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Sina 1
Gender Feminine
Other Forms FormsSinah

Meaning & History

Probably a form of the Gaelic Sìne or Síne, 'which normally becomes Sheena. Sina and Sinah were used in Britain between the 1890s and 1920s to some extent' (Dunkling & Gosling, 1986).
Added 3/7/2006 by Chaka
Edited 1/31/2023 by Mike C, Evil, Frollein Gladys and more

Sina 2

Sina 3

Sina 4
Gender Masculine
Usage Persian
Pronounced Pron. SEE-nə  [key]

Meaning & History

Sina means "Sinai" in Arabic, derived from the name of the Sinai peninsula or Mount Sinai in Egypt. The mountain is possibly derived from Sin.
Added 7/22/2010 by militarist
Edited 2/13/2016 by earthnut

Sina 5

Sina 6

Sina 7
3. usages AND description are verified
Gender Feminine
Other Forms FormsSîna

Meaning & History

Of unknown origin and meaning.
Added 12/13/2018 by Frollein Gladys

Sina 8

Sina 9
Gender Feminine
Usage Tigrinya
Pronounced Pron. SEE-nah  [key]

Meaning & History

This name's use in Eritrea may derive from the Debre Sina Monastery, which is named after Mount Sinai.
Added 9/17/2020 by El is a Beth
Edited 12/19/2022 by Mike C and El is a Beth

Sina 10
not set
Gender Masculine
Usage Persian

Meaning & History

Not available.
Added 4/2/2023 by Sina