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So trendy and overdone now. I know so many baby girls called RoWan and so many baby boys called RoMan. Use to know none but names have boomed in popularity in recent years. Not sure about nickname Row.
Ugh! I hate this on boys enough. Why is this name so popular. What happens if your surname is Rowan and your name is Rowan?
I just don’t see the appeal. I never liked the name Rowan. This name reminds me of rowboats. When I first heard this name, I thought it was a boy name and I thought it sounded too masculine for a girl. To me Rowan is just some boring, trendy name that sounds like it only fits an old man.
Rowan is one of my favorite gender neutral names. Unlike other gender neutral names like Dylan and Riley, Rowan is truly neutral.
I named my son Rowan for the tree, a tree that according to legend evil cannot touch. I have had it mistaken for Roland sometimes, but everyone who commented on the name thought it sounded rich (like a fine chocolate cake, not money), and loved it. I'm confused at the reaction to this name on here. I've never had anyone react this way to his name in person. (I live in Texas in the USA).
Used to like this name but it's now very trendy and overused across England, Europe and America too if you look at the statistics. Also gets very muddled with Roman which is the current fastest rising boy name, about to enter top 20. Both Rowan and Roman will date as booming up the top 100 charts for first time in history, I know about 10 babies with name Rowan or Roman.
Potentially a good name for a genderless or non binary child/person although I imagine Rowan will ultimately become am exclusively girl name. Statistics showing a big increase in female usage of the name especially in America and Scotland. As seems to happen for all supposedly "unisex" names, it's only a matter of time before they become girl names and are not used for boys at all. Look at the graphs for Kelly and Hillary on here for example.
Rowan is the Prince of Aytolis in Fire Emblem Warriors, one of the two protagonists. He enjoys knighthood and aims to be as strong as possible, insisting his sister should take the throne instead of him.
Rowan Atkinson, the actor who played as Mr. Bean.
This is a calm, classic sounding unusual name. I think it could also work for a boy.
Rowan is a delicate and dainty tree with small berries.

I was considering this name for my daughter but have now decided against it for these reasons:

1. I don't like the seemingly inevitable shorting to Row (a boat).

2. Rowan has risen up the official charts really quickly which makes the name feel too trendy for my tastes. I worry this is a recipe for the name to date badly.

3. RoMan with an M is the fastest rising boy name across much of UK, Europe and America.
I do not live in Scotland but I spotted it has today released it's official baby name statistics for last year (2020) and RoMan was BY FAR the fastest rising name, jumping a whopping 70 places to reach number 33 in the name charts. It is a similar story across Europe and America. RoMan is now top 50 in much of UK and America according to official statistics and is still rising many places each year, could reach top 20/ top 10 next year or so across the board (America, Europe and UK). I just don't want a name that's going to be continually misheard and muddled with another. Wouldn't have been a problem a few years ago as both RoWan and RoMan were fairly rare. They've now exploded and both sadly now feel overdone and merge together when you have nurseries full of RoMan, RoWan, Rory, Reuben. Annoying but I know I've made the right choice.

4. I gather the name Rowan is being increasingly adopted by gender queer / non binary people as their new chosen name in adulthood so I am going to avoid it. I would be happy for my daughter to be anything she wants as she grows but that's her choice to make. I know someone who identifies as genderless who changed their name from Ben to Rowan as a teenager.
I called my son Rowan. There is a history of naming girls in our family after flowers, including me. Rowan turned out to be a boy so I picked a name that had a tree meaning, so it was close to the tradition. I've had people commenting that it's a nice name. Sometimes people think it's Roman or Ronan but that's ok.

We call him Ro, Rowie or Rowboat (silly but it fits) for short.

I think people can use it for boys or girls. It definitely suits my little boy :).
Every single person who says the nickname Row for Rowan is a wretch. I am sure their name is worse. I named my daughter Rowan in 2015. She is almost 6. I love calling her Row. I love calling her Rowan.
Used to be fairly unusual. Extremely popular and trendy in 2020/2021 looking at the statistics. Know so many baby girls and boys with either this name or the name Roman with M. Fed up of it now. Will date badly. The trendy and faddy feel makes the name have quite a downmarket vibe.
Rowan Atkinson is a funny namesake.
Rowan is okay for a boy... Strongly dislike for a girl!
Why is this name getting so popular for girls over past year or so? My son is getting teased for having a girl name- yet if a girl has a 'boy' name, it's apparently cool.
The name Rowan continually gets mistaken for very popular name RoMan anyway. I wonder if my son will decide that he's called Roman when older to save correcting people and to stop the gender comments.

I keep hearing about gender-queer/non-binary/gender-less people changing their name to Rowan in adulthood too. Respect them totally but regret giving my son this name. I hadn't realised when I picked it that it would be a risky choice. Feel I've let my son down.
Rowan and Harlow give off the same vibe. They're similar in ratings too.
Not for girls.
Can be shortened to Ron or Roni/Ronnie/Ronny.
Strongly dislike, especially on a girl.. not in any way appealing!
There's good and bad things about this name.

Extremely popular/trendy/modern sounding in America and Great Britain in 2020 but therefore likely to date unfortunately. Name continues to rise in the name charts each and every year, same with similar name Roman with M. Surprised two such similar names are both so so popular at same time.

Nickname Row is horrible.

Name is unisex. Rowan with W is a delicate small thin tree so I can see why its popularity for girls has boomed in certain counties. We will see if it transitions to a predominantly girl name (like Hilary). It's already transitioned and is a top 100 girl name in Scotland and not used for boys.

Seems to be developing as a name of choice for people who do not want to identify with either gender. One example I recently read about, the sad case of an individual who had changed their name to Rowan Thompson in adulthood as they came out as non-binary. A very sad story, Rowan T killed their mother. Was in the papers recently.
I think it’s better to use Rowan on boys and Rowen on girls. Rowen is short for Rowena, the female form.
Like this as a boy and girl's name. It sounds better than Cohen.
In 2020, in the US and UK, this is a very trendy, having a moment name.
Nice enough but too similar to other fast rising trendy name RoMan.
RoWan is unisex but feminine sounding, named after a small delicate dainty tree with pretty berries and flowers. Currently unisex but given rising female usage especially in the US (but also elsewhere), I wonder if the name RoWan will be going the same way as other former unisex names Hilary, Leslie Ashley and Kelly, that became unusable for boys over time. Looks increasingly likely. Dislike nickname Row.
Well, I appreciate hearing that five years ago would have been a good time to name my child Rowan. She is 5.5 years old. She was born in May as the sun was going down. Her middle name is Maysun. I am shocked at the rise in popularity. However, I still love the name. And Row is a fantastic nickname. I prefer the feminine use of Rowan. I fell in love with the name when I first saw the 1973 original Wickerman. So, my daughter is named after a Horror movie.
I prefer Rowan as a masculine name, but I can still see it on a girl / woman (same with Robin). However, I did not realize Rowan's popularity was surging as a boy name - particularly in the U.K. (it's rising in North America as well)! In the U.K. it has surpassed the similar Owen, but it has a long way to go to do so in the U.S. and Canada - still, the popularity is there. I hope it won't become overused.

As a feminine choice, though, it might be fresher. Who knows.
It's a unisex name but the Rowan's I know are girls. Chose this name for my baby daughter in 2019 assuming it was still fairly unusual. Regret it. Rowan and Roman are the fastest rising names in UK and US. Rocketing up charts. Wish I'd picked something else. Doesn't feel special and gets muddled up with Roman. Too trendy now, Rowan will be top 30 by the time the 2020 statistics are released I predict, given the numbers I know. I was 5 years too late using this name.
Very nice name for a boy; not so much for a girl. Seriously, there are so many cool and amazing girl names out there - there is no need to co-opt a name like “Rowan” which is not feminine at all.
It's nice, but it's not my favorite. It's okay on girls, but I prefer it for boys.
Rowan for a girl, Rowen for a boy.
Rowan is a girl name!
Such a nice name. I prefer it for a girl.
Was considering using this name for my daughter but when I realised that Roman (with an M) is currently the fastest rising top 100 boys name I decided against the name. So glad I made that decision as there’s now 2 Roman’s in my local NCT baby group (out of 7 babies). The name has indeed exploded. Decided to pick a name that won’t forever be muddled with another more popular name. I also don’t like inevitable nickname “Row” - sounds unfinished and like you’re rowing a boat. To me, Row-Anne sounds like the feminine version of the name and Ro-Man sounds masculine. Very similar though.
If I ever have a girl her name will be Rowyn. I LOVE this name. It is beautiful and I am of Irish origin so it fits beautifully into my ancestry. I will spell it with a "y", rather than an "a" because my mom named me "Elyse" and my sister "Loryn", so sticking with the trend! ♥️♥️♥️.
Depends where you live as to whether Rowan is seen as predominately girl or boys’ name. It’s a top 100 name for girls in Scotland (and rising fast), but it doesn’t feature on the boys top 100 list there. In my area in the UK it is seen as a girl’s name.

I find the name too similar to Roman (the fastest rising top 100 boys name). Roman is currently top 50 but will be top 10/20 soon on current growth projections. In my local small baby group there’s 2 Roman’s and 1 Rowan and it does get confusing.

Definitely all “trendy” names that are having a moment. The next generation will probably see these names as boring and a bit chavy and dated.
Never heard Rowan before. It's kind of cute and sounds feminine.
Was a Rowan before it was cool. Stop taking boys' names and naming girls with them. It's weird.
Both Rowan and Roman are currently experiencing a burst in popularity (both Uk and US). Roman for example has climbed 600 places over 15 years and is now about to enter UK top 50. Rowan is also within the top 100 now and climbs dramatically every year. If both names continue on current growth trajectory they could both be top 10 soon. Unfortunately history has shown this fast growth pattern from zero to top 10/20, means the names are likely to date and could be next generations Sharon/Darren/Nigel

I think five years ago this would have been a lovely name but that time has passed.
Nice name but problem with it in the UK is that it is almost identical to the increasingly popular name “RoMan” (and also the lesser used name Ronan)! RoMan is currently higher up the charts than RoWan but they are both dramatically increasing in popularity and are well within top 100. There are also quite a lot of “Rohan”s.

At our local playgroup the parents of the RoMan, RoWan (and the occasional RoNan) all get muddled up! I think a few years ago this would have been a lovely name but now that RoMan and RoWan are both well within the top 100 names it’s getting a bit confusing. I therefore decided to chose the name Ralph, Otis or Wilfred instead but our baby was a girl so didn’t use any of these names.
Very pretty name referring to a very pretty tree.
Rowan to me is totally masculine both because it transcribes Ruadhán and because in Italy 'sorbo' (Rowan) is masculine too. I like this name a lot!
The county in North Carolina is pronounced Row-Anne, like row a boat. I didn't know of any other pronunciations growing up.
I really love the name Rowan. It’s strong and handsome but at the same time it’s soft and elegant. Personally, I think Rowan is a great unisex name and it suits both boys and girls. I like the meaning too! “Rowan tree”. Everyone thinks nature names are exclusively for girls, but I disagree. They can suit boys too! Rowan is a really nice name and it will age perfectly on a boy or a girl!
I am a Rowan! My parents named me after Rowan Mayfair from Anne Rice's Lives of the Mayfair Witches series, which is deeply special to me, considering my love for magic, witches, vampires, et cetera. Rowan, in my opinion, is a perfectly spooky, witchy, woodsy name that I'm thankful to call my own. The mispronunciations and misspellings are quite frustrating, though -- I can't tell you how many times I've seen my name spelled/pronounced "Ronan," "Roman," "Roan," and of course "Rowen," yikes. People either say they love my name and ask its origin or they say "Oh, like Mister Bean?" But, yes. I love my name and finding out more about it!
I think Rowan is a very beautiful name, but I prefer it more for a boy. For a girl, personally, I would choose Rowanne or Rowana. Rowan is a very strong and handsome name so it sounds more masculine and less feminine. But girls with strong masculine names like Rowan and Silver would need nice soft middle names so that they are nice beautiful women. It’s a nice name for a girl, but it’s awesome for a boy, just my opinion, I respect yours too!
I love my name! My name is Rowan!
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Rowan who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 3, 107th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.

In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Rowan who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 614th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
My LAST name is Rowan, I love my name. Being African American is a plus.
I like my name a lot. I think it is unique and strange and basic all at the same time. I'm glad that I'm a Rowan.
My name is Rowan. To me the name is completely unisex. It fits fine on a girl or boy. The reason is I am a girl and I have a friend who is also named Rowan but is a boy. I also have a cousin who's name is Rowan. But he spells it differently. He spells it Rohan.
Rowan is such a pretty name. I like it more on a girl.
Love this name on a guy. Doesn’t sound bad for a girl though, not as harsh as Morgan or *sighs* Connor, but I would avoid it since it could cause confusion, especially if Rowan is common for boys in your area. Also, to the person who said that Rowan is a girl’s name on boys, that honestly really disregards the history of the name, much like those who say “Michelle is the original, Michael is just a masculine form”.
My name is Rowan and I am very happy for this to be my name. It has always fit me in many ways. First of all I’ve always been slightly more mature and interested in very different things from most of my friends. I’m also 13 and I like the tree comparison considering I am 6’3. If you saw me you probably couldn’t imagine the name on a girl. My family mostly consists of Irish rooted people with a little British and German mixed in. Only place it doesn’t fit is my brown hair.
My last name is Rowan, it is a Gaelic name. My family is from Ireland and Scotland back where this name originated from . It is from a very religious tree called the Rowan, or mountain ash. In my family's history our great parents believed the first woman came from this tree. They also believe that if you hang two twigs over your door in the shape of a cross tied with red thread you will be protected by evil and demonic spirits. There is also another legend of my name and it is once the cross is hung over your door a female fairy named Rowan will protect you from the storm and demons. It will be in a never ending battle. That is why I don't want this name. I feel it describes me- I fight for my people in an invisible battle. Some of you reading this will know to let the others pass by. But this is what the name means. Give it to your offspring and they may or may not join.
I prefer Ruadhán. It sounds much more masculine, and is more unique.
I'm a 23 year old (female) Rowan. It isn't a terribly common name in the States for either males or females, so I get less of the "isn't that a male name?" thing here. In fact, because Americans are generally unfamiliar with the name, the main issue has been people mispronouncing my name. Not once has an uber driver pronounced my name correctly. They always pronounce it "Ro-WAHN", rhyming with John or Juan. At this point, I don't even bother correcting people. I got some odd looks when I was studying in the UK, but at least there people knew how to say my name! I go by my conventional middle name when I'm ordering coffee (and they still manage to botch it sometimes).

I do wonder if having an unconventional name will prove to be an obstacle to finding a job that pays more than minimum wage when I finish school. I've considered legally changing my name so my middle name is my first name and Rowan is my middle name just for the sake of my future career.
My daughter is Rowan Therese, born May 2015. I loved the named Rohan for a boy and we really didn't have a girl's name picked out that we loved as much. When we found out she was a girl, I never could think of another name that felt right; I just couldn't get Rowan out of my mind. I changed the spelling to a w for our girl, I would have used an h for a boy. Her middle name is Therese after her grandmother. I love the sound of the names together; it sounds like Rowan Tree. The Rowan tree is a beautiful tree rich in folklore and fables. We love the earthy/nature style of her name. I also love that the letters can be rearranged into NO WAR. Sometimes people think it's a boy's name, but I think it's beautiful for a girl and it's unique without being too different. I have taught for over 10 years and have never had a student, boy or girl, named Rowan. We did meet a little girl at target recently named Rowan, so I know they're out there, just not too many. At least not yet anyway! My Rowan is almost 2 and calls herself Row Row. Nicknames we call her are Rowboat, Miss Boat, Row Row, Rowie T.
I don't think anyone has mentioned Rowan Blanchard, an American actress and activist.
I've only known men with this name. To me it sounds very off on a girl.
Do not 'try Rowanne or Rowena' for a girl - name your children whatever you want to! My mum called me Rowan 24 years ago because she just loved the name (because of the beautiful tree) with absolutely no idea that it was a unisex name, and she cannot understand my annoyance when people assume my name on paper refers to a man. However, I do think it is much easier for your children if you give them a name which doesn't invite the question 'I'm sorry, what did you say? What's your name?' This is very annoying.
In England, the Rowan tree was believed to protect against witchcraft and enchantment.
My daughter is Rowan... the only one in her school. However she just met a younger boy in daycare... also a Rowan. People state they prefer male or female assignment... but it is truly a name that both a girl or boy grow into. Great name!
My daughter was born in 2010 and her name is Rowan. I have not regretted the name AT ALL, and we have never met another Rowan. I will say that I live in the south and people find it really hard to pronounce... they say "Rollin". I just asked her if she liked her name and she said, "No way! I wish it was Rosie!"
My name is Rowan and I am a girl. Please it is for both boy and girl. My mom picked the name bacause she loves Anne Rice and she thinks the Rowan tree is beautiful and when she saw me I was beautiful. So please, it is for both female and male.
I like the name Rowan better as a girl, but it probably must be because I'm a girl and my name is Rowan.
I named my daughter Rowan Elizabeth in 1997 (before Brooke Shields named her daughter Rowan.) I wanted a strong and uncommon name for my daughter. In the Fall of 2016, she will attend a small private women's college in Roanoke Virginia. We were surprised to hear that there are three Rowan's entering the freshman class. (There are only about 1, 000 students at the college.)
This is a girl's name on boys, not a boy's name on girls. If people are so mad about girls being named Hadley and Andrea, why do they let people take a feminine name and make it only male? I hate Rowanne, it is trying too much. Leave this to girls.
My little boy's name is Rowan Thomas, he was born in January. For me I love the name and have only personally met boys with the name, however I am aware it's unisex. Also a Scottish colleague of mine had it for if she ever had a girl (over 30 years ago). May sound silly, but I love the way the name writes.
I have an older son whose name is Ewan Edward and I couldn't decide on the baby's name as I loved Rowan but thought that they sounded too similar. I'm so glad we went with our gut and chose Rowan as I love them together and often get comments on the children's names and how they compliment each other.
Suits either gender. For a girl, why not try Rowena or Rowanne?
Definitely more of a male name, and a nice one at that. I like the sound of it, but it's not particularly a favorite of mine. I don't see anything feminine about it; instead of Rowan for a girl, why not use Rowanne or Rowena?
I think that this name is so earthy an adorable. I'm currently pregnant right now and me and my boyfriend are stuck on the name Rowan for a girl or boy! We find out in less than a month. Although I'm really into unique names that you don't hear a lot, I don't know any Rowans. But I know about the Rowan Tree. I don't see how it sounds too masculine. I think it sounds elegant. If my baby's a girl I'm going to either go with Rowan/Rowyn Haven Jade, or if the baby's a boy it's going to be Rowan Nova Dawn. My name's Hannah and that's also everyone else's name lol, so you can see why I want to give my baby a unique name. This name is totally usable for both genders.
My name is Rowan and I am girl. I am 14 currently. It's hard having this name because a lot of people think I am a boy before they meet me. If you look up my name online it says I am a boy and I often get mail for Men's Warehouse.
Rowan in Gealic beliefs is the tree that the first woman was born from. This is a great name for both girl and boy. It's a name for a proctor and healer.
My name is RAWAN "ROWAN" and I'm a girl.
And the spelling of my name is "R A W A N". My name is an Arabic name and it means "a river in paradise". In Arabic countries the name is ONLY for girls, not for boys.
To those who dislike the use of boy names for girls, you might be interested to know that the first known use of the name Rowan dates back to medieval times and was, in fact, a derivative of the name Rowena, making it a girl's name. It has proven, throughout history, to be a truly unisex name, however, as it was, in later (and different) cultures, a surname, and therefore used more commonly for boys. Just because it was not used for females first in America does not make it a masculine name, and if you want to get very, very technical, it is actually a female name. That said, for anyone interested, or for what it's worth, I have met an equal number of males and females (I worked in pediatrics for years) named Rowan. I have found them equally fitting and pleasant, have never felt either was too masculine or feminine, and never met anyone else that did either. In the media (books, celebrities, etc.) I have encountered more female Rowan's. I would consider this name for my sons or daughters, love the symbolism of the Rowan tree, and appreciate the sound and rarity of the name. Please, do not discourage others on the male/female use of this particular name based on its use in the states, as it dates back much farther than that. Also, if you recall, Ashley was once a boy's name as well and is now considered to be very feminine. Not all names belong specifically to one sex. Respectfully.
My daughter's name is Rowan Siobhan. She was named after Anne Rice's character in the Mayfair series and because of the meaning of "little red one". She was born 3 days short of being born under the Gaelic zodiac sign of the "Rowan".
I do not like this name at all. For a boy or a girl. It sounds like a cheap knockoff of the name Roman.
The name Rowan sounds very feminine and earthy to me.
Someone naming their child Rowan should know that it is a gender neutral name.
Rowan is a nice, soft name for a boy, however I prefer it on a girl.
Rowan is a beautiful name. It is gaining in popularity, however I do not think it will reach the top 10 or even top 25 in the next decade, making it a fairly safe bet that your little Rowan will be the only one in her class. I do prefer the traditional spelling, Rowan, although I've seen it spelt Rowen and Rowyn. Rowan is very nice for a girl and will age well. It is also very nice for a boy, but I wouldn't use it as I wouldn't want my son mistaken for a girl.
I think the name can be used for both genders. It sounds feminine and graceful but at the same time it sounds strong and hardy. I come from Scotland and I believe my name comes from the Rowan tree with its beautiful berries. For every one who thinks it is only for girls or boys, it is suitable for both genders as there is a different meaning of Rowan for each gender.
Please stop naming your daughters Rowan. This is a boy's name.
To the people who are making such a big deal of this, get a life. My youngest is Rowyn. To me it reminds me of Eowyn from lord of the rings. It also is similar to Robyn. It's not the most masculine name that's ever been placed on a girl before. Now if people started naming their girls Marcus or Matthew that is a different story.
I am glad to see Rowan rising as a girl name. I have always found it to be quite feminine and earthy sounding. One day, I'd like to name my daughter Rowan.
I love the name Rowan for both a boy and a girl. However I prefer it slightly more on a girl. I would use the name in reference to the Rowan tree which is very beautiful. I've also only ever met one Rowan, she was a girl.
So let me get this straight.

Boys names: Roman, Ronan, Ronin, Bowen, Cohen, Owen... But Rowan is unisex? WTH? Where's the logic in that? Oh I forgot, it's fashionable to give your daughter a boy's name now.
This is my friend's name. I personally think 'Rowan' should be more popular, as it suits both genders quite well.
This is the name of the main character in the 13 Secrets series. She's such a strong a unique character, and I love her.
I'm tired of this argument, shut up. It's unisex for a reason. If you're pissed off about this comment, fine, deal with it. If you have this much time to argue about a name then how 'bout you do something productive. PS. I know both a male and a female with name, male: me female: some girl from Disney.
I had my daughter on 07/27/2014 and her name is Rowan Caroline-Nell! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the name Rowan for a girl :) however, I do get that people are entitled to their own opinion but you don't have to be so rude about it. My mother's name is Terry and she named me Devon. She got my name idea from 2 places. One from a female actress on a soap from 1981 and the other from Devon, England. So I guess I have carried on the unisex name in my family! Also, my beautiful baby girl Rowan has RED HAIR!
Rowan is a good name for both females & males. Great if you're looking for a new name like me (i am genderfluid and I would prefer a unisex name) this and sage are tied!
Personally, I think this name is VERY feminine. I can't imagine naming a boy Rowan, probably because I've never met a male with that name. I only know two Rowans; one the female protagonist from Anne Rice's witch book series and the little girl of an acquaintance. If I were to name a girl this name I would probably change the spelling to Rowen as I like the way it looks.
Also, it's pretty offensive to come on here to condemn anyone who would name a girl Rowan. Be nice.
Rowan Grace is my sister's name. I think of it as a very unisex name because I have met many people - both female and male- with the name Rowan. To me it has a very down to Earth name. It reminds me of a river with trees all around and animals and stuff. That's just my personal opinion. Then again, my name's Mackenzie, which most people think is a masculine name and my sisters name is Eden! So in all honesty, if you like the name, for a boy or a girl, use that name and don't listen to all the people on here who think it's strictly a one gender name. I have a friend who's a girl named Carson because her parent's liked the name. That's just my total honest opinion.
Rowan is a boy's name, boy's name, boy's name and I have lived in the States all my life. I see nothing feminine or unisex about the name whatsoever.
Our daughter's name is Rowan Olivia. We didn't pick it because we wanted to name our daughter a unisex or "masculine" name. That is her name because we loved it and we love trees. The Rowan Tree is very special and spiritual. She is named Olivia after her grandpa who is Oliver. That's the thing with having your own children. Only you know why and how you came to give them their own special name.
My 11 month old daughter is Rowan Elizabeth. I think it goes well with my 6 year old daughters name Cordelia Katherine.
My 10 month old daughter is Rowyn. It fits her so well. It doesn't matter if you, or anyone else thinks it fits a girl or not. I honestly had picked the name wether she were a boy or girl. Every one loves her name.
AMERICANS PLEASE STOP GIVING YOUR DAUGHTERS MASCULINE NAMES. IT'S NOT CUTE OR FLATTERING IN THE LEAST BIT. Rowan is for a boy ONLY and there's a reason why the other countries don't have it labeled as "unisex"
Rowan is simply a males name that sadly, people feel the need to slap it on a girl because it is "suitable" to that gender as well.
No it is not.
What's next may I dare ask; Thomas for a girl?! Oh brother...
Rowan is very male sounding to me. I named my son Rowan. My husband suggested it and since I liked the name Owen and Ronon, Rowan was a good compromise. I love the way it sounds with his middle name which is Fisher :) not happy that people are naming their girls Rowan though!
I think the name Rowan is strong, handsome, masculine, smart-sounding, mature and beautiful. It definitely suits boys more so than girls.
Rowan is a fictional character who's the second oldest out of Queen Mab's sons, first briefly seen in The Iron King and then actually appears in The Iron Daughter & The Iron Queen which are written by Julie Kagawa.
I knew a girl named Rowan. She was really nice and in college. She liked to make puns about rowing, because Rowan and rowing sound similar.
I love the name Rowan for a girl. I think it has a strong beauty to it. To me it sounds fun, modern, and vibrant. Even though most of the bearers of this name are male, I think it eventually may go the way of Robin, Ashley, and Morgan... even Cameron seems to be heading in that direction. Isn't it interesting that (to my knowledge), the reverse is never true. A name never starts off as a female moniker that over time drifts into a male moniker.
I think the name Rowan is beautiful for a girl, but a little rough for a boy. I once read a book about a girl named Rowan because there was a Rowan tree outside of her mum's bedroom window when she was pregnant.
My name is Rowan. I have always loved my name, because it is not common, I have only ever met one other person named Rowan and we were both so excited to meet each other. To me it is rare without being outrageous. It's just right. I am a girl so the name will always sound more feminine to me but I still think it is a nice name, regardless of the gender of the person who owns it. It is a beautiful name, give it to your babies :)
My 13 year old son is named Rowan. We liked that it was also the name of the Mountain Ash tree, which grows everywhere in the UK. He was born in England and dad is English. While not very common, it is not unusual in England at all. I love his name, glad to see it is getting more popular here.
My name is Rowan, I'm female, I pronounce it different to most people and I'm often corrected by people how to pronounce my own name, I pronounce it as if you're having a row (argument) rather than rowing a boat, it's the Manx way.
My name is Rowan, female, born in 1960, English, never met anyone else with the name Rowan in my younger years, except Rowan Atkinson (born 1955). I've always loved my name, I think because it was so unusual, although it is more commonplace nowadays. It's fitting for female or male.
Of course I love 'Rowan' because it's my son's name. The only other person I've met with this name was an 80 year old greeter at SAMs Club. Although it's growing in popularity, my son is almost 11 and we have yet to meet anyone his age with the same name; I'm happy about that. Hey, you can't fault parents for choosing this name, but none of us want our kid to share a name with half his class. Rowan as a girls name is great, too. I also love 'Roman' as a girl or boys name.
I really love this name. I used to know a little girl named Rowan. Personally, I think it could work for both boys and girls. But, while I do really like it as a female name, I prefer it for a boy's.
Rowan a boat. I am not a fan of these modern names at all.
Rowan Blanchard (born 2001 in Los Angeles, California) is an American child actress.
I have only ever met grown woman with the name Rowan. It's very strong and responsible. It's a bit of a mouthful for a child, but they grow into it well. I tend to think of it as a woman's name, but it works for a boy. Just give him a very manly name to pair with it.
I can't imagine this as a female name. It sounds far too masculine! It would make a great name for an attractive, strong willed man.
Rowan is more of a boy's name. Use Rowena for a girl instead.
I much prefer this way to spell the name Rowan, as opposed to "Rohan" or "Roan". I knew a Rowan at University and it suited him as he had flaming red hair! Definitely more suited to a boy than a girl, in my opinion.
Very masculine to me.
It sounds pretty, but I've been put off this name because I associate it with Rowan Mayfair from "The Witching Hour". The author made her incredibly slutty and that's what I think of when I hear the name. If the character weren't such a harlot I might like the name. It does sound kind of masculine too.
This is one of my favorite names. It's beautiful and strong. I think it is a unisex name but I prefer it for a girl. It seems too graceful for a boy.
Rowan Mayfair is the female protagonist of Anne Rice's novel "The Witching Hour" (first in a bestselling series called "Lives of the Mayfair Witches.") The character is a witch who has red hair, and it is also commented on that the Rowan tree was used to ward off evil.
This is one of my son's middle names. My boyfriend comes from an Irish heritage so it is perfect for a red headed boy or girl. I had no idea it was popular when I picked it, I have never met a Rowan and have only heard of one.
This name makes me think of the rowan tree. For some reason, I'm not really keen on it as a person's name, though I usually like nature-inspired names. It also makes me think of Rowan University in New Jersey.
It has the added bonus (for me, anyway) of being an anagram for "No War"!
This name in particular is very regal for a boy. So soft and not heard of every other child. Rowena is pretty for a girl.

And who can forget Rowan Oak; the house of William Faulkner? That place is amazing!
I usually have a hard time finding female names I like, but I think this is a great name for a girl. To me it sounds very earthy and has a more serious feminine quality to it. It lacks the usual lightness of most girl's names which I like. I was thinking of the combination Rowan Noel for my soon to be daughter as it sounds feminine and earthy, but Noel gives it a more joyous sound. I was surprised however that the name seems to have been becoming much more popular as I had never heard of it before until just recently. I am nervous about that since I don't want to give her an overused name.
If you can get past the Rowan Atkinson association, this is quite a great name for a guy. Besides, the actor won't be talked about much by the time a child named Rowan in the recent years is in school. It sounds nice, strong, simple, and mature, like Owen and Ewan. However, this name is too damn popular, and it's used for plenty of girls nowadays, so it might go through the same process as Ashley, Courtney, Lindsay, and Morgan, so that people will think of it as feminine for a guy. Unlike those names, however, this name really does sound strictly masculine to me, and I don't really understand its popularity for girls. It sounds more like the surname a tomboy would go by because she hates her feminine name. The name sounds quite harsh for women. On the other hand, feminine names don't have to sound soft either, it's just that people are culturally accustomed to names like this being used on males. It's been going on so long that certain names just don't sound ''right'' on the other sex.
My favourite girls' name! Prefer it for a girl to a boy.
I love this name and thinks it works well for a boy or a girl-- I would love my name to be Rowan, but I definitely don't think it's effeminate for a boy. It has such a smooth, soft, strong sound.
I like Rowena, even though it is not really the same name. It has a different meaning, but it's mostly the same.
I love this name. It is one of my favorite names right now. I like it much better on a girl than a boy. Emmeline Rowan is one of my favorite combos ever.
As long as your surname isn't North, South, East or West, this would be a very nice name for a boy. Just paired with those surnames makes it sound like "rowing north" or something.
I think this is a classy name. It seems more suitable for a guy though.
It bothers me when people say this is too feminine for a boy. UGH! Okay, it's really trendy on girls, and so much nicer on boys. It may be soft, but that doesn't make it too girly for a boy. I love Rowan on a boy. It's really quite handsome. Rowan Elijah is a very nice combo!
Rowan Love is one of the main characters in the Ally's World books, by Karen McCombie.
I think that Rowan is very masculine, but Rowen could be more feminine.
I love the way Rowan sounds and I much prefer it on a boy. The only thing I have against it is its rise in popularity.
I love the name Rowan. I prefer it on a boy but I understand that it is a unisex name so it doesn't sound bad on a girl either. But I just prefer it on a boy that's all.
I had actually never heard of this name as a first name until a few months ago. It sounds like a masculine name to me, but everytime I hear it I think of a girl in my TAG whose last name is Rowan.
This name seems very masculine to me, sorry.
I really like this name. It has an earthy yet noble feel to it. I like it as a boys' name better than a girls'.
Another spelling is Rowen.
According to British Columbia vital statistics, for the year 2005 14 girls were named Rowan and 27 boys were named Rowan.
Also seen it spelled Roan.
It's featured in the book Rowan Hood by Nancy Springer.
The name "Rowan" is derived from the Old Norse name for the tree, raun or rogn. Linguists believe that the Norse name is ultimately derived from a proto-Germanic word *raudnian meaning "getting red" and which referred to the red foliage and red berries in the autumn. (
For boys, Rowan is used with the Gaelic "little red one" meaning and origin behind it. For girls, though, the name came into use because of the tree, and is not in relation to the Gaelic background and English male name, Rowan. At the time (late 1800s), nature and gem names were popular to bestow upon females, thus how this particular name became popularized on the female gender. It is a truly unisex name that sounds quite becoming on either gender.
The name was taken from the Rowan tree.
Famous bearer is Rowan Atkinson, British actor.
Brooke Shields has a young daughter named Rowan Francis.

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