This is so cute! This would work so well for a girl! :D I love it!
I think this is probably my favorite girl's name. It's not too common, and I love the way it sounds! I either think of the ocean or the gemstone when I hear it. The nickname Saph or Saffy is cute too. I just love everything about this name!
I think Pearl is a pretty name. It reminds me of the ocean.
This name is definitely one of my favorite names for girls. To me, the name Sapphire has this gentle calm sound to it, and reminds me of the pretty blue gemstone. Great name! :D.
I think this is funny as a name.
This name is so pretty! I think it is one of the top gemstone names, it has a certain regalness to it, and can age gracefully with a girl into womanhood. It would also be a cute middle name as well!
Lovely name. It looks pretty on paper and out loud. The Sapphire is a beautiful gemstone along with a magnificent shade of blue. I could see myself using this in the future.
Really cute middle name! Favorite gemstone name by a long shot.
This is an actually unique and beautiful name. Not that leigh bs.
Sounds very name-like in my opinion. Good as a first name and you can call them Saph for short.
This is one of my favorite gemstone names, along with Amethyst, Emerald and Diamond. I think it would be especially beautiful with a nice middle name, like Sapphire River, Sapphire Rain, Sapphire Oasis, or Sapphire Sky.
I really dislike this name! It sounds really tacky and chavy...
This is a good name for a stripper only.
It's quite a nice sounding word, even when you separate it from its meaning. It makes me wonder why it was never really considered a legitimate name along with Ruby, Crystal, Amber, Pearl and Opal. It's nicer than all of them, except maybe Amber.
I am six months pregnant. I have an older brother named Huckleberry. Our last name is Fink. My boyfriend suggested we should name her Sapphire in honor of him. At first I HATED the idea of it but the more I sit with it and think about her she is already Sapphire in my head. I am going to name my first born Sapphire.
One of my best friends is named Sapphire. She goes by Sapphi, which means wisdom in Greek. The Sapphire stone also symbolized wisdom in Persia and the name can come from Saphira. Sapphi is a brilliant person, the name suits her very well. I think it's really pretty - it's unique, yet still common enough to be recognizable.
My dog's name is Sapphire and I love it. Gem names are the best.
I like the name Sapphire. The nicknames Saffy and Fire are also amazing. If I had a daughter with flaming red hair and Sapphire blue eyes, I'd call her Sapphire (Fire for short). If her hair was saffron blonde though, I'd be more likely to choose the nickname Saffy.
Sapphire is such a pretty name, it reminds me of the ocean. I love how it sort of wraps around you, making you think and wonder about it more. I would love to be called Sapphire. The jewel is also pretty, but somehow I like the name better. I just love it.

To me Sapphire seems strong and wholesome and determined. I would not name my child that if she was delicate or sensitive.
Sapphire is my daughter's name and I could not have picked a more beautiful and unique name! Nothing would have fit her like it. Everywhere we go people are charmed by her name because she possesses great beauty as well. Absolutely a name you will not regret! We call her Saffy.
I named my daughter this name over thirty years ago! Her nickname back when she was in school was Sassy (given to her by a teacher)! We call her Sapphie or Saffy. Today she is called Ms. Sapphire. She is a beautiful woman. Blue eyes! Plus you don't want to mess with anyone with fire in their name! She is strong. Plus her middle name is Crystal.
Sapphire is the name of a (male) character from Sailor Moon. He is a member of the Black Moon Clan and the younger brother of its leader, Prince Diamond. (He is known as Saphir in the original Japanese version.)
My daughter's name is Sapphire. I live in the UK and no one has ever said anything bad about the name to me. I had never met any other Sapphires before I named her, now I've met at least 4 other girls under 10 with the name :/ I think it means something or is seen differently in the US, but it is becoming more used here in England, mostly with the Caribbean population.
(we call her Saffie or Af-fire for nicknames )
The name Sapphire was given to 144 girls born in the US in 2015.
Sapphire is my name. I love it. It is really pretty.
My name is Sapphire and I think it's a really good name, especially for someone born in September with the Sapphire birthstone like me. I also think that it's not at all a name for a guy.
I like the name a lot. I wonder why it's never been as common as Ruby or Opal.
It sounds like a great name. But it's not for me.
I wouldn't want it for my real name.
I personally love my name... and to people who believe it doesn't age well.. I and others still love my name and I am in my 30's :D.
I think it is a very nice name. I have never met anyone with that name! Beautiful!
What a stunning, beautiful name. Imagine meeting twins called Sapphire and Saffron? Aww! ^^
There is a Game Boy Advance video game called Pokémon Sapphire Version.
I think that Sapphire is a great name. It's my name, and people only have to meet you one time and they remember you after. If you have friends with regular names people relish on your name alot. It's unique, as a child it's too big of a name for you. You have to grow into it, and it fits the creative types. As a child you go by Saph, as a teenager you go by Sapphi and then by the full name as you get older. As for the racial overtones, I don't believe there are any. it simply depends on the person you're dealing with.
This sounds like the name of a Mary Sue in a bad fanfic. Sapphira/Safira isn't as bad, though.
Blue is one of my favorite colors! (And yes, being a person who loves to study gemstones, knows that they're not only blue. But everyone thinks of the dark blue color.) Although a lot of people (including me) have trouble spelling Sapphire, so in this instance I would spell it Saphire. Saphira is cool too. I would definitely use this!
The name Sapphire is loaded with racist overtones, which is why the author Romona Lofton uses Sapphire as her pseudonym. The cultural association of Sapphire with the image of a "belligerent black woman", goes back to the 1920s-1950s radio/television series Amos 'n' Andy. In it's time, Amos 'n' Andy was extremely popular and unfortunately it popularized racial caricatures of blacks. The character of Sapphire was a "domineering, aggressive, and emasculating shrew" and that characterization became popularly associated with the name Sapphire.
I think you're somewhat mistaken to say that the name Sapphire is "loaded with racist overtones". Perhaps in the USA, but in the UK, and, I expect, in most of the world it has no racist or stereotypical connotations whatsoever. My only association with this name is that of the blue jewel. The association with the TV/radio programme you cited isn't universal; I'd never heard of it until now, and I like most people in the world will probably never come across it.
Sapphire is the pseudonym of Romona Lofton, an African-American author. She wrote the book Push, which was turned into the movie Precious.
This is tacky and it makes me sad that it is real name.
This name is pretty! It's also my birthstone! I also like the variant Saphira.
I think this name is very nice. Some comments above say Sapphire is corny or tacky, but I don't think so-- it's pretty.
Some of the comments above me say that Sapphire is a corny name, but I think it's cute. I have a friend that has an older sister named Sapphire who is in her 20's, and I can so picture that. I can't picture someone named Madison or something like that in their 20's, but I could so picture a Sapphire.
I've named a mermaid character Sapphire after the Sapphire coloured sea!
Sapphire Elia is the actress who played Claudine in the TV series Britannia High.
Sapphire September would be a cute name on a baby born in September. But tacky on anyone else.
I once had an imaginary friend with this name, nyaha! I like this name, because it's one of my favorite gems and colors. But now it reminds me a little of "Starfire", which is the lame name someone I know loves to go by online. :P But it's still precious all the same!
I used to love this name when I was younger but now I think it sounds tacky.
I love this name and no, they're not usually blue. Sometimes they may be brown, yellow, pink, even colorless.
On the one hand, it seems like a pretty name. On the other hand, it sounds a bit strange and corny as a name. This would be a good name for a cat or something, but I'm not so sure about a person.
I feel as if this name could be very endearing on a young child, but doesn't seem to age well.
It's the name of the main character in "Ingo", who is often called "Sapphy".
This is a type of birthstone. In fact, it's mine.
I love this name. I think it is so pretty.
Sapphires are not always blue, just for reference.

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