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Pretty and unique.
Also used in Spanish. There are 3.258 bearers of this name in Spain (source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística).
Also Croatian:
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Simona Ventura (b. 1965) is an Italian television presenter.
I love it way more then Simone. It's so pretty.
Simona is also Latvian. The name day for Simona in Latvia is February 9.
It's beautiful.
What a very pretty name.
Lovely and classy.
Apparently also Polish:
Interesting. I somewhat like it.
It's my name, and I love it.
Also the Catalan feminine form of Simó:
My friend is named Simona. For some reason, she is the opposite of the meaning. She does not hear or listen.
My name is Simona. :"^) I mainly let people call me Sim, or Simmy. Sometimes they even call me The Sims 4, after the video game.
My daughter's name is Simona :) I really love her name. We are from Latvia ;)
Very beautiful name. I'm surprised it isn't more common.
Also used in Montenegro.
Simona Halep (b. 1991) is a famous tennis player from Romania.
Simona Atzori (b. 1974) is an Italian dancer and painter. She was born without arms.
I went to school with a girl named Simona. She actually was from Bulgaria, so I guess the name is used there, too.
Also used in Croatia.
Simona Gotovac, Croatian singer, model. She is very popular in Croatia.
In Italy Simona was typical of the 1970s. It was the 2nd most popular name in Rome in 1971 (behind Barbara), the 5th in 1976 (behind Francesca, Alessia, Alessandra and Silvia), the 10th in 1981. Today it's no longer so popular.
Simona Amânar is a Romanian gymnast, a seven-time Olympic medalist.
1033 Simona is an asteroid. It was discovered by George Van Biesbroeck on September 4, 1924. It was named after Simone van Biesbroeck, daughter of the discoverer. I thought it's interesting. :)
Simona is 25th place in the Top 100 in Czechia. It was borne by 488 little girls.
This is the name used in James Blunt's song "1973". A beautiful name.
I think this is a lovely name. It's uncommon and it sounds sweet when the girl is about 5 and feminine and classy when the girl is 18.
I know two girls named Simona, one Italian and the other (I think) of Romanian origin. One goes by the nickname Simi, and one's known as Smö ("SMUU"). I like the name.
I love the name Simona. I don't have a daughter, but I named my cat Simona. I think it's a beautiful name, plus it has a wonderful meaning, "hearer, or listener."
This name is pronounced si mon' a. Short i, long o, with accent on the second syllable.

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