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That racist pervert Shane Dawson ruined this name. Never cared for it anyway.
Shane Madej... I love him. That is all.
My name is Shane. My mother named me after the old cowboy movie. I wasn't too sure how I felt about the name. I think Shawn is better but a lot of people tell me they like Shane. I'm on the fence. But what can I do?
Maybe suited for a lesbian (the L world!)
There's lots of bad Teds, Roberts, and Stevens but there's also really good ones. I like the cowboy association with Shane, it sounds handsome.
I don't care about Shane Dawson. He might be creepy af, but I won't let that ruin the name for me. I do hope Shane Dawson changes as a person. I like the name Shane, I think it's cool. I've met some guys named Shane and they were all cool people.
Shane Dawson ruined the name for me, since he's disgusting and a major creep. It's a shame because this is a pretty good name.
Quite ugly.
Nahh. I’d rather use Shawn.
Very classic name here. It's one of my favorites.
I love this name so much.
One thing I can say about this name is that every Shane I've met has been good looking.
Awful harsh. Yes, the name is Irish in origin but here in America it is a southern name. I can't picture a New York person with this name.
It’s an okay name but I hate the bearer Shane Dawson.
Shane is also given to French.
Very nice name for a boy.
Wonderful on a boy. Don't like it on a girl, even when spelled Shayne. Shayna is better for a girl.
God I HATE this name. The name Shawn is definitely better than Shane for sure, despite how bad this name is.
Shane Dawson (Born Shane Yaw)
Shane is a character on Scream.
Wonderful name. Masculine, strong, solid. No silly nicknames and it’s not trendy so 400 other kids won’t share their name. I love it!
Shane Carruth, enigmatic and experimental filmmaker.
Shane Madej is the skeptical co-host of Buzzfeed Unsolved.
Shane is what my mother decided to call me saying the name directed for a chance my ears practice acknowledging the sound of letters in the order chosen by her. It's easy for the reason only to get my attention, stop my ideas in that instance changing my actions to pay attention learning that's it's my name, Shane is my label making me a person or people I now help make up the world. Shane is a famous name in life right now and I'm just a secret famous movie star. Who doesn't like Shane? How many Shane's in one room have anybody experienced at one time in their life?
Cool name.
I really like the name Shane of course, because it is my name but in my opinion I think that it's a good name.
This name sounds very Eighties to me. So, yeah, kind of dated. But it's not a bad name, except for a girl. Shane is a masculine name, and would be weird and gross for a girl.
In 2018, 37 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Shane who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 312th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens. In 2018, 37 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Shane who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 4, 066th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I am a fellow Shane. As people have stated I am that jock from high school with green eyes and a leather jacket. I am actually from Ireland lol. Oh, did I forget to mention I have a motorbike? I am also kind and rugged.
For the few females on here with that name I'm glad it didn't negatively affect you. I personally would NEVER name a baby girl that. Even with a Y in the middle it's still MASCULINE and not appropriate for women in my opinion. Some people who are females have not done so well with that name. It is just a variation of the name John so remember you'd be calling your daughter John which is a given MASCULINE NAME. Be mindful of that- your daughter may not like it so much later in life! If they don't they would have a right to change it as an adult!
Shane Told is the lead singer of Silverstein, a Canadian rock band from Burlington, Ontario that formed in 2000.
Shane McMahon is in charge of SmackDown right now. He’s also a wrestler, too.
I would hate to see Shane become popular for a girl, like Riley for example. Luckily it seems like it's still quite uncommon as a female name. This is one of my favorite names for a boy and I plan on using it in the future.
Shane Jenek, better known by her stage name Courtney Act, is an Australian drag queen, pop singer, entertainer and reality television personality.
Shane is a very handsome name for a guy! There is just this sexy quality attached to it. It also sounds practical and will age well with the individual.
Shay would be an excellent nickname, or spelled as Shaye or Shae.
Well, I happen to be a girl named "Shane" and I love it. Very unique and along with my personality people usually remember me and my name. Shane Renee`
Oh and that cousin or whatever someone said Sean, my fiance's name is Shawn. LOL.
Sounds like the name of a high school jock, but that's just me.
Shane Collins is a character in Rachel Caine's book series - The Morganville Vampires.
Shane Dawson (Birthname Shane Yaw), an American Youtuber know for his characters Shanaynay, Ned, S. Deezy, Mom, Aunt Hilda, Fruit Lupe, and Amy.
The meaning of the name is great! Its meaning (gift from god) is very nice and sounds special in a way.
Shane is a hot, sexy and perfect name for a guy. :D.
I think Shane sounds like a bad boy name, it makes me think of leather jackets... and green eyes but I think that's the Irish sound to it talking. But I like that it doesn't seem to have a clear idea on what a person named Shane would be like. As opposed to a name like Annie or James.
Shane Harvey is a character on the MTV television series "Faking It."
This anglicisation of Seán is based on the way the name is pronounced in Northern Ireland.
Famous bearers include Shane Walsh from seasons 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead.
I actually hated this name for a long time because I'm a girl and my parents named me Shane, but it grew on me. I like it now for a girl's name. I have actually never gotten comments on it being a boys name, and the most I got bullied for was the fact that my name sounded similar to "Shame". I think it's an excellent and beautiful girls name.
Shane Grey is a character in the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock portrayed by Joe Jonas.
Shane Harper is an American singer and actor.
I love the name Shane. It's always been my favorite male name. But I think it'd be really cool for a female name too. For a female I'd spell it "Shayne." Actually, I think I like it more for a female name now that I think about it.
Shane Dawson is a YouTube celebrity whose videos are hilarious!
Even though I am fond of the name Sean, I think Shane is a much more updated, cooler version of Sean.
This can be a girls name too as in the Mary - Kate and Ashley Olsen film 'The Challenge' Mary - Kate's character was called Shane.
Shane just sounds ugly to hear. Sean is much more of a 'handsome' name. When I hear Shane, I think of a weedy guy in glasses dancing around in his undies listening to a James bond theme tune and collecting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cards. No offence, but it's the image I think of when I hear Shane.
Shane Ryan Valdés is an indie filmmaker and photographer from Las Vegas, Nevada. He often works for the band Panic! at the Disco and has worked on videos for The Cab, Fall Out Boy, Norah Jones, and more. He is best known for his award winning short film "19 Miles To Vegas."
To me, Shane is one of those names that is very cute on a little boy but then, as that boy becomes a man, doesn't grow up with him.
This a very traditional name for a Southern boy.
Although I understand 'Shayne' is far less common as a female name, it bothers me that including the 'y' in the middle of it does not seem to feminize it at all. Being a woman and having grown up with this name, and after having been told by my parents that they added the 'y' specifically to make it more feminine, I have a hard time seeing boys and men spell their names this way. The choice of my name actually came from "Shane Gould", a female Australian swimmer and I agree that the 'y' makes it seem like a more female name (even more so when paired with my middle name, which is Elizabeth).
Shane Riley is a character on the web show Dorm Life, played by Jack De Sena.
This name was originally spelled Séadhn.
Someone said the original was Séadhn, actually it was Séaghdhan.
Shane is a main character in the Showtime TV series "The L-Word". She is one of the more androgynous characters.
Shane is a wonderful, wonderful book by Jack Schaefer. Did I mention it's wonderful?
I love the name, but I like the spelling Cheyne. It looks better on paper, but still has the masculine sound to it.
I can't find anything exciting about this name. It's just so dull.
Yup, the skanky and trashy version of Sean. I'm horrified people use this on girls. You know it's just another form of John, right?
Funny, because this is my middle name as well. I think `Shane` makes a pretty cool name [ first or middle ] for a girl, because it's not common like Emily, Ava, Rose, or Marie. If you like `Shane` [ for a girl ] but are afraid your daughter would be mistaken for a boy, add a Y. Then it would be `Shayne`.
This is my middle name, and as a girl I have to say it is pretty awesome because no one else has it. But I would never name my daughter this as a first name.
Shane is Sean's trashy, glue sniffing and deviant acquaintance. He's dumbed down but misunderstood. Definitely one of the uglier boys' names.
Shane's kinda androgynous. It works on a girl or a boy. I like it better for a boy though.
A famous bearer is Shane MacGowan, singer and songwriter with The Pogues.
American actors Kevin Sorbo & Sandra Jenkins have a son Shane, born 31th March 2004.
Shane is the best name in the whole entire world. I would definitely name my child this if I got the chance. Plus, there is a kid I love that is named Shane.
I think that Shane is a cool name but I know a kid a year younger than me and he is pure evil!
I love this name. It's the best ever. It's second on my list for what I'll name my child.
I used to love this name. Now I work with a highly annoying person named Shane. It's still a really cool name--but I would never use it now.
In the Irish boy band, Westlife, there's a member called Shane Filan. He's the shorter dark haired one who does a lot of the song (Leadsinger).
This is one of my favourite boy's names, I love it. And who wouldn't love a name like this? Insane person.
It's an okay name, not the best though.
Shane is an awesome name for a boy.
I LOVE this name--it's rugged, handsome, and makes a good name for babies AND grampas.
Shane is a really nice name for a boy. It sounds rugged and handsome and also kind and gentle.
I think Shane is a great boy's name as it always seems to sound more enthusiastic than some other names. One of my best friends, who I've known since the age of four, is called Shane, and his name can be said in so many different tones and still sound good.
In the film "Dreamkeeper", the main actor is named Shane. He's Native American.
I think this makes a better name for a girl.
It is a cool name.

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