This is cool as a middle name. As a first name I think it would be nice if the baby was born is September. I feel like that about all the month names.
Weird name. Much prefer August!
I am absolutely in love with this name. And across the multitude of hours I have spent on this site, I believe that I have come across the perfect name (to me at least). It just resonates with beauty, elegance, and love. I would name my first daughter September in a heartbeat.
Nope! I just think of the September song. (Seventies, disco…). Don't care for it that much.
Cool nickname.
I think September is probably my favorite month name, although I love almost all of them. I think this name would suit either gender beautifully. I love it, I think it's a wonderful name.

God bless you ♥️.
Sounds weird as a name, though it could be nice for an interesting middle name.
This is very interesting. I’m quite surprised that people actually have this name! I prefer month names such as April, May, and June. September is a very unique and nice name!
This sounds a bit weird as a name. I love the other month names for girls such as June, May, (preferably as middle names.) and April (first name) but seriously, September isn't good as a name in my opinion. If you so badly love this as a name, then be my guest.
It sounds pretty, but I don’t think this is a good name for a human. Plenty of other “month names” sound good to me— April, May, June, July, and August sound great but the others don’t sound right to me.
September is an incredible name. I love this name so much and I would love to meet a September one day... so badly!
I normally love month names like April, June, and July for girls ONLY, but months like September sound more masculine. So September is cute for either sex, preferably male.
June, April, and May are normal names. September is plain weird.
Hi. My name is September. I am 56. I have never met another person with this name.
Hello to all you other September’s out there!
I was born in July. My life is all sevens, seventh day, seventh month, September means seventh month in Latin.
My parents just liked the name. I guess it makes sense. Not sure what the heck they were thinking, but it was a very odd at the time.
It was hell growing up with such an unusual name in the late 1960’s-early 70’s.
It was difficult at school during that month. I was teased, and often people did not believe it was my real name.
I still find people are surprised even though now there are many different names. I find men like it, women less so.
And being born in July just makes it funny. People assume I was born in September, they then get embarrassed when I say No, and then I end up trying to make them feel better. I have been asked the same questions my entire life... it’s kind of a bad joke.
I swear I could do a brilliant stand up comedy routine about the confusion being named September has caused... but hey, it’s original.
My name is September and I don't get picked on.
My name is September... as a child I may not have liked it as much but I have grown to love it now. As a child yes, I got teased about my name but as an adult I have gotten so many compliments about my name and absolutely love that it is different and unique. I named my daughters Sapphire and Diamond. Sapphire being the birthstone of September.
My name is September. My married name is September Hall, which sounds somewhat like a banquet facility or dorm building, but I actually like my name very much. It was tough as a kid because I always wanted personalized pencils, erasers, etc. And couldn't get them. These days that wouldn't be a problem, as anything can be personalized online. As a kid, a few people called me Sepie or Temmy, but for the most part, I've always just been September. As an adult (I'm 40), I have grown to really appreciate my name. It's unique, I don't get confused with other people, and everyone remembers my name. I get a lot of comments from people about my name, and the vast majority of them are complimentary : )
An awesome name! Some nice nicknames are
My name is September. September Autumnleaf, in fact. I like my name and none have given me grief for it. I've never met another person named September, in real life, although I have chatted with dozens of women through Facebook who are named September. We seem to exist sprinkled evenly around North America.
I only go by, September. I named my eldest daughter Ember.
I feel everyone should have a unique name so I'm happy that there isn't anyone with my whole name or my children's whole names.
I think this is a perfect unisex name. A little quirky yes, but after I got used to hearing it I realized it was the most beautiful name I had ever heard. I've fallen in love with this name, and I'd love to have it. In the book "The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairlyland in a Ship of her Own Making", there was a quote that mentioned how September was a good name, and that her parents must love her very much for naming her that.
A good nickname is Ember.
September is my surname, and is a common enough surname in South Africa. I would love it if my friends started calling me September instead of my first name.
"Summer has come and pass, the innocent can never last, wake me up when September ends".
I actually think this name is kind of cool for a boy.
I think this name is really pretty, but I don't know if it would fly in real life. Possibly as a middle name, or a really poetic name, but I'm afraid a little child would be teased for it. People don't think of September as a name the same way as April or May.

That said, it feels more like a girl's name. The main character of the book The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente is named September.
It is an odd yet pretty name. I know a December. I don't how I feel about Month names, but this one is pretty in a way. I like the nicknames Ember and Temby.
I do like this name, though I would be more inclined to use it as a middle name.
Love this name! Very pretty and nice if your kid was born in the month.
Ember would be a cool nickname because it's related to fire, and September is when the leaves start turning orange! Otherwise, nicknames for this name are stupid. It's just one of those names that diminutives don't work. I love this name :3.
I can't imagine September for a male. But if you name your kid September, I think it's important to steer clear of nicknames. All sorts of evils could arise from nicknames for September.
I was born in September! And I think it is an insane month as well as an insane name! :)
This is the month I was born into:) I think it is pretty, but I would never name a kid that. I like the nicknames Ember & Amber too! If you want to name your child that you'd be better off naming them April or June... but if you really like that name you could change the name -September- to make it sound more like a name. It might be a pretty middle name too:)
I like this name for a girl. :) "Ember" would be a cute nickname.
I do like the singer September's music, but September as a given name will lead to teasing. Plus there are no good nicknames. At least April, May, and June sound like normal names; September is just bizarre!
I tend to like lesser-used month names, in lieu of the more common April, May, and June, so I think this name is kind of cool.
AWESOME! This is the month I was born! I just thought I'd type it in and I thought it would come up as a user-submitted name. I had no freaking idea it was an official name! AWESOME!
I like quite a few month names, like April and June, but September sounds a bit weird and not very pretty to me.
I think this name sounds actually quite pretty in some odd way. :) And I think that Amber would be a nice nickname though it isn't anyway related to September. I just took the name Amber from the ending of the name September. "ember" sounds very similar to Amber.
Month names, apart from maybe May and June, sound very strange as names of people. September doesn't even sound pretty, and it would sound so weird to hear a parent shout: ''September, it's time to go!'' And what sort of nicknames could you get out of this name? Sep? Seppy? Tember? Temby? I can't say I like the sound of nay of those, even though there is an indie singer named Sol Seppy. It sounds like a little girl nickname, it resembles the word 'sappy', and it isn't pretty either. I know the full name will sound too bizarre, so one of the nicknmaes is going to have to be used. On a boy, it could be Sep, and Seppy or Tember on a girl, but I don't like the sound of them, not to mention some monstrosity like Septy!
"September is the artist name of Swedish singer Petra Marklund, born 1984.

In 2003, at the age of 18, she had her first hit in Sweden with La La La (Never Give It Up). This was followed by We Can Do It (2003), September All Over (2004), Satellites (2005) and Looking For Love (2005).

She is now preparing to release and promote her music in over 50 countries, starting with the single Satellites later this year.

On October 21 2006, Satellites peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart in the United States."

- Wikipedia.

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