Also Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Faroese:
Nice name. I also like the banner.
Absolutely wonderful name for a boy. I like it a lot.
Somehow looks badass.
I have 4 sons whose names are Cassian Rider, Onyx Stone, Emrys Zoltan and Silas Blade. Our last name is Ambers, and someone once told me that it makes them think of a royal family that loves the color black lol and I just love the dystopian feel all these names give me.
I’m also 28 so that might explain a lot lol.
Silas and Tiras would be good twin names.
I can see it on a girl and a boy. But it’s especially handsome on a boy!
How the heck is Silas considered a boy's name in the states but Alexis (defender of man) is questionable in the States. They both end in S. If anything Alexis sounds more masculine.
It’s honestly not bad. I like it.
I like this name. It's cool, classy, and old-fashioned.
I love this name! It hits all the notes I'm looking for in a baby name: it's uncommon but not too unusual, old-fashioned but cool, and it has personal significance to me and my husband. Acts is my husband's favorite book of the Bible and one of the first we ever read together.

I've only known one person with this name, but based on the chart it's one of the old names gaining new popularity among millennial parents.
I named my son Silas and he is 8 years old now. I have only ever gotten compliments on the name and I love it, I do not regret giving him the name Silas as it fits him so well!
Silas Brown is Charlie Brown's unseen grandfather.
A boy in my class is called Silas, and he is nice and funny. I think it's a strong name, and some people would say it is boringly old-fashioned but I think it is still a good name.
Pronounced SIE-lus.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Silas who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1588th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
This is an awesome strong male name. Makes me think of an old western cowboy.
This name is too much like silo. It always reminds me of that albino monk in The Davinci Code. Guys named Silas are usually freaks or troublemakers. Stay far, far away from them and never give your son this awful name.
Silas is a handsome name. Much better then Saul, which never appealed to me, mainly because of the actual Biblical character. Then again, a lot of Biblical names are ruined my the characters themselves for me. This name reminds me of Elias because the letter similarity, which I also like. I can't decide if I prefer Elias or Silas.
Saul Hebrew
Saulus Aramaic
Silas Greek
Silvanus Latin
Silas sounds like an evil name. A perfect name for a cannibal or murderer in the woods.
Sounds like your typical weird, trashy redneck name. Duck Dynasty comes to mind...gross.
I personally like this name, possibly as a middle name (or even a first name). It seems unique but classy at the same time.
Silas is the name of a character from Fire Emblem: Fates. He is a childhood friend of Corrin. (I like this name and I hope it doesn't become too heavily associated with Duck Dynasty or Justin Timberlake's son.)
Me and my husband are naming our daughter SilasRose... we find it beautiful and a strong name for her. Her full name will be SilasRose Spivey (and then our last name). I'm curious about people's impressions of us naming our daughter this.
Lovely name.
Silas Jayne anyone?
Makes me think of a grain silo.
Easily my favorite Biblical name. Silas accompanied Paul on his missionary journeys that were documented in the book of Acts. Solid masculine name.
This is American actors Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's son's name! Full name Silas Randall Timberlake, born last night.
Such an elegant, handsome name! You can never go wrong if you name a boy Silas. It ages well, looks and sounds good, and the meaning and history behind it is nice - what more could you hope for?
We named our son Silas. We love it. It is classic but not common, manly but not overbearing. It is unusual without being made up. It has a fantastic meaning ("of the forest"), and several noble literary characters were named Silas: Silas Marner the redeemed miser, Paul's traveling companion in the Bible, and Uncle Silas in Huckleberry Finn. We love this name!
It's a cool name, but its gaining popularity quick! It has a nice sound to it though, and it sounds very 1800s without being dated.
My son is named Silas. It is a family name - and it belonged to the grandfather (born 1838) of my great grandmother. Her family was Dutch and she pronounced it Sigh-lis. She was thrilled that we chose the name and my son really likes it. It fits him well. (and we call him Si.. as in sigh...)
Silas "Si" Robertson is part of the Duck Commander family and is on the TV show Duck Dynasty.
This name, along with Ezra and Felix, seem like kind of "out there" super manly names that belong to people with big personalities. I think the name Silas is really cool and unusual!
I personally love this name, although I've never met anyone named Silas. I also love the variant Syler (or Cyler, depending on spelling). With the name Silas or the variants, you could also get the nickname Sy/Cy (pronounced SIGH). How cute.
I like this name, but I've only ever seen it on Hollyoaks, where Silas is a murderer who murdered lots of girls and stole their rings, and in a different film where Silas is a violent child.
The Latin pronunciation is See-lahs.
Silas Foster is the name of a minor character in Nathaniel Hawthorne's 1852 novel The Blithedale Romance.
Silas Dwane House (born 1971) is an American writer best known for his novels. He is also a music journalist, environmental activist and columnist. House's fiction is known for its attention to the natural world, working class characters, and the plight of the rural place and rural people. (from Wikipedia)
I always thought that villain in Heroes was named SILAS.
I adore this name. It sounds pensive and saintly; strong, yet sensitive. It's uncommon, but not so uncommon that it sounds strange. This name is a long-standing favorite of mine.
Silas Heap is a character in the Semptimus Heap series.
Beautiful name, yet I'm uncertain about its use in today's world. Every time I hear it, I find myself singing it to a lullaby-like tune.
J. Sheridan Le Fanu wrote a victorian gothic novel titled "Uncle Silas"; it happens to be her most popular. Silas is not the main character, but is the antagonist.
As a previous commenter noted, "Uncle Silas" was a popular 19th century Gothic novel written by J. Sheridan le Fanu. But le Fanu was a man, not a woman.
Silas is Nobody's guardian in the children's fantasy book The Graveyard Book. He is neither alive nor dead, and it's implied that he's a vampire.
Love this name. It's mysterious and unique.
In the show Weeds on Showcase the oldest son is named Silas. I think it's a nice name.
I think Silas is a really cool name. To me it sounds really modern, but is a very classic name with a lot of history.
Silas is the name of Nancy's older son on Weeds.
A famous bearer of this name is the main character in William Dean Howells' classic novel "The Rise of Silas Lapham".
I think this is a wonderful name. I don't know what it is exactly that I like about it. It's just so unique yet normal - you never hear it, yet obviously it's a real name. It's a solid, masculine yet soft, old-timey name.
Pronounced "See-lahs".
Not in English it ain't.
One famous bearer is actor Silas Weir Mitchell.
Silas Deane isn't really famous but he could have been known as a Revolutionary War hero if it wasn't for other circumstances. He tried to convince France to join in the Revolution but failed, and when his private letters were found in which he said the Revolution was hopeless, he was branded as a traitor. When sailing back to America, Deane died mysteriously and his killer remains unknown.
I really like this name but people seem to have negative feelings about it. I especially like the meaning - forest.
Silas Wegg is a character in "Our Mutual Friend" by Charles Dickens.
If I had been a boy, my parents were going to call me Silas. I think it's a handsome name, and I would name my son this if I ever have one. It's a strong name, but not too strong. Just right.
I think that if you want an old timey name you should use this! Silas Mitchell is my Grnadpa's name but we called him Mitchell! If you don't want to call your child by Silas you could always use the middle name which is very common nowadays!
Silas is the title character of the book "Silas Marner." He's a greedy old man who redeems himself after rescuing and adopting a little girl. He becomes a great man.
Famous bearer: Silas is a member of Opus Dei in 'The Da Vinci Code'. He is an albino. In the book, there are many chapters that talk a lot about him. One tells about where he was born, eventually leading to where he breaks out of prison.

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