I even like Theresa. It's so beautiful and very feminine. ❤❤.
Teresa Magbanua y Ferraris, better known as Teresa Magbanua and dubbed as the "Visayan Joan of Arc", was a Filipino schoolteacher and military leader.
Better than the still-pretty Theresa imao.
Also Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
This name is old-fashioned in a refreshing way. Kind of like wading in a clear, cool pool on a hot, sunny day.
Yes! I love it! Better than the spelling Theresa IMAO.
Also Corsican:
You'll find numerous bearers on social media.
Teresa is so beautiful! I prefer this spelling to Theresa. :)
Teresa Stolz (born 2 June 1834, Elbekosteletz, Bohemia – died 23 August 1902, Milan) was a Bohemian soprano, long resident in Italy, who was associated with significant premieres of the works of Giuseppe Verdi, and may have been his mistress. She has been described as "the Verdian dramatic soprano par excellence, powerful, passionate in utterance, but dignified in manner and secure in tone and control".
Teresa Mattei, also known as Teresita (1 February 1921 – 12 March 2013) was an Italian partisan and politician. Born in Genoa, in 1938 Mattei was expelled from all schools of the Kingdom of Italy for openly criticizing in her classroom the Racial laws. Graduating in philosophy at the University of Florence in 1944, she joined the partisans under the nom de guerre of Partigiana Chicchi. She took part in the murder of philosopher and Fascist minister Giovanni Gentile. After the war, Mattei was a candidate for the Communist Party to the Constituent Assembly, in which she served as a bureau secretary. Mattei was the youngest to be elected to the Constituent Assembly and was thus called "the girl of Montecitorio".
Teresa Landucci Bandettini (also known by her Arcadian name Amarilli Etrusca; 11 August 1763 – 6 April 1837) was an Italian dancer, composer of extemporaneous verse, and poet, who is remembered as the Figurante Poetesca ("literary ballerina"). In 2002 it was discovered that the young composer Niccolò Paganini had dedicated six long lost sonatas to her.
This is my name and I love it! It’s not super common where I live. I’ve only met three other Teresas, and we don’t live near each other either. I’ve always loved my name, it’s pretty, it can be cute, I love the meaning and the way it looks and sounds. Any name could easily go with this! Teresa Rose, Teresa Claire (like me), Teresa Ava, Teresa Marie, Teresa Anne, etc etc. I am named after St. Teresa of Avila, who is one of my Dad’s favorite saints, I love all the quotes and stories attributed to her. If you are considering this name for your child, I highly recommend it! The only downside is that it gets misspelled and mispronounced often, though I’ve never encountered anyone doing this maliciously— Theresa and Therese are just more common. My name does get misspelled with an H a lot of the time, but it just takes a simple correction. Unfortunately, some people try to nickname me as “Therese” or “Terese” (pronounced Ter-Reese), but it doesn’t happen often and again, it just takes a simple correction. I love this name, I definitely want to give it to one of my future children as a middle name.
This name reminds me of Barbie. I prefer the spelling Theresa.
Also Galician: --- "Admite a variante Teresa."
Better than Theresa.
Also Catalan: [noted -ed]
Teresa is spelled without the “h” in Asia where I was born; but in Canada, it’s often misspelled as Therese. The name reflects my serious nerdy side, but I prefer my nickname Terry, which suits my youthful and witty comedic side. It’s easier to pronounce, and more easygoing to break the ice with people.
In 2018, 49 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Teresa who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 126th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
It looks incomplete without the H.
Mother Teresa is now formally known in the Roman Catholic Church as Saint Teresa of Calcutta as of September 4, 2016. She is known for her work as a nun in the slums of Albania and for the poor.
I was named after the 1950 chart topper on Hit Parade - Miss hit maker - Teresa Brewer. Best known for her signature song Music! Music! Music! This American singer recorded 600 songs in all genres.
From what I understand, this name is pronounced with an "S" sound in America and a "Z" sound in Britain. I'm American, so I've only ever heard it pronounced with an "S" sound.
Teresa Teng, Teng Li-Chun or Deng Lijun was a Taiwanese pop singer. She was known for her folk songs and romantic ballads. Many became standards in her lifetime, such as "When Will You Return?" and "The Moon Represents My Heart". She recorded songs not only in her native Mandarin but also in Taiwanese Hokkien, Cantonese, Japanese, Indonesian and English.
Teresa Gutiérrez was a Colombian actress best known for her roles in TV series. Since the genesis of television broadcasting in Colombia she has appeared in numerous series, including Seguro y urgente, Te voy a enseñar a querer, Los Victorinos and Como Pedro por su casa. She played La Marquesa Carmen Santillana de la Roquette in Telemundo's Zorro: La Espada y la Rosa.
This is my name. I got Teresa Jean and my fraternal twin is Lisa Jane. I am now 54 years old and I have never been through a time that I have disliked my name. It doesn't get spelled correctly very often and I usually get asked if it has an H. I was often called Terry in jr high school, upsetting me and a teacher always seemed to get a kick out of that, as she continued to call me Terry no matter how many times I corrected her. I am always thrilled to have it pronounced correctly. Many pronounce it with 2 syllables Tree sa but it is actually 3 syllables. I hated when my sister called me Tessa and wouldn't stop when she knew I hated the teasing. Overall, I love my name and am thankful my parents gave it to me.
Teresa Agnes is a character in the Maze Runner series. She was named after Mother Teresa.
The name is also used in Iceland.
Super duper common. I had a friend who had 6 cousins all called Teresa, after the grandmother (Apparently if you were named after the grandmother, you got certain inheritance advantages). To differentiate, they had to call them a nickname, or by their first and second names together. It was a bit weird. Sort of greedy too, naming your kid after granny not to honour her, but to get stuff when she dies. Ick.
Teresa is not common. In 2018, it ranked #794 most popular in the United States. It’s not even in the top 500. My name is Teresa and I’ve only met three other Teresas in my life, and one of them doesn’t even live in the same state as me. Please don’t judge this name because your friend’s aunts and uncles wanted your friend’s Grandma’s stuff. This name actually has a lot of saintly associations (there are at least four Catholic saints names Teresa) and means “summer” or “harvest”. It’s not icky or common and doesn’t deserve to be associated with your friend’s aunts and uncles wanting your friend’s Grandma’s stuff. May I ask, did you even meet any of all the Teresas you mentioned?
The first time I had discovered this name was when I was little and I found out Teresa is a friend of Barbie. XD It's not a bad name. :)
Maria Teresa (1638-1683) was the daughter of King Philip IV of Spain and his wife Elisabeth. She later married King Louis XIV of France.
Teresa (1696-1704) was the daughter of King Pedro II of Portugal and his second wife Marie Sophie.
Maria Teresa (1793-1874) was the daughter of King Joao VI of Portugal and his wife Carlota.
Maria Teresa (1855-1944) was the daughter of King Miguel of Portugal and his wife Adelheid.
Teresa (1181-1250) was the daughter of King Sancho I of Portugal and his wife Dulce.
Teresa (1157-1218) was the daughter of King Afonso I of Portugal and his wife Maud.
Aussie actress Teresa Palmer is a famous bearer.
The Italian pronunciation (at least, standard pronunciation) is te-RRE-zah with a "z", not with a "s". [noted -ed]
The short story "Cousin Teresa" by Saki (Hector Hugh Munro) features the following couplet:Cousin Teresa takes out Caesar,
Fido, Jock and the big borzoi.Obviously, this requires the pronunciation "tə-REE-zə."
Also pronounced tə-REE-zə, especially in England (at least). [noted -ed]
I myself am called Teresa. I love this name and it's better than Theresa of course! It's a lovely name.
Teresa Saporiti (1763-1869) was an Italian soprano who performed as Donna Anna in the Mozart opera Don Giovanni.
"Teresa Lisbon" is a character on the TV show "The Mentalist."
My name is Teresa. I was named after St. Teresa. St. Teresa gathered food and gave to the poor. And when she opened her robes God had performed a miracle and changed the harvest she had gathered to roses. The "Little flower of Jesus."
My grandpa called my grandma "Tre" pronounced "trey". I thought this was cute (: If my cousin has twins, she's going to name one Theresa but call her "Tree." If not, this one's nickname is going to be "Reese". Love that!
This is really a lovely, classic name. I don't think it will ever lose its charm. And like others said, way better than Theresa.
A very pretty name, and I also prefer it spelled this way, without the H.
A famous bearer was American actress Teresa Wright (October 27, 1918 – March 6, 2005). Notable film appearances included "The Best Years of Our Lives," Alfred Hitchcock's "Shadow of a Doubt," the Lou Gehrig biopic "The Pride of the Yankees," and "Mrs. Miniver," for which she was the recipient of an Academy Award.
It is also in Greek usage where it means 'reaper' and in all my baby name books (I have loads) it is the same.
I've always liked this name. It's pretty and not too common.
My name is Teresa, which loosely translates to 'harvester (reaper)'. I used to hate it, but upon doing more research I found that 'harvester' or 'reaper' is a very basic idea. The more developed version is:the harvester, one who gets back what she gives. By giving hope, life and fertility, she will receive the rewards in her lifetime. Everything comes in a circle. It's not about death or destruction, but about giving and providing and ultimately being rewarded for hard work.I like that idea much more, and I love my name.
I'm not sure if this is right or not but in Claymore, the main character is named Clara and an important character is Teresa. The names of twin goddesses who appear in holy scriptures. Teresa comments that both of them had loving parents since they were named after the goddesses that stood for purity. So their parents wanted their daughters to grow up like that and be pure.
Well, something like that, I'm not sure if it's true but when the other person said that it means "harvester" and to be careful naming your children, well you should (people usually live up to their names). You could just say that it meant the goddess Teresa instead of harvester. Then if you do choose Marie for the second name, then it could mean "a pure living fragrance" or something like that.
Anyways, it just bothered me that someone made a good name like this seem so bad. It's a nice name and not overused at all (I've only met one Teresa that was in my brother's grade).
Teresa Medeiros (born 1962) is an award-winning romance novelist with more than five million books in print. She wrote her first novel at 21 and has since gone on to publish 16 books. Before becoming a well-known author, she was a nurse.
Teresa Edgerton (born Van Nuys, California, in 1949) is an author of fantasy novels and short stories set in worlds that parallel the Middle Ages and the 18th century.
Princess Teresa Lubomirska (1658-1712) was a Polish noble lady. She was the daughter of Court and Grand Marshal Józef Karol Lubomirski and Teofilia Ludwika Zasławska. She married Charles III Philip (Wittelsbach), heir to the Electoral Palatinate, on December 15, 1701.
Teresa Parente is an American actress best-known for her recurrent role on the Fox Broadcasting Company's long-running situation comedy, Married ... With Children, as hapless television reporter "Miranda Veracruz de la Jolla Cardinal." She played more than forty different female characters,
Teresa of Portugal (Coimbra, 1181 – Lorvão, June 18, 1250; pron. IPA: [tɨ'ɾezɐ] or /'tɾezɐ/), also known as Tarasia of Portugal and later as Infanta-Rainha (English Princess-Queen), was the oldest daughter of Sancho I of Portugal and Dulce Berenguer. She was also wife of Alfonso IX of Castile.
Teresa Żarnowerówna (b. 1895 in Warsaw - d. 1950 in New York), was a Polish avant-garde artist: a paintress, graphic artist, sculptor, scenographer and architect.
Teresa of the Faint Smile, one of the main characters in the popular anime and manga series Claymore.
The name Teresa is on the list of hurricane names in the Atlantic Ocean, but has yet to be used (next comes up in 2009).
Teresa was a popular song by Joe Dolan, when it topped the Irish singles chart in 1969.
"St. Teresa", a single from Joan Osborne's 1995 album Relish
"St. Teresa", a song by Blackmore’s Night from their 2006 album The Village Lanterne.
Teresa means "harvester". My mother's name is Teresa Marie. That means "Harvester" of "sorrow". Be careful when naming your children.
It´s also the Czech form.
Teresa´s pet forms are Tereska, Tess(a), Teri(na), Terka, Teresia, Resa.
The Spanish opera singer Teresa Berganza (born 16 March 1935) is a well-known mezzo-soprano most closely associated with the roles of Rossini, Mozart, and Bizet. She is admired for her technical virtuosity, musical intelligence and beguiling stage presence.María Teresa Berganza was born in Madrid. She studied piano and voice at the Madrid Conservatory, where she was awarded first prize for singing in 1954. She made her concert debut in Madrid in 1955.
Teresa Stratas, OC (born Anastasia Stratakis, May 26, 1938, Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian soprano.She was born to a struggling immigrant Greek family in Toronto and at age 13 performed Greek pop songs on the radio. She graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. At age 20 Stratas made her professional opera debut as Mimì in La bohème at the Toronto Opera Festival. One year later in 1959, she co-won the Metropolitan Opera auditions, appearing later that year with the company as Poussette in Manon.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Teresa here:
Teresa is the name of a brown-haired doll who was a friend to Barbie.
Who doesn't like the name Teresa? Do not spell it with an H!
This is my best friend's name and I think it's absolutely beautiful. This spelling is much prettier then Theresa.
I personally love that name because it is the name of a very dear friend.
This is the name of the Albanian nun, Mother Teresa, who won the Nobel Peace prize for her work in the slums of Calcutta.
I think this spelling looks way better than Theresa.

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