one of the most famous and skilled warriors during his time and now he is the national hero of Scotland.Robert Nivelle was a French general and Commander In-Chief of French army during WWI.Robert Schumann was a German composer and music critic, one of the greatest composers of the Romantic period.Robert Schuman was the Prime Minister of France and one of the founders of European Union and NATO.Robert F. Scott was an English Royal Navy officer and explorer who led two expeditions to Antarctica.Robert Ley was a German war pilot during WWI who later, during WWII, became the DAF führer of Nazi Germany.Prince Robert of Bavaria was the Son of King Ludwig III of Bavaria and military commander. He was one of the principal commanders of many WWI battles.Robert Oppenheimer was the inventor of the Atomic Bomb.Robert A. Little was an Australian fighter pilot during WWI and the most succesful Australian fighter pilot.Robert E. Lee was an English-born general in United States Army, who served as the commander of Confederate States Army. He spent 32 years as an officer and military engineer and later became the superintendent of the US military academy.Robert von Wiren was a Baltic-German and Russian general in the Imperial Russian Navy and one of the pricipal commanders of Russo-Japanese War.Robert Ritter von Greim was a German general during WWI and WWII who later became the second supreme commander of German Air Forces "Luftwaffe". He was also one of the principal commanders of many important WWII battles and military operations including Operation Barbarossa, Battle of Kursk, Battle of Britain, Battle of Berlin and others.
Robert Zemeckis is a film director who directed many very famous movies, including "Back to the Future".
This name actually means "fame-bright", not "bright fame" because "fame" is the first element and "bright" is the second element.
My personal impression of the name Robert means a very strong loyal intelligent and typically well-respected man. This name also reflects a hard worker with great integrity. Yes the name Robert is a strong name, a very trustworthy name that you cannot go wrong with.
I love the name Robert, maybe it's because I associate it with my late father who was highly intelligent, hard-working and very good-hearted. So I named my son after him- my son is now 29 and goes by Rob I am very proud of this name. It does have a professional edge to it and like my father I do think that a person that carries this name would be a professional person of value and morals a lot to think of a name but that's what Robert means to me when I hear it. I think of a very stable person, well grounded and loyal.
Also Catalan: [noted -ed]
My name is Robert and even though I still feel it's uncommon on the other hand I feel like it's unique in it's own way besides I love that it means "Bright Fame" and I tend to be put in the spotlight and have a lot of people who find me as an interesting individual regardless of how much I try to avoid it and be to myself. I honestly feel like your name reflects you and if I could choose another name I would be the same "Robert" I love and became today.
Bert is a common diminutive of Robert.
Bertie is a common diminutive of Robert.
Bo is a common diminutive of Robert.
According to, there are 233 people in the U.S. named Robert Robert and 2,038 named Robert Roberts.
I hated being named Robert and being called Bob/Bobby as a kid but really like it now. I was named after both of my grandfathers who are both good men so I am proud to be named after them. I really like my grandfather's name (Jack Robert) and the combination of my first and middle name (Robert Keith). My personal experience with this name has almost always been positive which made me think it was a popular name. Some of the comments I read here have made me think otherwise.
I don't know why so many people care if a name is original/unique. The only time a unique name stands out is on a résumé. My actions and the way I treat others can impact the perception people have of my name. I would rather make my name memorable than have a memorable name.
I’ve always thought Rob sounded hot. I definitely prefer Rob/Robbie to Bob/Bobby. Great classic name. Timeless.
Robert sounds strong and manly, if a bit old fashioned, but DESPISE the nickname Bob. Bobbing for apples, bobbed in the water, yuck!
My name's Robert and I've been called Bobby/Bob my whole life. Bob is the worst name ever. I constantly got teased for Bob the Builder or people would say they picture some old guy. I get “Farmer Bob” a lot too. Soon as I realized my real name was Robert I immediately made everybody call me that but still get called it by close family. Robert is professional sounding but so common.
Stop being rude by saying "boring".
I like Bob, but not Robert.
In 2018, 56 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Robert who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 4th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Very boring.
I'm shocked no one has mentioned Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scout movement.
This name is kinda dorky sounding in my opinion... And it's so common it's just as unoriginal as Michael or James.
Robert Del Naja, also known as 3D, is a graffiti artist and one of the founding members of the band Massive Attack.
Another diminutive form of the name in Spanish is "Beto," used by a member of the U.S. Congress, Beto O'Rourke from El Paso, Texas.
Too overused.
Scottish actor Robert Carlyle (Once Upon A Time, The Full Monty, Trainspotting, Hamish Macbeth) is a famous bearer of this name.
This is Ted Bundy's middle name.
Robert Hoffman is a doctor in the game Trauma Center. He is Derek's former boss and the founder of Hope Hospital.
Robert Ford is the co-founder and director of the titular theme park in the TV series "Westworld".
This is a very handsome, classic name. My father, brother and husband all have this name! I never get tired of it as they are all wonderful men, so the association with this name is very positive.
It's underrated in my opinion. It's a great name! Although I do like Rob/Robby more than Bob/Bobby.
Bobby Orr full name Robert Gordon Orr one of the greatest hockey players of all time.Robert Parish full name Robert Lee Parish the longest serving player in NBA history.
Robert Pickton a Canadian serial killer who was a pig farmer.
There are Roberts all over the place in my family. I have a brother and a cousin named Robert, both of whom go by Rob. My uncle is Robert and he went by Bobby/Bob. My great uncle was Robert and he went by Bob, as did my grandfather on my mother's side.
King Robert of House Baratheon ruled Westeros for many years in "A Game of Thrones".
Robert Herjavec is a Croatian-Canadian businessman, investor, and television personality. A native of Varaždin, Croatia, he moved to Halifax, Canada after living and working on a farm with his family. After spending his youth in the relative middle class, he gained admission to the University of Toronto where he graduated with a double degree in political science and English.
Robert Rihmeek Williams, better known by his stage name Meek Mill, is an American hip hop recording artist. Raised in Philadelphia, he embarked on his music career as a battle rapper, and later formed a short-lived rap group, The Bloodhoundz. In 2008, Atlanta-based rapper T.I. signed Meek Mill to his first record deal. In February 2011, after leaving Grand Hustle Records, Mill signed with Miami-based rapper Rick Ross's Maybach Music Group. Mill's debut album, Dreams and Nightmares, was released in 2012 under MMG and Warner Bros. Records. The album, preceded by the single "Young & Gettin' It", debuted at number two on the U.S. Billboard 200.
Robert Takeo "Bob" Matsui was an American politician from the state of California. Matsui was a member of the Democratic Party and served in the U.S. House of Representatives as the congressman for California's 5th congressional district until his death midway through his 14th consecutive term. The Robert T. Matsui United States Courthouse is named in his honor.
Robert "Robbie" Brady is an Irish professional footballer who plays as a winger and a left-back for Premier League club Burnley and the Republic of Ireland national team. Brady began his career in the Manchester United academy. However, after featuring just once for United's first team, he joined Hull City initially on loan and then permanently in 2013. He made 124 appearances for the Tigers, helping them reach the 2014 FA Cup Final. In July 2015, he joined Norwich City for £7 million. Brady suffered relegation to the Championship with Norwich in 2016. He became Burnley's record signing in January 2017 when he completed a transfer for a fee reported to be around £13 million. Brady has represented Ireland at all youth levels. After becoming their highest under-21 scorer of all time with seven goals, Brady made his senior international debut against Oman in 2012, scoring and setting up two more goals in a 4–1 victory. He has earned over 30 caps for his country and represented them at UEFA Euro 2016, scoring two goals during the tournament.
Rengert Robert Anker is a Dutch writer. In 1993 he won the Ferdinand Bordewijk Prijs for his novel De terugkeer van kapitein Rob, and in 2002 the Libris Prize for Een soort Engeland.
Robert Hampton "Robbie" Rogers III is an American professional soccer player who plays for the LA Galaxy in Major League Soccer. He plays as a winger and as a left back. Rogers has also represented the United States men's national soccer team. In February 2013, Rogers came out as gay, becoming the second male soccer player in Britain to do so after Justin Fashanu in 1990. On May 26, 2013, he became the first openly gay man to compete in a top North American professional sports league when he played his first match for the Galaxy.
Robert Agustin Trujillo is the forth bassist of American thrash metal band Metallica.
ROBERT (Bobby) Moore
West Ham United
Captain of England
World Champions 1966.
Nice name, not too common in Canada where I live. Some nicknames are Rob, Robbie, Bob, Bobbie, Bert, Berty and Ro.
This name has been used on both sides of my family! It's my dad's name. On my mom's side, it was my grandpa's name, and my cousin's middle name.
Robert Plant, lead singer from Led Zeppelin.
Robert Lewandowski is a Polish professional footballer who plays as a striker for German club Bayern Munich, and captains the Poland national team.
Robert Michael Sheehan; is an Irish actor. He is best known for television roles such as Nathan Young in Misfits and Darren in Love/Hate, as well as the 2009 film Cherrybomb alongside Rupert Grint.
Robert Kovač is the assistant coach of the Croatian national football team and a retired Croatian football defender. He was known for his ability with the ball and skill at dispossessing opponents.
This is an old family name for me, and because I grew up around so many Roberts I've come to find the name to be boring, but safe-sounding. I tend to associate it with my family, and while we're not always on the best of terms, I do love them. However, as I said before I find the name to be boring. Along with bland, unoriginal, and dull.
I like the name Robert. I like the nicknames Rob or Robbie more than the nicknames Bob or Bobbie. For some reason, I always thought of Bob as a 40 year old broken-down office worker. (No offense to anyone that goes by Bob).
Good name for a thief or a hoodlum who robs people, but that's about it.
My nickname has always been DOBBIN, and I found out that dobbin is a nickname for Robert in Scotland, at 53 we still learn things!
I love this name. The name Robert is an awesome, strong, handsome, classic. :)
Robert Irvine, an English celebrity chef who has a show called Restaurant: Impossible.
My older brother's name is Robert after my father. Robert is such a handsome, masculine name, it is very mature, intellectual sounding and ages very well. I love the name Robert!
Robert Steven "Bobby" Singer is a character on the television series "Supernatural."
I can't believe no-one has mentioned Robert Burns!
Best name for a guy. It just sounds masculine and attractive. Obviously why it's been used for 600+ years! I will probably name my son this!
Robert Kelly Slater, known as Kelly Slater, is an American professional surfer.
Robert Mugabe, geriatric dictator of Zimbabwe.
Robert is just a little boring. I like the nickname Rob but HATE Robbie. I know a few awesome people with the name Robert, I just think it's okay.
To expand on my last comment, I don't understand how this name is so popular for so long. It doesn't have a particularly nice sound to it (almost dorky, in my own opinion). It's not strong at all, and the only people I can picture it on are racist rednecks and chubby, underachieving kids (King of the Hill). Not that I am saying anyone with this name is any of those.
Robert Vito (best known for Spy Kids 3-D and Urban Legend 3: Bloody Mary) bears this name.
Robert is such a great name, I only know two, and one goes by Bobby. I like the nickname Robby/Robbie best, or just Robert :) overall, it's a classic, so you can't go wrong with Robert!
Robert (1297-1308) was the son of King Philippe IV of France and his wife Johanna.
Robert (1269-1271) was the son of King Philippe III of France and his first wife Isabella.
Robert (1256-1317) was the son of King Louis IX of France and his wife Margaret.
Robert (1602-1602) was the son of King James I of the UK and his wife Anne of Denmark.
Robert (1123-1188) was the son of King Louis VI of France and his wife Adelaide.
Robert (1055-1060) was the son of King Henry I of France and his wife Anna of Kiev.
Robert (1011-1076) was the son of King Robert II of France and his wife Constance of Provence.
Robert (972-1031) was the only son of King Hugh Capet of France and his wife Adelaide. He later became King Robert II of France.
Robert (1216-1250) was the son of King Louis VIII of France and his wife Blanca of Castile.
Robert was the son of King Philippe II of France and his wife Isabelle. He had a twin brother named Philippe, both died as babies.
Robert (1054 - 1134), oldest son of William the Conqueror and his wife Matilda of Flanders.
Robert John Wagner (born 1930 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American actor.
Robert John Downey, Jr. (born 1965 in New York City, New York) is an American actor.
Robert is the name of the delusional kid who contemplates doing a school shooting in Foster The People's song "Pumped Up Kicks."
Dr Robert Chase is a character on the tv show House MD.
Another favourite of mine! Robert is my uncle's name (he goes by Rob), and because he's a great man with a good personality, I'd definitely name a son after him. It's also a strong, timeless name, and is the name of the king in A Game Of Thrones (the first book in the series 'A Song of Ice and Fire' by George R.R. Martin). Even though I didn't like the character much, I loved his name. I like the combination Robert Ian.
Robert Campin (c. 1375 – 26 April 1444), now usually identified as the artist known as the Master of Flémalle, is usually considered the first great master of Early Netherlandish painting.
Robert Polhill Bevan (1865-1925) was a British painter and lithographer.
Robert Barry (born March 9, 1936 in the Bronx, New York) is an American artist.
Not as boring as Michael or John, but it's still pretty much an average boys name.
I think that "Robert" is a classically masculine (and handsome) name... while it certainly is usable in contemporary life, it still possesses old-world, cosmopolitan charm. Unlike the recent wave of "August"s on the male gender... "Robert" is a very professional, dignified, educated name that will aid your son's career. If I ever bestowed it onto my spawn, or pet (for that matter), I believe that I would lean my decision toward the Italian form, "Roberto."
Friedrich Robert Volkmann, known as Robert Volmann (6 April 1815 – 30 October 1883) was a German composer.
Robert Alexander Schumann (1810-1856), German composer and music critic.
Robert Peter Maximilian Willams aka Robbie Williams.
It's handsome, but way too common on the older crowd. I still love it though.
Robert Sheehan (born January 7, 1988) is an Irish actor best known for his role as Nathan in the E4 series Misfits.
Strong name! I really really like it. It's a good name to grow up with, and I love the nickname Robbie.
Robert Garland was the principal dancer with the Dance Theatre of Harlem from his debut in 1985. He was also their first resident choreographer. His best known ballet is entitled "Tributary".
Bob Marley is a famous bearer who I can't believe nobody's mentioned yet!
15th century 'makar' (poet) Robert Henryson is one of the most important figures in early Scottish literature.
Also exists in Croatia, where it's pronounced RO-bert. [noted -ed]
Robert Roy McGregor, a Scottish outlaw, has this name.
I used to, not exactly dislike this name, but it was definitely a name I would never use. And then Robert Pattinson became very famous and very popular with crazy obsessive fan girls and now all I see when I hear the name is his face. Not an image I enjoy seeing. So now, I can’t stand it.
Robert Kennedy was the younger brother of President John F. Kennedy. He was assassinated in 1968.Robert Downey, Jr. is a famous actor; his most recent film was Iron Man.
I use to hate this name, but then Robert Pattinson came and gave me a new view of the name (a more handsome view of the name). I still think this is a bad name, but I love the nickname Rob now.
Boring and overused. So many men, including my own father, have this name. It also makes me think of two bad actors: the hideous Robert Blake and the arrogant Robert Pattinson.
It's also used in the Netherlands where it's pronounced ROH-burt. Common short forms are Rob and Bert. [noted -ed]
Bob Crane and Robert Clary, both famous for roles they played on Hogan's Heroes. Bob's character also bore the first name Robert, and was named after yet another actor.
A famous lawyer bears the name. That person is Robert Kardashian, father of Koutney, Kim and Chloe Kardashian. Also the name of his son, Robert Kardashian Jr.
ROBERT PATTINSON is an actor who plays Edward Cullen in the famous Twilight, as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter.
It's my name and I hate it. It's so boring and common and the sound of it isn't even particularly pleasant. I have a very common surname as well, so I've always wished that I had some really freaky uncommon first name to make myself stand out from the crowd.
I used to think this name was ok, but after I heard of the story of the haunted doll named Robert I think it's a scary name.
I used to HATE this name! Now I am giving the name a chance on my nice list. I like Rob and Robby, but I hate Bob and Bobby. It is a good enough name and I guess I like it.
I used to not like this name so much, but when I got into Led Zeppelin and learned the names of the members, the association of Robert Plant kinda caused it to grow on me. If I ever have kids, I might name a boy Robert. I could call him Robbie when he's little (I couldn't really imagine myself calling a little boy Robert), and when he's older and a grownup I could call him Robert. The only thing I don't care for about this name is the fact that you can shorten it to Bob, a name I never liked. Otherwise it's really a terrific name.
This name was born by American filmer art director and production designer Robert F. Boyle (born October 10, 1909). He worked on several Alfred Hitchcock films, as well as "Fiddler on the Roof" (1971). He was nominated for 4 competitive Academy Awards and was awarded an honorary award for his career in 2008.
Lead singer of The Used is Robert Edward McCracken.
I prefer Bob or Bobby to Rob or Robby. Not sure why, perhaps it just sounds better to me. For myself, I go by Bob which is a palindrome (spelled the same forwards and backwards) as is my last name. However, when combined it is not a palindrome, however, I think, still unique.
Robert Marvin "Bobby" Hull, Canadian born, pro hockey player, 1957 - 1980. Hall of fame, 1983. Regarded as one of the best left-wingers to ever play the game.Robert Gordan "Bobby" Orr, Canadian born, pro hockey player 1966 - 1978, hall of fame, 1979. Regarded as one of the best hockey players of all time.Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel, Jr., 10/17/38 - 11/30/07. American born, motorcycle daredevil.Robert Edward "Kaptain" Knievel, son of Evel Knievel and also a motorcycle daredevil.
My husband's name is Robert. It's one of those classic names you can't go wrong with, but doesn't really stand out in a crowd--in the US. There are a lot of boys names like that.
Robert A. Heinlein was an influential and popular science fiction author. Examples of his work include "Starship Troopers," "Stranger in a Strange Land," and "Farnham’s Freehold."
Robert´s nicknames: Rob, Robby, Robin, Bert, Berty.
In Danish this name is just the worst. So flat, so *nothing*. In English, on the other hand, I adore it. I can't seem to feel like it's the same name.
I absolutely love the name Robert; it is a common name with a lot of potential for "pet" names, and it has a pleasing sound--slightly melodic, good punch to it. When it comes to nicknames, I much prefer "Rob" or "Robby"/"Robbie" to "Bob"/"Bobby"/"Bobbie"/"Bert," since "Rob" preserves the wonderful "R" sound so crucial to this name.
Robert Guiscard was a Norman involved in the conquest of Sicily around 1061 AD.
I like it. It is my middle name. I like it as both a middle name and a first name.
Actually I don't really care for the name Robert. For some reason, I always picture a "Robert" as a heavy, obnoxious person. Probably because both of the Robert's I've known have been like this! I also don't like the "Bob" or "Bobby" shortenings. Ick. I love love love "Robbie" though :]
A famous bearer is Tony Award-winner Robert Sean Leonard, of House MD and Dead Poets Society.
Robert Plant is a famous bearer. He was a member of Band of Joy for a short time before he joined Jimmy Page's reforming of the Yardbirds, soon to become the New Yardbirds. The band name was then changed to Led Zeppelin. Robert Plant has had a successful solo career since the breaking up of Led Zeppelin (caused by the death of the drummer). He was born on August 20th in 1948 and was raised in the West Midlands in England.
There are authors named Robert K Tanenbaum and Robert Kloner.
Robert Zimmerman is Bob Dylan's real name.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Robert here:
Famous bearer is British actor Robert Llewellyn (Kryten from Red Dwarf).
I like the name Robert because I have a crush on a boy by this name. It's quite common but so is mine!
Robert Hays played Ted Striker in the Airplane! movies.
Robert is a great name for a boy. I also prefer the nicknames Rob or Robby the best.
Robert of Lockesley, better known as Robin Hood, was a famous English outlaw who lived in Sherwood forest, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.
Robert is a nice name for a boy, it is also my dad's name. I like the nickname Robbie or Rob instead of Bob and Bobby. My dad gets called Bob.
The birthname of Bob Bryar, drummer from My Chemical Romance, is Robert.
Actor from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Robert Pattinson.
Famous bearer is Robert Koch, a German physician and bacteriologist. He received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
Famous bearer is Robert Redford, an American actor and director. He won the Academy Award for directing.
Famous bearer is Robert Walpole, the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
Famous bearer is Robert Louis Stevenson, a Scottish novelist. He's famous for Treasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Famous bearer is Robert De Niro, an Academy Award-winning American actor.
Famous bearer: Robert Englund, a.k.a. Freddy Krueger from the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' movies and 'Freddy vs. Jason'.
Kid Rock's real name is Robert.
Robert is the name of Ray Romano's brother on the show "Everybody Loves Raymond." He's played by Brad Garrett.
This name is currently at tug-of-war for me! I have a horrible association, but it sounds so nice. I like this name, I suppose!
Famous bearer of the name: Robert Smith, singer for English Brit-pop band, The Cure.
Also the name of Linkin Park's drummer Rob Bourdon.
I just wanted to comment that in Spanish a familiar way to call Robert is "Tito" or "Beto".
Famous bearer: Professor Robert Langdon, the hero of Dan Brown's bestselling novels 'The Da Vinci Code' and 'Angels and Demons'.
Robert also is derived from the French "roi" meaning king or royal. So adding to the base form, the name Robert also means, "royal brightness".

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