My name is Sophie, and I'm upset to see that so many people dislike this lovely French name. Sophie is the French form of the Greek name, 'Sophia' - it is not a nickname, nor a rip-off!
Although my best friend's name is Sophie, I much prefer Sophia, Sophie is a rip off of the name Sophia, and it sounds like soapy, yeah I don't like it.
The name Sophie was given to 3,287 girls born in the US in 2020.
Sophie seems less formal than Sophia, at least within the sphere of the English language, I think, and to me this doesn't significantly favor one name over the other. Both are worthy and beautiful names.
Sophie can sound both informal and sweet, and elegant and mature. It’s a versatile name. One of my favourites!
I like even Sophia. It's such a cute and pretty name in my opinion.
I think of Sophie Fergi every time I hear this name.
Huh - I've had a lot of mean nicknames and Soapy has never been one of them. Some of you are harsh lol. I love my name, especially as a Philosophy student. Also I am so glad I'm actually a Sophie and not Sophia. I've never understood why name a kind something but have them consistently go by something else. I was always the only Sophie in my class (born 2002). Also my mum and coaches will sometimes call me Soph, but given that I'm more of a tom boy I've never minded the harsher sound.
I think Sophie is a pretty cute name. It could easily suit many different personalities, in my opinion, which is helpful in a name, of course.
Sophie; sophisticated; sophistication.
Sophie's all soapy.
Lovely. Beautiful, wise, sweet. Timeless.
Sophie Scholl. She and her brother were killed for opposing the Nazi regime.
Sophie Treadwell was an American playwright and journalist.
A very nice and sweet name. It never crossed my mind, before looking it up here, that it sounds like “soapy”. But I mean, who cares? You could probably find something like that for just about any name. I’m sure there are names with far worse quirks than “sounds like soapy”.Just use it if you want to. It’s a fine name.
Adorable, reminds me of Sophia the First.
Sophie the giraffe.
Sophie is a gorgeous French name. It DOESN'T sound like "Soapy", it sounds French which is what it is.
Pretty, but I've never met anyone with this name.
It's an extremely sweet name, I don't understand the negativity at all.
So tacky. It sounds like "soapy".
Very unattractive I don't see the appeal at all all! Just ugly!
Very sweet sounding name. Reminds me of cupcakes.
This Sophia Sofia and Sofie are all HORRID- DON’T do this to your daughter what did she ever do to you? NOTHING Don’t give your innocent daughter such a horrible name especially a name that sounds like Soapy.
I hate this name because it sounds like soapy.
This is my name! I used to not really like it, but now I think I've grown into it. I'm especially attached to the nickname Soph.
I love the sound, but I do prefer the Sofie spelling. I think it looks a little more mature. :)
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a nasty name- who would name an innocent baby this awful name? That sounds like "soapy".
A horrible name!
Very unattractive.
Sophie makes me think of brownies, petits fours glacés, Belgian waffles, lemon tarts, muffins, cookies, chocolate bars, Ring Pops, Pixy Stix, gingerbread, and all kinds of sweet things, and summer days, and smiles, and holding hands. And pirates. It's a very pretty name.
Sophie Foster is the main protagonist of Shannon Messenger’s Keeper of the Lost Cities, which is my favorite book series of all time.
Ooooh, this name is adorable!
Sophie Xeon, or SOPHIE, was an influential DJ, producer, and electro pop artist who passed away in early 2021.
Nice name but it doesn’t age well.
Sophie Rae LaCroix is a character in the Sophie books by Nancy Rue.
My birth name is Sophie-Juliette though I've been referred to simply as 'Sophie' my whole life. While I understand the original appeal of this lovely name, it's now so overused and common it's nearly lost its specialness it probably once possessed. I can't say there was ever a time I was content with my name though I love names beginning with S since I think they're soft sounding. The nickname 'Soph' which tends to be used in the UK has always reminded me of an indolent lazy person and not someone elegant or somewhat graceful. However, there has to be tons of variations and spellings of this which are more unusual. I do think the 'Ph' makes the name prettier and more refined.
It’s not the worst name and sounds nice, but it’s getting pretty boring to me now, but maybe it’s because I know a lot of Sophies.
Ugly! There is nothing appealing about this!
I like it! I think it sounds very intelligent and natural.
Very beautiful name, too bad that it is much overused now.
I’ve never liked this name and don’t see the appeal at all. So many prettier names out there!
I think Sophia sounds a lot better. Sophie feels somehow incomplete, maybe even boring. Sweet name, but really nothing great.
Sophie of Woods Beyond is one of the main characters in Soman Chainani's 'The School For Good And Evil' series, which is made up of six books: 'The School For Good And Evil', 'A World Without Princes', 'The Last Ever After', 'Quests For Glory', 'A Crystal Of Time', and 'One True King'. Sophie's best friend is called Agatha (or Aggie by Sophie).
I LOVE the name Sophie, but it's so overused! :( To me it has the same feeling as Lily: where I feel like it should have become stale and boring already but it's still gorgeous, sweet, and strong. I like long names with nicknames but Sophie doesn't really have a long name, other than Sophia, which isn't my favourite for some reason. I really like Sylvia, though - it's my mum's name, and she actually gets called Sophie sometimes - also I like the nickname Via.
Although my cousin is named this, I don’t really like it that much because it’s so popular and literally everyone I know is called this, I’m not even joking.
I don’t really like the Soph sound either, but it’s okay because everyone has different opinions.
But I’ll tell you, if you are called Sophie, you are intelligent, smart and interesting.
Strongly dislike!
In my opinion, Sophie makes a pretty nickname, but isn't so good as a legal name. It just has that nickname-y kind of sound. I suggest you name your child Sophia and use Sophie as a nickname.
Gorgeous, soft, pretty!
Just ugly!
Everyone I know is called Sophie.
I know 153 Sophie’s and I’m not joking.
Sophie is very delicate and soft and is my favorite of the Sophia-related names, although it is somewhat common. I'm not sure why people think it sounds childish.
I can’t get over how perfect this name is! I love it.
Don’t like the “oath” sound in the middle of it.
Hella overused.
Sophie is a very sweet sounding name. I prefer it to Sophia, which is nice, but VERY overused. I’ve met a ton of Sophias, while I’ve only met one Sophie.
Sophie is the Anglicised, French and Dutch form of the Ancient Greek name Sophia (σοφία) meaning "wisdom, insight, intelligence" and from which we get English words sophistication and philosophy.
My name is Sophie and I love being a Sophie! I would never and never will change my name!
The name Sophie is of Greek origin.
Please don’t do this to a poor child. I would absolutely hate being stuck with this name!
I like better this than Sofia.
Sophie is so pretty.
I really love the name Sophie.
The most beautiful name in the whole world, Sophie!
I'm a Sophie and I love being a Sophie.
In ENGLISH, this name can ALSO be a DIMINUTIVE of SOPHIA.
Dutch Pronunciation: so-FEE. [noted -ed]
Sophie is short for Sophia.
Pretty, soft, and elegant, yet somewhat overused. I do like it as a short form of Sophronia, however. I also prefer it over Sophia, Sofie, and Sofia.
I prefer this over Sophia, it gives a softer vibe to it.
Really nice name.
I absolutely love the name Sophie. It is beautiful sounding, so incredibly soft, gentle and feminine. As a transgender woman, choosing a name that felt comfortable and right was incredibly hard. Sophie was always my favourite, but I did struggle with the self consciousness that Sophie could make others think I am trying too hard to be feminine, and it is just so beautiful and soft, that it would make me stand out.
I have decided to disregard fears of what others may think, and to go with what feels right for me, and that is Sophie. I am now Sophie, or Soph for short, and I could not feel better or happier about my name.
I am a teacher in an international school in HK and I have a kid in my class named Sophie, she's mixed race, her father is American and her mother is Chinese. Honestly, I think this name suits her perfectly, she is such an angel, with her blonde hair and green eyes. She is the top of the class, got an excellent ssat in seventh grade and went to the John Hopkin's camp for gifted last summer.
It can also means 'one who sees from God's eyes’.
Just to be clear, this name may seem extremely common. Actually, it barely peaks up on the top 100 names. Kaylee is even more common than Sophie. (So is Kaylee extremely common instead?)
Beautiful soft name. It's quite common, but still lovely. Two of my childhood best friends where called Sophie so it's quite special.
My name is Sophie too and it was my birth name and people in my school call me Sophia the first- it is so annoying.
Sounds nice, but extremely common.
I love this name! So delicate and precious, also ages quite well! For sure I need to name my daughter this. Possibly one of my favorite names.
My name is Sophie. I was born a Sophie and still a Sophie.I love my name so much! There was never a time where someone made fun of me. There’s no teasing, ever. Although it may happen a few times where you need to correct them that’s it’s not Sophia, it still is an awesome name to have! What a great time I’ve had so far with this name. Way prettier than Sophia.
Sorry guys, but I'm in the minority. To me, Sophie has always been a little bit boring and childish.
While Sophia is more exotic and adventurous, Sophie is simpler and to the point, in some way. Sophy is a bit more unusual, though.
English diminutive of Sophia.
It's a nice name. One interesting nickname I've heard for it is 'Soap', which was a bit fun, I thought. It was in a story set during the 1800s, so it's probably gone considerably out of use by now.
This is my name, and I don’t think it ages well. I’m twelve. When I turn twenty-five I want to change my name to Sophia.
This variant of Sophia is cute. Just like Julia and Julie. Sophia and Sophie make a good twin name pair.
My name is Sophia, but I use Sophie as a nickname! I love both names, but I like to use Sophie, as it’s shorter and (in my opinion) more casual than Sophia. Sophia sounds very formal and elegant. Both names are very sweet and pretty.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Sophie* who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 786th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. *as a first name, not a nickname.
Adorable and less popular than Sophia.
Sophie of Pomerania was queen of Denmark and Norway as the spouse of Frederick I.
Sophie Kinsella is the pen name of the English author of chick lit Madeleine Sophie Wickham, born 1969 ; you know the Shopaholic series (Rebecca Bloomwood is just too cool!)
A famous bearer was one of the members of the White Rose in WWII, Sophie Scholl. Would she still be alive, she would be my idol!
I am a Sophie myself, and I love it! For a while, some of my friends thought my name was actually Sophia. It does get a little tedious, repeating that your name is not Sophia, but it is in fact Sophie and you can check my birth certificate and oh my gosh. But I wouldn't trade my name for anything else!
Sophie Gregoire Trudeau is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's wife and the Canadian First Lady as of 2015.
This is my birth name but I don't use this any more and have changed my name. I didn't ever really grow to like my name. From a young age, I always wanted to be called something different and would often ask my mother to call me Zoey. I didn't ever really like the ph in it to start with as a lot of countries in Europe replace ph with f. I can't remember ever thinking this name was pretty, and I always wished to have a much more feminine, softer name - I suppose, to reflect my personality as I am very feminine and a gentle person. I could never relate to it or become used to it and I don't really like its meaning "wise" as well. You always end up being called Soph as a nickname. This is very personal though, and I know the beauty of anything including names is subjective and there are others who are very content with this name.
I love Sophie, it sounds sweet and ladylike! Much better than Sofie in my opinion.
Sophie is a classy, elegant name! This name has historic European heritage going back centuries!
Strong and intelligent sounding, with a somewhat nice ring to it.
I love this name! Fit for a princess.
Duchess Sophie Charlotte Augustine in Bavaria (23 February 1847 – 4 May 1897) was a granddaughter-in-law of King Louis-Philippe of France, the favourite sister of Empress Elisabeth of Austria and fiancée of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. She was once engaged to King Ludwig II of Bavaria but the engagement was called off.
Princess Sophie Caroline Marie Wilhelmine of Luxembourg was the sixth and youngest daughter of Grand Duke William IV and his wife, Infanta Marie Anne of Portugal. Sophie was born in Berg Castle, Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg. Two of Sophie's elder sisters reigned as Grand Duchess of Luxembourg: Marie-Adélaïde and Charlotte.
Sophie Belinda Turner is an English actress. Turner made her professional acting debut as Sansa Stark on the HBO fantasy television series Game of Thrones, which brought her international recognition and critical praise. For her performance, she has received four nominations for Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, as well as a Young Artist Award nomination for Best Supporting Young Actress in a TV Series.
Sophie Hannah is a poet and novelist (crime novels).
Sweet, beautiful and feminine. There isn't much in it, but I tend to slightly prefer Sophie to Sophia. Both are lovely names, though.
Of all the variations, I prefer Sophie. I think it's sweeter and melodious.
I like the name Sophie. If a have a daughter one day I might name her this. I would call her Soph for sort or if she doesn't like Soph I would call her Fee.
Sophie Brundish is an English artistic gymnast who has competed in British Championship competitions as well as succeeding at junior and senior levels. She is also a 3 time Bexley Youth Games Champion. She has also won 30 medals and trophies from various competitions, including competitions abroad (Russia, United States, Malta, Belgium and Switzerland). Sophie Brundish is a member of the Europa Gymnastics Club. Sophie is best known for her participation in a television advert for the Panasonic Smart Viera TV model.
I have a sister named Sophie born in 1996. My mom named her this because it was uncommon. But now this name is blowing up! Wow, she never thought that would happen.
My baby cousin is named Sophie, and it suits her well! She's 3 now, full of sass, and very Sophie. None of us liked the name when she was born, but what can I say? Nothing else would suit her better! I personally like the name Sofia better than the shortened form (with an -f, not a -ph). To each their own!
Pretty, soft sounding name, but a little too popular for my taste. Although, it does seem it's slowly becoming less common. It's less common than Sophia, but keep in mind that a lot of Sophia's will go by Sophie as a nickname. If you love the name then use it, but don't be surprised if your child shares their name with several others.
Sounds so childish.
Sophie really is one of my favourite baby names ever! I am jealous of all you Sophie's out there, be proud of your name, it's absolutely wonderful!
Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones is a bearer of this gorgeous name!
I named my daughter Sophie. Her being half Japanese and Vietnamese, I wanted a name that would not be hard for our relatives back home to call and recognizable in the English speaking world (so that she would not have to spell it out too often) yet not too common, hopefully. Sophia was also considered and choosing between the names was pretty hard :)
This name is beautiful and I love it, but it's so overused in England!
Pronounced "soph-ee".
Sophie Scholl was a member of the German resistance group Die Weiße Rose.
I am an American Sophie who is 50 years old. When I was growing up with it, only French girls, Jewish/European old ladies, and dogs (hundreds!) shared my name. It stuns me how popular it has become in 2 decades. It took me years to grow into it, but now I think it's pretty sharp!
Before you pick this name for your baby, ask yourself: does the world really need another one? It is so, so overused, and every other Sophia goes by Sophie too. Your Sophie had better like her last initial, because she'll need it to distinguish herself from the dozens of others she'll encounter during her school years.
It's a pretty name, and sounds very cute on a baby/little girl, and I do prefer it to the overused Sophia.
I've only met 2 Sophie's in my whole life. I didn't think it was that popular. By the way, love this name!
So Beautiful.. Fit for a baby princess.
I think Sophie is a cute name. We have an outdoor black cat named Sophie.
I prefer Sophie over Sophia. Both names are beautiful however :-)
Sophie Nélisse is a Canadian teen actress. She portrayed Liesel Meminger in the movie adaption of "The Book Thief."
Sophie is an amazing name! Love it :)
It's funny though how all the Sophie's I've met HATE their name & think it's common and boring. XD Tbh, I personally think Sophia is waayyy prettier!
Sophie is a PERFECT name. That's why it's popular.
Being elegant and modern, I will choose this name for my little girl.
Do you remember the children at school with uncommon names and how difficult it was for others to pronounce them, purely because they are unheard of. Sophie's of the playground will not have that problem.
They will easily find their name at stationary shops :)
Which little girls love to do.
Although Sophie is a lovely name, and I can't argue with that, I think it is so common. There are seven sophies in my year at school and there are so many people outside of my school who are also called Sophie. I can understand why parents would like to name their daughter Sophie, but I would never name one of my future children Sophie.
The name Sophie was actually given to 5 baby BOYS born in the US in 2012. I hope they made a mistake.
You think Sophie is common and boring but Sophia isn't?! Well that's interesting since Sophia has been #1 for the last few years in the US... So I would say you're incorrect on that one.
I don't really like it. It is very common and boring. I prefer Sophia.
One of my favorite names. I also like Sophia, but the name Sophie, I don't know... it just appeals to me more. Pairs well with many middle names, works on all ages, and a lot of good historical figures and book characters to give it a good connotation.
I like this more than the overused Sophia (unless you're Italian, don't name your daughter Sophia! It's ridiculous!) it was popular in the late 1800's-early 1900's, and then it was off the top 1000 for a long time, which I find interesting. It's gaining again popularity now, probably why most people named Sophie are either little girls or old women. Overall, it's a cute name, and although it sounds childish, it's been around for ages and hasn't just been "thought up" recently like a lot of names... So it can suit any age :)
Sophie Chotek (1868-1914) was the wife of Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand. She was assassinated along with her husband. Sophie also gave her name to her daughter.
My dog's name is Sophie. I named her that because at the time of meeting her, I was into both philosophy and the French language. She has many nicknames including Soapy, Sopapilla, Sloppy, and Shol'va. Instead of commanding her to heel, I say "Shol'va, kree!"
This is my favourite name even though it is so popular.
Sophie is adorable! Very sweet and delicate :)
Sophie Braslau was an American opera singer.
Sophie Tucker was an American actress and singer.
Sophie (1582-1610) was the daughter of Duke Albert Frederick of Prussia and his wife Marie Eleonore.
Sophie (1719-1765) was the daughter of King Frederick Wiliam I of Prussia and his wife Sophie.
Sophie (1677-1735) was the daughter of King Christian V of Denmark and his wife Charlotte.
Sophie (1605-1605) was the daughter of King Christian IV of Denmark and his first wife Anna.
Sophie (1619-1657) was also the name of another daughter of King Christian IV of Denmark and his wife Kirsten Munk.
Sophie (1161-1187) was the oldest daughter of Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor and his wife Beatrix.
Sophie (975-1039) was the daughter of Otto II, Holy Roman Emperor and his wife Theophanu.
Sophie (1845-1867) was the youngest daughter of King John of Saxony and his wife Amalia of Bavaria. She was married to Karl Theodor in Bavaria, the younger brother of Empress Elisabeth "Sissi" of Austria.
Sophie (1805-1872) was the daughter of Maximilian IV Joseph of Bavaria and his wife Karoline. She was the mother of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and Maximilian of Mexico. She is known for having a bad relationship with her daughter-in-law Elisabeth "Sissi".
Sophie (1609-1671) was the oldest daughter of John George I, Elector of Saxony and his wife Magdalene.
Sophie (1587-1635) was the daughter of Christian I, Elector of Saxony and his wife Sophie.
Sophie (1870-1932) was the daughter of Frederick III, German Emperor and his wife Victoria Adelaide, the oldest daughter of Queen Victoria. She was married to King Konstantinos of Greece.
Sophie (1746-1813) was the oldest daughter of King Frederik V of Denmark and his wife Louise of Great Britain. She later married King Gustav III of Sweden.
Sophie (1734-1782) was the daughter of King Louis XV of France and his wife Maria Karolina.
Sophie (1855-1857) was the oldest daughter of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and his wife Elisabeth "Sissi". She died as a child.
Sophie (1776-1783) was the oldest daughter of King Charles X of France and his wife Maria Teresa of Savoy.
This is the most beautiful name in the world.
This is the best name ever sweet and classic. I LOVE it. Nicknames Sosie, Soph, Fifi, Fi and Soss.
I LOVE the name Sophie for a girl. It's spunky, fun, old fashioned yet modern feeling, and works on all personality types. It's one of my favorite names. I prefer this to Sophia. Not sure why I just can't bring myself to liking that name more than Sophie.
Sophie is an absolutely precious, beautiful, adorable name with a great meaning. I'm planning on using it for my second daughter. It has been kind of overused recently, but for good reason (unlike, say, Nevaeh)! I actually like it a bit more than Sophia, not sure why.
Much earlier on this thread, I wrote that I wished this were my own name. Later that year (not too much later, actually, now that I think of it) I did legally change my name to Sophya, but I am called Sophie by almost everyone. I have found it to be a wonderful choice despite its popularity - I actually like my name now, which, y'know, is always a plus...
I'm not too fond of Sophie as a real, full name. It sounds kind of ditzy. And while I can picture it on a young girl and an elderly woman, I can't really picture it on a middle aged woman. I would prefer to name my daughter Sophia and nickname her Sophie, so she has a regal, elegant name to fall back on when she gets older, with the cute nickname Sophie. Sophie by itself just does not seem very sophisticated.
My name is Sophie. It's a comfy generic name and you wont be teased for it however it is super popular and I think it's gonna stay super popular by the looks of it! Overall it's OK but not very unique. Probably if I hadn't gone through school as Sophie. H for 15 years I would like it better.
This name is lovely! If it wasn't so popular, I'd definitely use it. I recently met a lovely Sophie, she's the sweetest person!
S is for Sweet
O is for old fashioned
P is for pretty
H is for happy
I is for intelligent
E is for elegant
Duchess Sophie Charlotte Auguste (1847-1897), youngest sister of Elisabeth "Sisi" of Austria and at one point fiancee of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.
One of my best friend's is called Sophie and it suits her perfectly. She lives up to its meaning as she is very wise! It's a very soft, sweet name, but maybe it's a bit too popular at the moment.
Sophie is the name of David Rice's younger sister in the Movie Jumper. (I don't know if she's his full-blood sister, half-sister of step-sister since no one ever says in the film).
It doesn't matter if it's popular for dogs to me. As a matter of fact, it's irrelevant to me. Though, I'm sure people with your mind set would tease those that have the name Sophie.
Sophie is an increasingly popular name for dogs, especially, for some reason, Labrador retrievers. Something to consider before you give it to your baby (or your puppy!)
My parents named me Sophie because my dad went to the Sophia University (no idea why they didn't name me Sophia) and because Sophie means "wisdom". I like my name, and I am the only person in my grade with this name. However, it is becoming increasingly popular, and I like to be unique.
This name has an innocent tone to it. When pronounced, I just picture some joyful girl growing up into a nice life. It's a name you give your daughter in hopes of her achieving the best in life. At least I would think so.I like this name a lot and am very much considering naming my future daughter this.
To me Sophie is Col. Sherman T. Potter's horse on the TV show M*A*S*H. If you are going to use Sophie/Sophia/Sofie/Sofia on little girls I prefer Sofia.
The name of "that slut Sophie" in the (not-so-famous) movie Blast from the Past.
In the musical and film 'Mamma Mia!', Sophie Sheridan is a main character. She is Donna's daughter and has three possible fathers!I love the name Sophie. I know it's popular and all, and I don't usually go for popular names, but I can't help liking this one. I wish it were my name.
When said with a French or German accent, I don't mind it. When said in English, it's all poodle, airy and insubstantial. Sophie is strictly a canine name to me.
This is one of my favourite girl's names ever. Pretty, sweet but still traditional and strong. I love it.
I read that Sophie is the number one girl's name of the top 100 of 2008 of The Netherlands. Personally I prefer Sofie.
The name Sophie is ok, but it sounds like soapy.
I find this name tacky, overused and boring.
The word sophisticated springs to mind when I hear this name. Yes, I like it. It has an upperclass sort of sound to it without being too pretentious. I like it better than Sophia as it sounds more English. Sophia is a bit "try hard" and faddish at the moment. Sophie to me is the classic original.
Sophie is the kind of name a child gets when her parents want something tritely pretty and are too uncreative to think of anything better. Somehow it's like the fat, stupid version of Sophia.
A famous bearer of this name is Sophie Rostopchine (1799-1874), Comtesse de Ségur, a French writer of Russian birth. She wrote children's books for her grandchildren. Her most famous novel is "Les Malheurs de Sophie" (Sophie's Misfortunes), in which the principal character, a little girl called Sophie, is inspired from the author's childhood.
Whatever! This name is gorgeous! It's so much better than Sophia I think. Really feminine and pretty. Not to mention sweet and sophisticated as well! I love Sophie!
Sophie is my full name, and I think it's so pretty. However, I get a little annoyed when people assume my real name is Sophia, or call me Sophia. I also hate it when people have the same name as me, so I wish it was more uncommon. But otherwise I love it!
This is the name of Seth Cohen's paternal grandmother on The OC, and also the name of his younger sister, Sophie Rose Cohen.
I prefer Sophia. Sophie sounds like a nickname more than a whole name.
The character in the book Red Glass, by Laura Resau is named Sophie. This version to me doesn't sound as strong as Sophia (Sophie in the book is doubtful and scared often) but she changes over the course of the story. I think it works great, though, at any age. I especially think it's a great name for cats.
A famous bearer is British computer scientist Sophie Wilson.
Sophie is the main character in the second series of Faithgirlz! books by Nancy Rue. Sophie Rae LaCroix.
Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark (1914-2001) was the fourth child and youngest daughter of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice of Battenberg. Her younger brother is Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. She was married twice, first to Prince Christoph of Hesse-Cassel and then to Prince George William of Hanover. She had eight children.
I LOVE this name, probably my favorite ever! It sounds classic, yet modern, delicate, yet strong. It can fit everyone and it's so beautiful. Perfect name for a girl.
I think Sophie is absolutely adorable, but it's also sophisticated. Great name!
This name is GREAT! I think this is much better than the similar name Sophia. A cute nickname would be FiFi
It's okay but I like Sophia or Sofia more.
I love this name! It's perfectly adorable, although I probably wouldn't name my child this because it sounds almost a tad too feminine for me. But I recommend it just the same! =]
SOPHIE has been one of the most popular names in England since 1991 when it ranked 8th in the charts. The highest it has ever been is at no. 3 in 2005. It was at no. 6 in 2006.
Sophie Aldred is an actress, best known for playing 'Ace' in "Doctor Who".
Sophie Ellis-Bextor is a bearer.
Sophie Augusta Fredericka was the birth name of Catherine the Great of Russia.
I absolutely adore the name Sophie. I think it's beautiful in every way. Its simplicity is enchanting enough to forget about its over-bearing popularity all over the world. I imagine a girl with a wondeful creative talent and an extraordinary personality. I really hope this will be one of my daughter's names one day! =D.
Princess Sophie Hélène Béatrix of France was the youngest daughter of Marie Antoinette. She died as an infant.
I don't like "Sophie". It sounds so soft and girly in a way I hate it. Like 'Mia'. I think Sophia or Sofia is better, because it sounds whole.
Nevermind, I think Sophie is pretty.
Sophie is such a feminine name. It makes me think of a cute woman who is confident yet able to be girlish.
Sophie is a cute and very beautiful name.
My name is Sophie and I love being a Sophie. I wouldn't give it to my child because it's mine, but I'm happy being a Sophie because it makes me feel cheerful, sweet, dainty, friend and funny to my friends. Trouble is, there are too many Sophies in the world now!
I really like this name. To me, this name is better than Sophia.
I think Sophie is too popular, especially in my school. Anyways, I don't like the name very much.
Sophie is too popular and too ugly. The -PHEE at the end makes it sound ugly.
Sophie Simmons is daughter of KISS member Gene Simmons.
Sophie is Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker's daughter's name.
The main character in Sophie's World, by Jostein Gaarder is named Sophie. I love the name, it is very cute!
I think Sophie is an ugly, unfeminine name. It is something I would name my dog, not my child. I can’t believe that this name is becoming so popular given how unattractive it is. I am not a big fan of Sophia either, although I do feel that it’s a nicer, more feminine name than Sophie. Sophie without the “a” at the end just sounds incomplete. Sophie also sounds very young and childish, like Carrie or Katie. I can’t image a mature grown women, especially a professional women, wanting to be named Sophie.
Sophie appeared on the top 1000 list from the 1880's until the 1950's. It came back on the top 1000 list in the 1980's. Its most popular year was 1910 where it ranked 108. In 2005 it ranked 134.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Sophie here:
Sophie is such a beautiful, feminine, delicate name. It reminds me of a small, soft-spoken woman. But one with dignity.
Sophie is the name of Jack Aubrey's first ship in the Patrick O'Brian novels. :)
Sophie is a pretty name and very soft.
I named my daughter Sophie Abbigail. I love what Sophie means, and I think that it is a very classy name. I like Sophie better then Sophia. What is interesting is I did not know ANYONE named Sophie, and I had no clue that Sophie and Sophia were becoming very popular again.
I adore this name. It's dainty but powerful at the same time. It makes me think of some tall, brooding and thoughtful medieval lady. It's also the name of my dog. *cough*
I know a Sophie. I adore her name, and it fits her perfectly. Short, cute, smart, creative, one of the sweetest girls I know.
I think the name Sophie is very cute. Dainty and elegant.
Sophie is the beautiful Polish heroine in William Styron's novel "Sophie's Choice". She was sent to Auschwitz with her two children and told that one of her children would be helped but the other would be killed. She was given a "choice" between her son and daughter and has the horrible past that she "chose" one of them. This novel became a movie staring Meryl Streep.
Sophie, in Roald Dahl's novel The BFG. A little girl in an unhappy upbringing is saved and later saves the "Big Friendly Giant" (BFG).
The Sophie in the BFG was based on the author's granddaughter Sophie, who is now a top model in her own right.
Sophie Amundsen, the heroine from Jostein Gaarder's novel "Sophie's World" published in 1995.
My name is Sophie and I love it! It's sweet and cute, but also feminine and sophisticated. My friends call me Soph, or Phie Phie, which I don't mind. :)
Sophie Scholl was a member of the White Rose, a Catholic anti-Hitler group in WW1 Germany. She was arrested and executed when she was 21.
I'm called Sophie. It is such a pretty name and well I'm very proud to be a Sophie! My mates call me Soph which is ok but I like the name Sophie!
Sophie Hatter, the heroine of the popular teenage fantasy "Howl's Moving Castle". The eldest of three daughters, the talented and pretty 18-year-old is changed into an old woman by an evil sorceress.
Sophie, the heroine of Hayako Miyazaki's animated film "Hauru no ugoku shiro", who falls in love and changes the heartless Wizard Hauru.
You know Hauru no Ugoku Shiro and Howl's Moving Castle are the same things, right? The film was based off of the novel.
I'm a Sophie and proud of it. Not only do people see me as a lady-like, intellegent, friendly and kind, but it's also made me feel more attractive than I probably am. I love being a Sophie. (My close friends call me Soph, which I think is fine).
Well, not a FAMOUS bearer... Sophie from that horrible educational French show, Téléfrancais. Canadian elementary school students will probably know what I'm talking about.
Being a Sophie myself, I do like the name but too many people these days are called Sophie! Over 200 in my school year alone! Also as a short form I get called Soss or Sossy, which is much better than Soph.
I like the name Sophie, but I think I like Sophia best.
I like the name Sophie. It's cute, dainty, sophisticated and lady-like. Its meaning is very strong, and I like names that mean 'faithful' or 'peaceful'. They have good meanings.
I think it's a lovely name although it's hard to shorten it to something nice! It's origin is wisdom which is a beautiful meaning, much better than 'faithful' or 'peace bearer'!
Famous bearer: Sophie Neveu, a gifted French cryptologist and granddaughter of Priory of Sion Grand Master Jacques Sauniere in Dan Brown's novel 'The Da Vinci Code'.

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