Also Flemish:
I adore Susanna! I prefer, MUCH prefer it to Susan. I just love how elegant, floral, feminine, and melodic it is. It has some history too. I’m kinda surprised it’s not more popular. Susanna is a pretty, fresh, fun, and lively name. It also gives me the vibes of maybe a 60s sex symbol.

Oh, and Susanna without the -h, please. Susannah isn’t bad or anything, but it is fine without it.
Nice to see this name get featured as Name of the Day. Personally I think it’s lovely and deserves to be used more. Very attractive name and I certainly wouldn’t object to having a daughter called it.

Just as long as it’s spelled like this though - no h on the end.
My family members' name. Everyone just calls her Sanna. I think it's pretty, unique too.
It's so charming, who couldn't like it?

I picture an English woman from the 1600s or 1700s, or a farm girl from the 1800s or Early 1900s. But, it also has more of a futuristic sound to it. Like, it could still appeal to parents of today. I like that a lot. I don't know why this name isn't popular, it should be. For real, come on guys? It's Susanna!

Savannah is also a nice name, and that would be my alternative. I prefer Susanna to Susannah because Susanna is the original spelling.
Also Gascon and Provençal: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Susanna is also Estonian. The name day for Susanna in Estonia is August 11.
It’s a cute name.
This name was also used among the German minority in Bessarabia (and by far more common than Susanne:
I am a Susanna! My Baptism name is Susan, there were tons of them when I was in elementary school in 40’s & 50’s. I am now a religious sister named by my prioress for Saint Susanna, September 19th, in the Roman Martyrology. I love Susanna a lot more than Susan!

I understand I can not post the original Latin text, it can be found here: It is the 5th entry for September 19th.

My English, not literal, translation of a relative portion is: Saint Susannae, a virgin and martyr, lived in Eleutheropoli, Palestine.

Additional English information: She was a daughter of a pagan priest and a Jewish woman. Following their deaths, she converted to Christianity. And was known as a deaconess at Eleutheropolis, (originally in Palestine, but is now part of Lebanon). Susanna was martyred during the reign of Julian the Apostate, on September 19, 362.

The more well known Saint Susanna, was martyred in Rome in 296 and her Feast day is August 11th. The American Catholic Church in Rome is named: ‘Saint Susanna’s’.
Also Estonian:
Susanna of Fontanarossa (1435–1489) was the mother of navigator and explorer Christopher Columbus. She married Domenico Colombo in 1445 and bore him 5 children: Cristoforo, Bartolomeo, Giovanni, Giacomo, and a daughter named Bianchinetta.
Susanna Centlivre (c. 1667–1670 – 1 December 1723), born Susanna Freeman and also known professionally as Susanna Carroll, was an English poet, actress, and "the most successful female playwright of the eighteenth century". Centlivre's "pieces continued to be acted after the theatre managers had forgotten most of her contemporaries." During a long career at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, she became known as the second woman of the English stage, after Aphra Behn.
Susanna Agnelli, Contessa Rattazzi, Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRI[1] (24 April 1922 – 15 May 2009) was an Italian politician, businesswoman and writer. She was the first woman to be appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in Italy. Born in Turin, she was the daughter of Edoardo Agnelli and Donna Virginia Bourbon del Monte, a daughter of the Prince di San Faustino and his Kentucky-born wife Jane Campbell.
Susanna Tamaro (born 12 December 1957) is an Italian novelist. She has also worked as a scientific documentarist and movie maker direction assistant. Susanna Tamaro was born in a middle class family in Trieste. Her mother is related to the Italian writer Italo Svevo.
Very pretty! A more youthful-sounding alternative to Susan, but it fits all ages.
Been in my top 5 for as long as I can remember.
The memoirist Susanna Kaysen (b. 1948), author of 'Girl, Interrupted', is a famous bearer of this name.
Makes me think of a country girl.
I like this better then Suzanna because for this a nickname can be Susan.
It's prettier than Susan.
I like my name. People can call me Sue or Susan, just don't call me the other "cute" diminutive Susie. I hate it. Growing up with people teasing me with SuziQ, or SuziCucumber, or SusieSnowflake... I hated that. Especially as I was a short but really cute little girl & people were always saying those things to me while patting me on the head as I sat in my wheelchair or was walking about on crutches. As I am now considerably older I still prefer Susan or Sue. I'll deck anyone who calls me Susie. Suzi (Suzanne) is my niece. I also think my name is a strong one & one to be proud of.
I love it! It's a reasonable size, but not too long, and it can fit for so many ages. I've thought of some nicknames like Anna, Susie/Suzie, or Sue. It's a favorite, and not unknown, definitely.
I also wonder if Susanna could not mean Sús-Anna - Anna (or Hannah) from Sús, which used to be the capital of Persia? Probably not, as the Anna or Hanna is first mentioned in Bible?
When I was little, I thought this was an old lady name. But now I LOVE IT! The nicknames Sus and Susie are cute!
This is also the Catalonian form of the name. [noted -ed]
Beautiful name I do hope it gets used more in English speaking countries :-)
Susanna is my name, and I love it! As of 2016 I am a young teenager, and I've never met another Susanna my age. I am surprised that it is not more popular, because (yes, I'm biased) it's old-fashioned, which makes it sound classic, yet it is similar to many more modern names, especially "Anna". People are forever spelling it wrong with H's and Z's, but I don't mind. I HATE the nickname Susie, though, so I go by Sue. As for the song "O Susanna", I get occasionally teased about it, but I don't mind as it is usually my older brother. Personally I don't think that you should decide against the name Susanna just because of the song.
Susanna is the real name of Susie Carmichael from the cartoon Rugrats.
The name Susanna was given to 190 girls born in the US in 2015.
In South Africa an uncommon nickname derived from the name Susanna is: Suna.
Wow, I'm surprised this name isn't even on the top 1000! It is very timeless and fitting of a woman of any age!
Susanna is a really, really pretty name! :D.
Susanna is a soubrette role in Mozart's Italian opera, Le Nozze Di Figaro or The Marriage of Figaro. Her aria Deh Vieni Non Tardar is very well-known.
In some versions of ancient Hebrew and hindu texts Susanna (Shoshanna) was a powerful child of Lillith (mother of the demons ) she was thought to bring with her great destruction and power. Although Susanna can also derive from the ancient persian town Susa which was told to be the town where white lilies grew hence the meaning 'gracious lily'.
Arabic version is سوسن "səwsən". [noted -ed]
The name Susanna was given to 183 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
I think the name of Syzana or Susana, is best explained in Albanian language. SY or SU - eye and ZANA(SANNA) - fairy. That has meaning as Fairy eyes. Albanian language is oldest language in Europe. Lots of names we use we can be explained in Albanian...
"If you want to discover BC history and science of the time, you have to study Albanian"
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz - philosopher German.
This beautiful name reminds me of sunshine. I find it hard to choose between this and Susannah, wavering from week to week! Both are delectable.
The nickname Sukey, coined in the eighteenth century, is so cute.
Susana is no Italian variant. The only Italian form is Susanna, pronounced "soo-ZAHNN-nah". [noted -ed]
I love this name! (O Susanna, don't you cry for me, for I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee...) :)
The name "Susanna" makes me think of a bright spring day with birds singing. I just really love it! (Susannah too) Wish I'd had a second daughter, so I could use this name.
This name is not my favourite as it sounds a like a too dragged out version of Suzanne. Even though Suzanne is my name I'm honestly not biased as I dislike it but compared to Susanna I think I prefer it.
I think this is a lovely, natural name. It might be old-fashioned, but that makes it classic. I don't like Sue or Suze for nicknames though. I would use Sanna or Anna.
Related name: Sawsan (Arabic) cognate with the Hebrew meaning of lily.
Susanna Wesley was the mother of Charles and John Wesley. She was a Godly mother to 10 children and is often known as the "Mother of Methodism". She and Mother Teresa are two wonderful women of Faith who I admire.
This is a beautiful name with a lovely meaning and history, but I don't think I'd use it for a child because of the song Oh Susanna. The poor girl would just get teased too much.
The Italian pronunciation is soo-ZAHNN-nah.
I can't believe that this isn't in the top 1000. It's a gorgeous name. As solid as Susan, but with the added frill of an -anna ending.
This is my name! I didn't used to like it, but I do now. It wouldn't be my first choice, but I do think it's prettier than "Susan". Growing up, I never met another Susanna, but I did hear the name fairly often in historical records and 18th-19th century literature. It doesn't sound, to me, like a 17-year old's name, so at school I'm almost exclusively called "Sue". In fifth grade ( I think) I added an "h" to my name, but decided after a while to just accept my given name.
Lovely name, isn't it? It's my English name when I'm having an English lesson. So classy.
I love this name. It's very classy sounding. It's also my name and my great great grandmothers.
Pronounced "soo-ZAHN-a".
Susanna Hoffs was a member of the popular '80's pop group The Bangles, who were best known for their song "Walk Like an Egyptian."
Susanna Parish is a major character in Clive Barker's novel Weaveworld.
Wonderful. So soft and lovely. Susie is a cute name for a little girl, too.
I think this name is very elegant and stylish plus it's biblical as well but not too heavy or Jewish like Zilpah, etc.
In the ancient Egyptian language, sšn (seshen) means "lotus". [noted -ed]
Susanna appeared on the top 1000 list from the 1880's until 2000. Its most popular year was the 1890's where it ranked 435.
Very pretty name, am a bit surprised it isn't used more right now with the popularity of Anna.
Susanna was the third child of John Adams, the 2nd president of the U.S. She died at age 2.
Susanna was the daughter of William Shakespeare. His wife was Anne Hathaway. (not joking!)
Oh Susanna, oh don't you cry for me, I'm goin' to California with my washpan on my knee :)!
Susanna Clarke is the author of the novel "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell".
Sanna is a common pet name in Sweden.
Susanna Boylston, the mother of the second President of the US, John Adams. Also the name of his daughter who died in infancy.
A famous bearer of the name is Lady Susanna Walton, widow of the British composer Sir William Walton.
Personal impression: very kind-hearted.
I can't hear this name without thinking of the song 'O Susanna'.
Name Susanna is spelled in Slovakia (just like in Czech Republic) ZUZANA. It is a very frequent name and all Zuzanas in Czech Republic and Slovakia celebrate Name Day on 11 August.

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