There is nothing wrong with this name, but I think the contributor who decided this name was linked to names like Helen, Helena, and Magdalena does not understand how etymology works. I suspect the contributor could not produce any evidence linking this name to any of those names. Helena and Magdalena are not even related to each other (have entirely different language and historical origins), let alone to this name.

It is a good reminder that this site doesn’t vet information for accuracy or quality, and if something seems wrong, it probably is.
I don't get why so many people dislike the name, it looks pretty cute. Maybe it's pronounced Sheh-lena and not She-lena?
It looks nice.
It sounds Irish.
Looks like "she Lena".
Pretty bad name.

Pronounces name: SHEL-LE-an-nuh

There's no combination mix of SHE - LENA to pronounce name.
What? This name makes no sense.
Sounds cheap and tacky and sounds like SHE LENA, it also reminds me of a big hairy ape with lice.
Big hairy ape with lice? Wow! But anyways, this name is okay. I don’t like how it looks like “she lena” though.
Is sounds like "she lena", as if you are introducing someone named Lena with wrong grammar. It also sounds modern and classless. Selene, Helen, Ellen, Elena, Helena, and Lena, are good names... but Shelena?
Very urban, but I still love it.
Maybe this name is a mixture of the names Selena and Helena?
I agree that this name has a trashy/uneducated feel to it. Maybe Britney Spears will name her next child this if it's a girl.
Whose bright idea was it to create this shoddy name? Its sound is low-class to me.

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