Perfect name for a professional prostitute. Sorry guys but girly names that have "SH" always make me think of such a person. Idk where this idea comes from but I can't help it

Plot twist : this name however is better than Olivia and Avery.
My name is Shannon and I am a girl born in 1976. I am Irish Italian. My mother named me after the song called Shannon. It was a one-hit-wonder by Henry Gross the year I was born. She liked the name until after I was born and she found out his dog's name was Shannon and he lost her at sea. He was heartbroken over losing Shannon. I love the name. I am doing an assignment for my interpersonal communications class on my name. That is how I came across this site. I am loving it!
Sha-na-na-na-na... XD I see why people say this name is chavy, but I have grown to like it a lot! It has a cool ring to it ^^
I've only met a couple Shannons growing up. Yet I think the name is beautiful. It's not a common name in the U.S. I much prefer the name Shannon to Sharon. Shannon fits at any age. Yet Sharon reminds me of an old harsh female.
I knew someone named Shannon, she was really kind and helpful, I bet that’s what the other Shannons on this earth are like.
It’s a great name!
I really like it.
BEAUTIFUL GIRL'S name. I love it.
I think that the name is very ugly plain and simple! I am so happy that it isn't popular.
It's mostly used for males but is unisex yet it doesn't fit either because it shouldn't be a name!
This name is only for girls.
It's an alright name. It works for both genders.
I’ve always really liked this name. It has a good sound, and is easy to spell. Didn’t know it was gender neutral, but I can see it working for men and women alike.
Wow -clap- -clap-... I am surprised.. You cannot just JUDGE someone's name! Shannon is also my name, and I like it very MUCH! So what if it's a unisex name! I am a girl and a tomboy! The first comment just HURT! Not all people are like that! Especially NOT ME! I can't believe people would think that of a person! God made us this way IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! I just... UGH! That is what I would call a BULLY! Anyways I love the origin of my name and I admire that it can be used for boys too! You never know, what if I have a next life and I'm a boy with the exact same name! (Even though I don't believe in that)

Someone sent from God :)
This is such an ugly, chavvy name in my opinion. It conjures up images of a low class, trashy woman in her 30s who smokes like a train and yells obscenities in public.
Classist much? Jeez...
My name is Shannon, I’m a 25 year old female, born in 1994.
I agree with others that I prefer the name for a male. I remember I had a male music teacher with the name and I always thought it really suited him. But I don’t hate it for females, or for myself.
My mother was actually told that I was a boy all throughout her pregnancy. So it was a bit of a surprise when I came out a girl! She already had the name Shannon picked out for a boy and decided to keep it anyway.
This is my name. I've met a handful of other Shannons over the years, but not a ton. In my opinion it's a very solid name. My only complaint is when I was first learning how to write, there were a few too many of the letter "n's" in the name so writing it got confusing and I would just keep writing n's...
Another boring Irish fairy tale name.
My personal impression of the name is that it is superior to all other names and should be given to every single person alive to help expand the Shannon influence. It is also a gender neutral high-class name and anyone who disagrees is not right.
One knows lots of lovely Shannons and yet the name itself is not so lovely.
That's my name. I'm a female. I always liked it because it's not too feminine nor is it too masculine. I don't get why it's not more common. The name spiked highest in the mid 1970s when I was born. My mother always took suggestions from family and friends and my uncle's wife suggested "Shannon" so my mother went with it and I like it alongside my middle name, "Leigh".
Just another male name that's mostly used on girl's now.
I think this name is so sweet and simple. I believe it has a classic feel and is timeless. A good nickname for Shannon could possibly be Nonie/Noni (pronounced NOH-nee).
In 2018, 40 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Shannon who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 179th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.

In 2018, 38 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Shannon who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 821st most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
I have only ever met one male Shannon (he's a medical flight pilot, and his partner is a guy whose nickname is Rosie). Yet I've always been aware that it's a gender neutral name. I'd like to see it make a comeback in America as a boy's name. It's definitely worth considering, should I ever marry an Irishman.
It's not 'Abha na tSionnainn'. It's 'Abha na Sionnainne'.
The name Shannon was given to 31 boys born in the US in 2016.
American actress Shannon Purser. She first gained game when she portrayed Barbara "Barb" Holland on the Netflix series Stranger Things. She also has a reoccurring role as Ethel Muggs on the TV adaptation of Riverdale.
My husband's name is Shannon (his family is Scottish) and, while I've definitely met more women called that, I like it way more as a masculine name than a feminine one.

One of my high school best friends was a girl Shannon, and there was another in one of my local writing groups (though she spelled it Saignean).
Shannon Hoon (1967-1995), lead singer of the band Blind Melon.
My name is Shannon and I'm a man, born in 1979. I have to admit I hated my name as a child and was in a military family so we moved a lot and that meant going to lots of new schools, of course that led to many encounters with some kid that would say that's a girl's name and after a few thrown punches the teasing would quickly end. After middle school it wasn't a problem and I grew to like my name, I have met a handful of other men with the same name as me, usually around the same age and a few much older. I think the name is fine for boy or girl, I have brown hair and blue eyes but I'm not very pale.
I absolutely adore this name on a male. If I were to consider using it, it would be for a potential son (first or middle or secondary middle) though unfortunately all the Shannon's I have known (Mostly females, surprise surprise) I have not cared for.
Oh well. I may use this name, I may not. If I do, it would be for a son.
The name Shannon was given to 248 girls and 81 boys born in the US in 2015.
My name is Shannon. I'm a 26 year old girl with blonde hair. I'm not remotely masculine, and I hate sports, so I definitely don't think the name causes any sort of tomboy tendencies. I've always loved my name, more so in adulthood than when I was a child. As a child I was often called 'Sharon' by the older generation and I have always hated that name.

My name has never been made fun of, with the exception of one awful girl who rhymed my nickname 'Shanny' with 'fanny' and thought she was hilarious- but that only happened once. Normally people call me Shan anyway.

I think the name is fine for a girl or boy, of course to me it sounds more natural as a woman's name, but that's just because it's my name. I do also know a male Shannon and it suits him too.
Actor Ben Affleck's character name in the movie Mallrats is Shannon Hamilton. The movie also has actress Shannen Doherty.
I love the name Shannon for a male. It's so Irish. I know the name can be male or female but I especially like it for a boy.
Actually, I've changed my mind about the name Shannon. It's quite a cute name! Shame I can't help but think of a girl I knew with this name who was really nasty and rude... but it's a nice name nonetheless. Xo :)
I LOVE this name for a guy.
I like Shannon for females only; it just doesn't feel masculine to me at all. It's a good name, and definitely not too common. The one thing that always comes to mind is the song about the dog lost at sea, but sad as that is, it still isn't a bad association. XD.
I'm a guy named Shannon, and my life is wonderful. I always thought my name was cooler than Shane or Shawn/Sean/Shaun because it had two syllables, and was unisex. I like unisex names, because they sound sexier, and the people that tend to accept you are the smart, open-minded people anyway. It's sort of a short, quick test for determining intelligence: As soon as I hear someone tell me "but that's a girl's name!", I am out of there. I was valedictorian and sportsman of the year in high school, have several postgraduate degrees, and have been successful in the real world ever since. That is all I am confessing :)
I hate the name Shannon. I don't like the sound of this name at all. I think Sharon is a better name that ages well.
I'm having trouble reading this load of crap. People passing judgement over a name. Im a 36 year old man and Shannon is my name as it was the name of my great grandfather, which means, it's been a popular male name since before most of the people commenting, were even a twinkle in their fathers eye. I'm also very ok with the name being used for females. I'm not ok, with smug, keyboard warriors passing judgement on something they know nothing about. Shannon is a great name, with a lot of character, so those of you with the names, Mike, Chris, Steve, Sally, Michelle, Christi, etc., your names mean one thing to me, your parents strongly lack in imagination and creativity. You are the ones that got cheated in this situation, not me. Have a nice "Normal Vanilla" evening.
I definitely see this name as unisex. I'm OK with it being a males name as well. I have even known male Shannons in my life. No need to worry, user above me. Shannon for a male works just as much as Shannon for a female (:
Famous in rugby league circles Tommy Shannon from Widnes was an international stand-off in the 1930s.
"Shannon" sounds like a teenage girl from the '80s or '90s, not a new baby from today.
Shannon Flynn, an actress.
My name is Shannon and I am a woman. I think the name is relatively feminine as well. I've never been fond of sports, took dance for fifteen years, and studied early childhood education in college. I was given this name because it was the surname of my great great grandfather who moved to America from Ireland. I think the name suits me well. Like others, I have brown/reddish curly hair, fair skin and hazel eyes. Nicknames I have been called are Shananana, Sha-nay-nay, and Shananigan.
My sister's name is Shannon. My mom named her Shannon after Shannon Christie in 'Far and Away'(1992). I think it fits my sister, though she doesn't like it and prefers the name Frances.
I think Shannon is a very pretty name and I'm glad I have it. I like how it can be serious, and fun. I enjoy the meanings of my name as well.
The name Shannon was given to 94 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Shannon Moore, a wrestler from WWE and TNA, male.
It's rather plain, but other than that, there are no real problems with this name. It's always been more of a girl's name to me; for males, I prefer Shane.
I don't think that etymology is right. River Shannon is Abha an tSionna in Irish. Those familiar with Irish will notice that (very) roughly means "river of Sionna", Sionna {SHO-nuh} being a water goddess once worshiped in the region associated with wisdom (as most water goddesses are).

It's clear with the first syllable: "sean" and "sion" in Irish are pronounced distinctly, though the difference is mostly lost to English speakers. Also, while abhainn does indeed mean river, it is shortened to abha in most dialects; it is unlikely the most commonly dropped part would be retained in a name. Lastly, adjectives and nouns work the other way around in Gaelic languages (river-old, not old-river), making the given etymology even more improbable. [noted -ed]
The real name of Pretty Little Liars star Shay is Shannon Ashley Mitchell.
This is the name I was given at birth, no explanation. It's been mispronounced, made fun of and all sorts of things until I hate the very sound of it anymore.

However, I think it's just dumb that people are saying such extremely rude things about whether or not this is a male name or a female name. It is both, and has been for longer than I've been alive. It's also a family name. Ever hear of Del Shannon, the singer? I only met one male Shannon, but it's just not as common these days for men.

The meaning I heard when I was younger was "little old wise one" or even that it's another feminine variant of John/Sean/etc.
I LOVE this name for a guy.
My name is Shannon, and I think it's mostly a feminine name. I've only met one boy named Shannon, and when I told friends that my name would've been Shannon whether I was a boy or girl, they thought my parents were nuts.

Most of the nicknames I have for the name are: Shay, Shay-Shay, Shanni, Shan, Shanni-Shan and Shanimon (like cinnamon, because of the color of my hair when I was younger).

Most of the Shannons I know are red-heads, or very freckley with a pale complexion. And most of them are sweet.
My name is Shannon, and I have always been proud of it! I have always been interested in the origin of the name and I've found the old Irish tale about "Connla's well" to be the most interesting. I love my name. :)
This is my name. I like it on girls more. I have only met one Shannon that is a boy. According to what some other people have said, the name fits me well. I have pale skin, dark hair and hazel eyes.
Anyhoo, I think this is a great name!
Some nicknames I have are Shay Shay, Shae, Shanny, Shan, and my username.
This is also a last name. The bass player for Stevie Ray Vaughan -Tommy Shannon. He one of the Double Trouble's. LOL.
My name is Shannon and I like it, people say I fit it well with dark hair and light skin and hazel eyes. I also like that it is Irish and my family is very Irish and it reflects my culture well. Definitely a girl name!
Shannon can be used as a nickname for Shenandoah, a use for which I have actually seen before.
Definitely works well for both genders. In my opinion, anyway. The interesting thing about unisex names is that they are--as far as I know--always exclusively masculine to begin with, only becoming feminized later. I don't know of any feminine name that was exclusively feminine and then adopted as a boy's name. In any case, Shannon is a great name that anyone--male or female--should be proud of.
Shannon Bex from Danity Kane.
My great great grandfather's name was Shannon and I have a female cousin named Shannon. I actually prefer it as a girl's name.
It's really sad to see people totally right off a name and be cruel about it because of one person they met. I won't name my child Rachel because of someone I know, but that doesn't mean I'm going to tell my friend's sister I associate that name with a drug abuser and it's a terrible horrible name. Shannon is my name and I don't see it as being overly feminine or masculine. I like it better on girls but it's alright on guys. I don't see it as repulsive on girls and I didn't always like it. It's not good for nicknames, Shanny, Shann, and Shananana are all I've ever been called although I have seen Shanna and Shay on here.
The only person named Shannon that I have ever known was a big, tough guy so it definitely strikes me as a manly name, but I don't have any trouble accepting it on a girl.
This is a nice name for either boy or girl, but is more feminized in our time and culture. Probably started as a last name like Kelly, then became a first name. It isn't really common anywhere I've lived; the only person I've ever met with this name was my 10th grade history teacher.
This is my least favourite name and I think it is nauseating. I really hate the ugly sh- sound at the beginning of names and the ending isn't great either. It sounds repulsively unfeminine but I couldn't imagine it on a guy either. The only Shannon I ever knew was a little chavvy bimbo with peroxide blonde hair, bright orange skin and fluorescent clothes. I'm sure there are some nice Shannons out there, but that's just the picture it gives me. It's the chavviest name I can think of, along with Shawneesha, Chardonnay, Nevaeh and the like.
Shannon Brown is a professional basketball player currently playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.
I can't stand the name Shannon for a boy. It should only be used for a girl.
I really like this name for a girl. It so soft and girly, I would not want to be named this.
Shannon Miller, an American gymnast. Two-time winner of the all-around title in worlds. Member of both the '92 and '96 Olympic teams.

She is also the most decorated American gymnast earning 16 metals total. She also was a member of the gold medal winning team the Magnificent 7 in the '96 Olympics. Also in the '96 Olympics she was the only member of the U.S. Team to win individual gold.
Shannon Leto is 30 Seconds to Mars' drummer, and brother of actor/musician Jared Leto.
Shannon MacMillian, footballer, born 7th October, 1974 in Syosset, New York.
I absolutely can't imagine this name on a guy. It always makes me think of obnoxious girls and women with dark hair and pale skin. I apologize if you're a nice Shannon, but that's the impression I have of this name. The name itself isn't bad, but I strongly prefer the softer-sounding Rhiannon.
This is my name. I don't like it. It is not feminine AT ALL. I don't understand why people would think it is a good name for a girl.
This name is really popular in my area. There's three Shannons in my grade.
Silly name. This and Shannen make me think of soap operas right away. This is one of the worst names.
My name is Shannon, and I HATE soap operas, and I myself am not even that pathetically dramatic.
I have no idea why this name is even CONSIDERED as a boy's name! This name is definitely for girls. I have not met one `boy` Shannon in my life. I feel sorry for those male Shannons out there, I would imagine they get teased a lot.

This is actress Shannyn Sossamon's real name. She changed it to `Shannyn` when she became an actress.
This is my name. Sometimes people mishear it as Sharon or Janet. Not authentically Irish as a first name (became popular for girls along with other Irish-sounding names like Kelly, Erin, etc.) but I like it. I know it was originally used more for boys but I think these days it sounds more feminine than masculine.
I love this name on a boy. HATE it on a girl.
The name Shannon can also mean, along with "small, wise one", "small/young warrior", which is practically the same as the meaning of the name Evan, which is "young warrior". Just thought I should let you guys know.
This is my name, and I love it! I am very Irish-looking (red hair, etc.), so this really suits me.
I think it's too raw for a girls name. Probably because I used to know a girl called Shannon who was very nasty. There is a famous Australian signer called Shannon.
This name is cool for girls and boys.
Shannon is my name and I have always loved it. It's just so beutiful and strong. Anybody who says this name is only for boys is WRONG! Don't get me wrong, it's a good boy name too. But it is definitely not a rough or ugly name for a girl.
Shannon for a girl appeared on the top 1000 list in the 1940's. Its most popular year was the 1970's where it ranked 21. Shannon for a boy appeared on the top 1000 list in the 1940's. Its most popular year was the 1970's where it ranked 111.
This name is NOT from the Shannon River in Ireland; it is Teutonic for 'armored warrior-maid'. This meaning makes it definitively feminine.
A nice nickname I've seen for this name is Shay.
This being my real name, I'm fond of it. I like that it is unisex, though it's seeming more feminine. I'm a girl with this name, and I have more trouble with people figuring out how to pronounce/spell it than anything else. I also like the various meanings for it.
I also prefer this name for a girl, very beautiful name.
This is definitely a boy's name. I feel incredibly sorry for any girl who has this name. It's such an American name, so modern, rough, undelicate and just repulsive for a girl.
In a baby book I saw somewhere, it said the meaning was "little wise owl." I like this name.
I have always loved this name. It is pretty and feminine and strong. Definitely would use this for a girl, too feminine for me for a boy.
Shannon is actually Irish and it is after the River Shannon in Ireland.
On the TV show "Lost," the character Shannon Rutherford was played by Maggie Grace.
Love the name for male and female and also the related female name "Shannah".
Actor Shane West was born Shannon Bruce Snaith.
Shannon Hoon (born Richard Shannon Hoon) was the late lead singer of one-hit wonder band Blind Melon. Their only hit single, "No Rain", was well-known for its music video, which featured a little girl dressed as a bee tap-dancing. Hoon died of a cocaine overdose in 1995, a few months after the birth of his only daughter, Nico Blue.
Anyone who spells this name Shannan, Shannen, Shannun or Shannin, you're not right! It's after the river ShannOn and so is SPELT SHANNON!
* (may be folk-etymology)
Shannon (Eng) > S'Anann (Gadelic) > Sidhe Anann "Faery of the River Goddess, River-Sprite." var. S'Ana < Shawna (Eng), Si'Ana < Shiana (Eng), possibly also S'Aine < Shania (Eng).
Also, as a male name fairly common in Ireland, > 'Seanan', diminutive of 'Sean' "the wise." Attested.
Shannon means "Godly wisdom" and "Little Warrior".
Shannon also means "Wisdom".
Shannon Christie (played by Nicole Kidman) is the female main character on "Far and Away", a movie from 1992 with Tom Cruise playing the main male character.
Shannon is pronounced and spelled Kanona in Hawaiian.
I learned in a linguistics class a long time ago that this is because there is no "sh" sound in Hawaiian ("k" is the closest sound) and syllables do not end in consonants so the vowel "a" has to be added to the end.
I learned the spelling of the name when a friend brought a keychain with both "Shannon" and "Kanona" on it back from Hawaii.
In Hawaiian, all hard consonants are converted to K, as are all blended consonants, even if they are soft. * That's why Shannon becomes Kanona. Names containing TH will also be assigned a K (e.g. Theodore = Keokolo).

*WH excepted, since the H is practically silent.

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