Gender Feminine

Meaning & History

Probably a combination of the prefix She and LENA.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesHelena, Helene(Ancient Greek) Elaine(Arthurian Romance) Maialen(Basque) Alena(Belarusian) Magdalene(Biblical) Magdalene(Biblical Greek) Magdalene(Biblical Latin) Elena, Magdalena, Magdalina(Bulgarian) Helena, Magdalena(Catalan) Helena, Jelena, Magdalena(Croatian) Helena, Magdaléna, Magdalena, Alena, Elen, Helenka, Lenka, Magda(Czech) Elin, Helen, Helena, Helene, Magdalena, Eli, Eline, Ella, Elna, Lena, Lene, Magda, Malene(Danish) Heleen, Helena, Madelon, Magdalena, Eline, Heleentje, Magda(Dutch) Ellen, Helen, Helena, Lena, Madeleine, Madeline, Magdalen, Magdalena, Magdalene, Elaina, Elaine, Elena, Ella, Elle, Ellie, Elly, Hellen, Madalyn, Maddie, Maddy, Madelaine, Madelina, Madelyn, Madelynn, Madilyn, Madilynn, Madlyn, Madoline, Nell, Nelle, Nellie, Nelly(English) Elena, Elina, Helen, Helena, Jelena, Leena(Estonian) Eliina, Elina, Helena, Matleena, Ella, Elli, Heleena, Heli, Leena(Finnish) Hélène, Madeleine, Magali, Léna, Madeline, Magalie(French) Elene(Georgian) Elena, Helena, Helene, Magdalena, Magdalene, Alena, Ella, Lena, Lene, Leni, Magda(German) Elena, Eleni, Magdalini, Lena, Magda(Greek) Helen, Helena, Helene(Greek Mythology) Heléna, Magdolna, Léna, Magdaléna, Magdi(Hungarian) Helena(Icelandic) Léan, Madailéin(Irish) Elena, Ileana, Maddalena, Lena(Italian) Elīna, Helēna, Jeļena, Elēna, Ina, Līna(Latvian) Elena, Jelena(Lithuanian) Elena, Magdalena(Macedonian) Elin, Helen, Helena, Helene, Magdalena, Eli, Eline, Ella, Elna, Lena, Lene, Linn, Magda, Malene, Malin(Norwegian) Magali, Magdalena(Occitan) Helena, Magdalena, Helenka, Lena, Magda(Polish) Helena, Madalena, Lena, Magda(Portuguese) Elena, Ileana, Mădălina, Magdalena, Ilinca, Lenuța, Magda(Romanian) Elena, Yelena(Russian) Elene(Sardinian) Jelena, Magdalena(Serbian) Elena, Helena, Magdaléna, Alena, Lenka(Slovak) Helena, Jelena, Magdalena, Alena, Alenka, Ela, Majda(Slovene) Helena(Sorbian) Elena, Ileana, Magdalena, Malena(Spanish) Elin, Elina, Helen, Helena, Helene, Madeleine, Magdalena, Ella, Elna, Lena, Linn, Magda, Malena, Malin(Swedish) Olena(Ukrainian) Elen, Elin(Welsh)

People think this name is

modern   youthful   urban   devious   strange  


Entry updated January 25, 2013