I may be a minority in 2022, but I love this name! It sounds pretty and interesting.
As a Tiffany myself, I like my name! My parents gave it to me because they wanted something patriotic but not something too popular or something like Liberty or Justice. I don't see the patriotic association, but it's cool that that's how my parents see it. I am not blonde, I do not consider myself pretty, and I'm known for being very intelligent. I was a cheerleader, but only as a little kid. I didn't find out about the association to Tiffany & Co. until my teen years, but I personally think it's a cool one! People named Tiffany can be all sorts of things.
The meaning of Tiffany is endearing, so it's a shame that the name has been misused and emptied of its religious significance.
Tiffany Ellsworth Thayer (March 1, 1902 – August 23, 1959), a man, was an American author.
The name Tiffany just reminds me of the Bride of Chucky for some reason, now it isn't an ugly name... it just sounds like a stereotypical blonde cheerleader name.
YouTuber CGP Grey made 2 videos about this name in 2021, "The Tale of Tiffany" and "Someone Dead Ruined My Life… Again." They're pretty interesting looks at the history of this name in particular.
Tiffany can be liked or disliked as all other names. However it is a preppy name imo and has an elegance to it. Tiffany -Epiphany means the manifestation of God or the appearance of GodPersonalities will vary obviously irregardless of the nameLike it or not, it is a powerful name on many fronts
Ugly snobby mean girl name.
Tiffany is a favorite name of mine because everyone whom I've met named Tiffany as a child was beautiful, blonde and blue-eyed. I have a terrible name (Sadie) and was always jealous of these girls since I had an odd name that didn't fit into any particular category-while these girls were popular and loved. Within in my adulthood, I have met only three Tiffanys who are quite different. One was my phlebotomy instructor who was black with dread locks, second was a gorgeous petite Greek, in her 20s with long black hair and a perfect face, the third is an Italian dog enthusiast who has dark brown curly hair and dark eyes. I am currently pregnant with my 5th child who is a girl and this is a name I'd like to use, but having read all of the derogatory comments on this page, I am re-evaluating it. Tiffany Lynne sounds pretty to me, but maybe not to others?
I love the name Tiffany. I think it's beautiful, especially spelt like “Tiffini”. The meaning of it is so strong and powerful, too. It has a very sweet ring to it. It's a wonderful name.
Sounds bratty and sounds like a name for brats... don't like it at all.
The comments on this name are just ridiculous. Yes Tiffany was a popular name back in the 80s and 90s so was Jessica, Ashley, Jennifer etc. To give such a stereotype to the name Tiffany is just foolish- everyone is different. I have only known two Tiffany's whom I went to school with. One was a dark haired beauty and the other was voted the class clown senor year. I like how rare the name is now dying out at the end of the 90s for the most part so hearing the name in a classroom again will be refreshing.
This name will one day make a comeback just like the old names that are popular now that resurfaced after running their course back 100 years ago. Eleanor, Amelia, Emma, Emily etc.
I wont be surprised if this name hits the charts again much in the future when the Tiffanys who were born during the 80s and 90s are grandmotherly aged. Just like the names now.
I don't take into account how the media portrays this name which is what the negative comments do. It is just a name just because in television and movies portray Tiffany as a bimbo does not make every Tiffany a bimbo.
A bit too frilly for my liking, but Breakfast at Tiffany’s/ Tiffany & Co. is a really cute association. Tiffany blue is also a gorgeous color.
My first encounter with this name was Tiffany Aching, the protagonist of Terry Pratchett's The Wee Free Men (and it's 4 sequels). Set in a pre-industrial revolution style countryside reminiscent of my homeland in England, I associated the name Tiffany with the strong, independent, fiercely willed young character whom I became deeply inspired by. Although I know many people have a far different first image of this name, I will always associate it with a plucky, intelligent, young farmer's daughter training to be a witch, a healer, and a protector from one of my favourite childhood books.
As a former one - I HATE this name. It never felt right. If someone would say my name like, "I love you, Tiffany." I'd literally think wtf. Why did you have to use my name?
In my opinion it's ugly and it makes me think of a mean girl.
Yeah I agree Anonymous User 2/19/21.
Tiffany is a very glamorous name to have!
This name I don't like much. It feels just dry and quite, well, quite boring also. Sound is soft, like not serious or something. Not bad, not good, just simply boring.
My name is Tiffany and I've always been fond of my name, as for me it represents vibrance and vitality. The characters fit together well and it is relatively easy to pronounce. All of my friends like this name and never relate to blonde and stupidity, thus I personally think it is a great name as it indicates a form of elegance, after all, it has a Greek origin meaning "God's appearance".
Super cute and I can picture it on women of all ages.
Name of the day January 6, 2021.
I know a Tiffany, her personality is just like what I'd describe this name. Delicate and fun. I also think that this name is waning in popularity, so there will be less certainty of another Tiffany in class. I like this name. Nicknames can be Titi, Tiff, Tiffa, Tiffy/Tiffie, Fan, Fanny/Fannie, Anny/Annie, Ny/Nie, and Nyny.
Beautiful. This name is one of my favourites.
Awesome, dope name!
Tifany Mayumi.
Not a great name.
My aunt's name is Tiffany and she is a pretty cool person she acts normal and can be funny too. She is fair with life and lets everything go on so if anyone thinks this name is bad don’t be rude about it, just say what you think about it.
It's a fine name, but, at least to me, this name only fits one personality ‒ a girly social butterfly (not that there's anything wrong with that!). I can't imagine this name on a girl with a different personality. It's not my cup of tea, and it sounds rather dated anyway.
Ugly sounding meaningless name. Most people named their kid this after a jeweler- Nice, Americans. Very nice. I feel it is important to name your child after a meaningful character from your ethnicity's folklore. To have beautiful history behind it and the name should be melodic. Tiffany sounds cheap like a stripper. It is not a flowing name, there are stops Tiff-A-NY. Anything ending in ee is ugly sounding like Rodney. And I do not get the woman saying she is "blonde and blue eyed" as if that is considered anything. Exotic is beautiful not plain white so she is still living in 1974 when all you had were plain people like that with blond hair and blue eyes, LOL!
As someone with blond hair and blue eyes, I take high offense to your comment. I’m not “plain,” I’m beautiful in my own way. You do realize that brown and black hair are way more common…right? You aren’t expressing an opinion by insulting a group of people. As in your other comments, you view yourself higher than others. You aren’t better than anyone, just like everyone else. I sure hope that you’ve changed since you’ve commented last.
Tiffany is the name of the title character and main protagonist of the Tiffany Aching Adventures sub-series of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books, which include The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky, Wintersmith, I Shall Wear Midnight, and The Shepherd’s Crown.
I’m a Tiffany, born in 1974, and blonde/blue eyed. I love my name. I love Tiffany Blue and the association with Tiffany & Co.
I hate that in just about every book, TV show, or movie, if there is a stripper, a dumb women or “the other women” her name is going to be: Tiffany. Not sure how a bunch of writers all come up with the same name.
My name is Tiffany. I happen to absolutely love it. It fits my personality to a tee. Some people don't like the name but everybody has their own opinion. It's a common name for a reason. It's an absolute great name.
I can't really get behind the name Tiffany... I can't imagine an adult woman being called this; Tiffany only seems to fit an image of little girls with pigtails for me. So, all-in-all, a cute name for little girls and characters; but once you're out of the kid stage it just doesn't fit for me.
While I’ve never been fond of the name Tiffany, I have liked all the Tiffanys I’ve met and never found them to be dumb or ditzy.
Sounds a tad bit stuffy, but I really like it.
I picture a strawberry blonde with this name. Mainly because the only Tiffany I know is strawberry blonde. Tiffany is a pretty name for a pretty girl.
I think Tiffany is an okay name. What I mean is it's very pretty, it's just I wouldn't name anyone that or anything. Sorry, but it's old and I'd feel bad for whatever kid in 2020 has that name. Also, my name is Avery and my nickname is Ava.:)
Out of all of the "popular 2009 high school mean girl" names, this is the only one that I like.
Tiffany is a pretty name.
One's life must be terribly boring and dull if they have time to hate on a name. I wonder if these people are used to entertaining themselves with these little theatres in their mind, where they are the loser and the more successful bitch is named Tiffany, or Chloe. Maybe that's why they're so repressed and think that they can categorize human beings by the name they were given when they were one minute old.
In my opinion, Tiffany is a beautiful and classy name, far from being trashy or dumb.
I am a Tiffany... An African American Tiffany, born in 1973. I don't think that I've ever met anyone with my name that was actually older than me, but I have met a lot of Tiffany's. They are not normally blonde or ditzy... I love my name and it's always pleasing to meet someone who shares my name and spells it like me too!
Not bad, but there are better names out there.
My name is Tiffany, born in 1976. I am not blonde, snobby, or ditzy. Nothing about me goes with the stereotypes of this name. The only thing I do not like is being called Tiff by people I do not know. Drives me crazy. Other than that I like my name. Not too many Tiffany's while I was growing up so it was nice not to have people ask which one when addressed. I would also like to know who the oldest person named Tiffany is as well. Seems like this name was more popular back in the 70's and 80's.
It's beautiful and I love it I would consider it too.
I've met way more smart brunette Tiffanys than dumb blonde Tiffanys. (Also, guess what -- blonde hair does not confer stupidity. The 2 smartest people I know are blondes.) I think it's just one of those female names that got really popular really fast, and those names always suffer from a boomerang of negativity (especially on this website). It happens faster and faster, too, in the social media age. Trendy names run their course much more quickly than they used to. The only negative association I have is that Tiffany is a "status" name because of the expensive jewelry store, and gauche, materialistic people often glom onto those names. So even though most women and girls named Tiffany were given the name because their parents thought the name itself was beautiful, there's that 5% who chose it because they wrongly thought it made them sound rich and powerful. And all the other Tiffanys suffer for it.
In 2018, 22 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Tiffany who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 154th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
For all with the name Tiffany but not relating to the name... sometimes the dichotomy between your personality and your name is a wonderful surprise that endears you to others! It makes you that much more interesting. As in... just when I thought I had you pegged...
I don't know why but this name sounds so blonde to me.
Very over used... very underwhelming. Does conjure up a fluffy poodle or a fluffy bimbo.
Cute name.
Cheerleader much, also it screams “I'M A DUMB BLOND FROM BEVERLY HILLS” Not really fond of it and I never really cared much about this name. I don’t hate it but I’m not fond of it that’s for sure.
Tiffany Taylor was a fashion doll manufactured by the Ideal Toy Corporation in the 70s.
I don't like this name; I think it's quite ugly.
Oh bother... I wasn’t fond of my name (Tiffany) when I was little, but I like it now.

General internet (life) etiquette edification: I’m seeing several comments calling the name Tiffany ugly trashy, ditzy, etc. I have to think that a large percentage of the people who will find their way to this page do so because they are looking for information on their own name. Please keep that in mind and try not to be rude. Be intentional with your comments; not hurtful. Tiffany is a beautiful name.
My name is Tiffany, spelled “Tifani.” I stopped going by my first name and began using my middle name in grade school. Frankly, it has always been appalling how few people can read my name and pronounce it correctly, much less spell it (even when it’s being spelled out for them or it’s written down in front of their face). I always wanted a soft sounding name, something classic and elegant, or inherited from the women in my family. I NEVER wanted “unique” or “different.” It is not our name popularity or the spelling of our names that make us special, it is who we are that makes us special. I can say with certainty I have never been a “Tiffany” or a “Tifani.” I’ve always wanted to be a Catherine, Anna, Irene, or a Vivien.
I also think some of my harsh feelings towards my name have been shaped by the feelings of others and their reactions to it. Yes, it’s commonly seen as a ditzy and slutty bleach blonde bimbo name. So of course as soon as anyone finds out it’s my legal first name they’re shocked and insist it can’t be. First of all I’m thin, pale, and my hair is almost black naturally. Second, I’m far too academically and spiritually inclined.
I don’t think it’s a name that isn't feminine, but I don’t think it’s a very soft sounding name either. It’s not a masculine name, that’s certain. I think it’s a name for a certain type of woman; perhaps a more modern, athletic, or extroverted one. It’s not an easy name to bear, I think you either hate it or love it. Also, maybe it’s where I live, but I’ve only ever met a handful of Tiffany’s, ever.
My name is Tiffany and at my school there are only three other Tiffany's! I love my name and I shall stick with it.
I actually think this is a pretty nice name despite the 80's vibe it brings to me. I still think this name could work in today's world.
I like the name Tiffany. I also like Theophania. I haven't heard this name that much.
I love the name Tiffany. It's got a really striking ring to it, I just love it. So gorgeous. I've not met a Tiffany but I think I'd always remember her if I did.
I only know one Tiffany and she spells it 'Tiffani'. I think it's a pretty name and it shouldn't get called an horrible name. Yes there may be some strippers out there named Tiffany but that doesn't mean all those who are called it are trashy. I've never liked names with 'ny' at the end for some reason so my favourite spellings of this name would have to be 'Tiffani' 'Tiffaneigh' and 'Tiffanee'.
Tiffany is such an ugly and trashy name.
Singer Tiffany is a famous bearer of the name. She is best known for her 80s hits, including "I Think We're Alone Now" and "Could've Been", recorded when she was a teenager. She continues to have a successful career, as a singer/songwriter.
Tiffany is a beautiful name - super feminine and just wonderful.
I really like the "any" part of this name but the "tiff" part is just a little too... I don't know... it's just gross and tacky. But just because your name is Tiffany doesn't mean you're a bad or gross person. I've met a lot of really nice Tiffany's. I think the name is also way too common.
I loath this name, it sounds so hippie and ugly. I'm also not a fan of the 90's names (Allison, Melissa, Alyssa, Jessica, Brittney, Ashley, etc) this is definitely one the ugliest ones.
Interesting, all the stereotypes and negative connotations associated with my name. The lenses we decide to wear in life can shape our perceptions of others, in quite meaningless and hurtful ways. I wouldn't think judging someone on his or her name is an effective way of interacting or communicating with others. I'm just finishing my PhD program, so not that offended by the negative posts (comments about being dumb, blonde etc.) in this thread. In any case, we should treat others with kindness regardless of their name. As for my thoughts on my name? It's a name. I like the historical context in which it originated.
My name is Tiffany and for some reason I've always hated my name. I never had a name that was like the others in my classroom. I never met another person named Tiffany. After searching how popular it was I couldn't believe how many there were. I've eventually grown fond of my name though.
Tiffany Espensen is a Chinese-born American television and film actress, known for her role as Piper Peckinpaw in the Nickelodeon series Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures, and Belinda in Kirby Buckets. Espensen was born on February 10, 1999 in Lianjiang, China, and was adopted by American parents, Robin and Dan Espensen. She is of Cantonese descent and fluent in Mandarin. Espensen has made guest appearances on Hannah Montana, True Jackson, VP and Zeke and Luther. She landed a main role on the Nickelodeon series, Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures (2011–2013), on which she played Piper, the little sister of Ashley Argota's character.
Tiffany Ariana Trump is an American internet personality. She is the daughter of the President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump, and his second wife Marla Maples. Tiffany Trump was born on October 13, 1993, at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. She is the only child of Marla Maples and Donald Trump. She was named by her parents after Tiffany & Company. She was raised by her mother in California, where she lived until graduation from high school.
My favorite teacher in preschool was/is named Tiffany. She was super nice and sweet and I loved her a lot. I think Tiffany is a glamorous name. My mom once said "your name should've been Tiffany" and I took that as a great compliment.
The name Tiffany can be liked or disliked. It can be interpreted as a "ditsy blonde" but my name is Tiffany and I have black hair, I'm not ditsy, and sure we can be cheerleaders or whatever you distinguish us as but at the end of the day you have names too and it can be something people call outright dumb or really pretty. A person shouldn't judge a different person by name if they never met one. If they have, they shouldn't distinguish all Tiffany's the same way. We aren't all the same like how you aren't the same as all the other people with your name.
While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, some of the comments in here are extremely rude. Don't go around stereotyping people by their names. Tiffany is a beautiful name and it's not ugly... I don't even know how a name can be ugly. That doesn't make sense. Every girl out there with the name Tiffany should be proud to have it. My name is Tiffany and I am a natural blonde (but who can help that, that's genes not a choice) but I am not like the Tiffany's you portray as ditzy or cheerleaders and all that other crap. I like to play hockey and lacrosse and I HATE shopping. Pink is NOT my favourite colour either. For those girls that have the name Tiffany and don't like it because you don't think it suits you... NO that's not the reason. Everybody is given their name for a reason and don't change it just because of what other people say about it. If you truly don't like it then it's totally up to you but Tiffany is an amazing name and I know I would never ever want to change it. I don't think I've ever met another Tiffany in my life... okay maybe one, but there definitely aren't a lot of them out there and us girls that do have this name need to wear it with pride. All names are unique and beautiful. Let's celebrate that, not make each other feel like crap because of our names.
Famous bearer of this name is Tiffany of popular kpop group SNSD (Or Girls Generation).
Normally I'd picture a dumb blonde, but my best friend was Tiffany and she even scared me. She was not pretty, but she was tough. So it's all in what you perceive. I totally get how most might picture a Princess with this name.
My name is Tiffany and I don't very much like the name. I don't believe in God and this name means Manifestation of God. I'm only 14 and I want to change my name when I get older because from what I've learned of this name, I don't associate with it. This name is special, but it doesn't fit me. If you have this name, it's very special but I have thought about it and I don't like it very much. I'm sorry, but I don't believe in this name.
My name is Tiffany and I am about to turn 49 on March 30th! I'm wondering if I might be the oldest woman given this name. I know when I was young, I was the only one I knew with my name for the longest time because it was so unique. Not any more, lol. I would love to find out if there is a "Tiffany" older than me! If not, I'll proudly wear the crown!
I don't like the name. It brings to mind a narcissistic brat or a tiny yappy poodle. It's also a very dated name that was common for pretentious parents to give to their prissy, spoiled daughters back in the 1970s and 80s. I'm glad that it's less common nowadays.
Of course it is the name of the day on January 6.As for the name, it sounds alright, I am too young to see the stereotypes of a Tiffany born thirty years ago, so I do not have negative associations with this name.
Tiffany means the Appearance of God, Manifestation of God, Or Then God Appeared.
Greek root being Theophania which is a festival on Jan 6th. The name Theophania when torn down means The Light of God Appeared.
Korean girl group SNSD/Girls Generation Tiffany.
I am a man, and I want to give this name (TIFFANY) to my next baby girl because the name is famous, good, and those bearing this name were very bold, confident, well-disciplined, well-talented, and in good positions Tiffany means the manifestation of God.
There sure are a lot of comments about this name. This is my name. I have met VERY FEW other people with my name in this world. Probably only a couple. Though this name is so famous, it's unique in that there are few, at least that's my experience. I have always loved my name. I felt it was a classy, pretty, elegant name. The actual sound of the word Tiffany is very pretty to me. The ugly comments on this forum are off-putting to read when it's my name they are referring to. Wow. I don't understand how people can feel such ugly feelings about a name. You really have to stop and think about your own mind when a name can make you feel such strong negative feelings. What is that about? Do we have power over our own minds or not? I understand that words in our language are then associated with things in our culture. Look at the remarkable way that all of the very very old conservative names of people who lived more than 100 years ago, are now the most popular and chic names today. They have been re-born. They have taken on a new life. Whatever connotations that existed about those names 100 years ago... no one is alive anymore to talk about it and perpetuate it or even know what they were. So it's interesting how affected people are by culture and what other people think. I think it's lovely that these old old formal names are now so modern and "cool". I still see my name, Tiffany, in a lovely positive way, no matter all the yucky things I've read today on this forum. In my mind, it is classy, pretty, sophisticated, preppy (as another writer pointed out), bright, happy, likable, pleasant, alluring, and maybe a bit enviable. It's not a shy name to name someone Tiffany. It's out there and it's definite. It's confident. It also gives me the impression of someone who is independent and can stand on her own. Strong but soft and friendly to others.
Tiffany means "Manifestation of God." Reading all these hateful comments shows me how judgmental people can be. Your name does not determine your value or personality. I am proud of my name because I choose to be and think it's ridiculous that someone could label me on what my parents chose for me which I had nothing to do with their decision making process when deciding what to call me.
Some years back there was a commercial on TV where a young teen on a date shuddered when he received the check for the meal and exclaimed, "Never date a girl named Tiffany."The implication was that the name Tiffany denotes expensive tastes.I have been attempting to locate a copy of that funny, albeit not-too-positive, view of the name Tiffany, but I cannot locate it. Does anyone know the commercial I am referring to and have a site where I can show it to a Tiffany. She is anxious to see it.
I loooooove this name. It sounds very girly and classic, just that I imagine the typical blonde American girl with a big ego but a hot body.
Tiffany Giardina is an American singer. One of her songs is called "Hurry Up and Save Me".
I feel too many people find the bearers of names which were popular about 30 years earlier blonde, shopaholic, ditzy and bitchy. I don't really think of a dumb person when I hear the name Tiffany (or Brittany, Amanda, Vanessa). These are beautiful names, and maybe some Tiffanys have negative personality, but the others don't have the same.
My name is Tiffany and I've never much cared for the name. I have started going by another name. I don't like the sound of Tiffany. I loath the harsh sound of the 'Ti' followed immediately with the pillow fluffing 'F's that break the rhythmic flow that I usually find appealing in names. It ending with the 'ANY' reminds me of pet names and isn't something I find attractive either.I'll add that I am introverted, artistic, spiritual, quiet/shy, and a perfectionist. I'm also a repeat procrastinator and easily distracted, as I should be doing something else.
This name sounds like an obnoxious and stuck up cheerleader, who talks to her best pal Chelsea, another horrid name. I feel for whoever is named Tiffany, and I would talk to your parents about why they named you this. DON'T NICKNAME YOURSELF TIFF!
So who is the oldest person born with the first name, Tiffany?
So usually this seems really upper class and refined, but my best friend in school was Tiffany and she was a total tom boy! So I can't see Tiffany in the refined, jewelry store fashion... I kind of like the tom boy version better, it's cooler.
The name Tiffany is one that is powerful in its origin. I have met a few Tiffanys and either she was very pretty, really sweet, or very stylish. It is something how my name means "The appearance of God" and I proclaim what The Lord God reveals to me and I share it with others. Bless all of you with the name Tiffany.
To TiffChenille:
This name has two different connotations:First, it is a Theological term for when Jesus appeared as an angel in the Old Testament.When given to a human woman, it represents the hopes of her parents that she will one day be numbered among those in 1John 3:2-3.
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Brother = Timothy.
Tiffany! What a name! In my opinion this name has proven strength, creativity, and determination; however its true meaning is really better (the appearance of God). I love my purpose given name and especially now that God has called me to preach the Word of God! Many blessings and good prosperity to you all! Love ya Tiff!
I love it! I think of a beautiful, glistening jewel when I hear the name Tiffany. To me it's feminine and classy.
My name is Tiffany, & growing up I never liked it. However, I'm now 32 & love my name. I am a natural blonde so I guess I fit the stereotype there, however, I'm not 'ditzy'... 'trashy'... or 'trying to sound classier than I am'.
Tiffany is a beautiful name for a girl/woman. I happen to have 3 friends that bear the name; one of them spells her name 'Tiffani'. All three are beautiful women as well! Also interesting is that one is a Cancer, the second a Leo, and the third a Virgo which are the 4th, 5th, and 6th astrological signs of the Zodiac.
1980s bubblegum pop singer Tiffany (born Tiffany Renee Darwisch in 1971) and TV actress Tiffany Brissette (who played Vicki the Robot in the 1980s TV show Small Wonder) bear the name.
A more unique form of Emily, since it has the same sort of ring to it.
My name is Tiffany, and I was born in the 40's. Know anyone with that name born before me? It was a neighbor's last name that my mom thought was pretty. It was unheard of when I was growing up, but now I like it. Any reference to ditzy blondes {i'm brunette} or strippers just make me laugh!
Very nice and beautiful name, great meaning, and sophisticated. I read the awful comments here and they are nothing but absurd. All the Tiffany's in the world do not give a bad impression. How many are like that out there anyway? If you meet a nice, credible Tiffany you probably wouldn't care about her name. You might even start to like it. Those negative comments are stupid, probably coming from demented people, so who cares what they think. And if you ask them what names they like, those names would probably sound much worse than Tiffany.
It sounds snooty, preppy, and very dated.
I actually know a really goth girl named Tiffany, its hilarious. The name itself is a complete stereotype, and doesn't seem like it'll fit anyone that isn't under the age of twenty one, a cheerleader/bratty blonde haired girl who wears too much makeup... I know that sounds really stereotypical, but its what I think of when I hear "Tiffany". So when the person doesn't fit that description, the name just doesn't sound right on them. But that's just my personal experience, however I know only one Tiffany (thank goodness) I really am not a big fan of this name, because it pretty much has its own personality right up there with Brittany and Ashley, and quite honestly, a ninety year old woman named Tiffany or any of its even worse variants like Tiffani or Tiphanie is a complete joke.
The ultimate bitchy cheerleader name. It sounds so ditzy, and tired after hearing it so many times.
I don't know if this really counts as a famous bearer, but there is a cat breed (or two...) called "Tiffany".
This my name and I hate it since I was five years old. Maybe names like Ashley and Madison is still good to use because they're old. But 90's wore this name out. There to many references the jewelry store, the movie and the singer. It is just too much so please don't use the name because your daughter is going to be a butt of many jokes about this stuff and if you do oh well that's your problem don't say you weren't warned when you gave your daughter this barbie like name and she became the complete opposite. All I know is as soon as I turn eighteen I'm going to change my name to Heather. At least I actually had a chance to get away from this diamond related name.
Tiffany to me is ugly sounding. I think of the bearer as being a stupid, ditzy girl or woman.
My name is Tiffany. I used to not like my name when I was younger because I thought it was a white girl's name and I was named after a white character on General Hospital named Tiffany. Now that I'm older I love my name! I have met more black women with my name than white women. I get comments about my name, people always say it's a sweet name and I agree.
Tiffany is a lovely and sweet name for a girl. My daughter is called Tiffany Rose and it suits her so much, she is beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. I don't think it sounds cheap, trashy or chavvy. I think it sounds beautiful and classy.
Tiffany Mynx (b 1971) is an award-winning porn star who has starred in more than 400 movies. She was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2001.
Tiffany Giardina is an upcoming pop singer.
I guess it's not horrible, but it's very dated and sounds like the name of a ditzy cheerleader.
I have to say, I do not like the sound of this name.
I like this name but not as much as I used to. I still think it's a stylish and girly name though.
My name is Tiffany, and I have to admit though I love the name it does bring to mind some unfortunate stereotypes. I think if you get past that it is really beautiful- and I just love the meaning. As for popularity, I've only met two people with the name, both were born in the 80s. I've never met anyone born after that with this name.
I like it, though it's not the best name out there. It's much better than some other 80's names I've heard.
I knew a Tiffany once. She was dyed blond (sorry but she was), constantly wore pink, entered beauty pageants, loved shopping and expensiveness, and was standoffish. It's funny how people fit into name stereotypes. Another Tiffany I knew was sweet and fun. She didn't fit the Tiffany type, so she went by "Tippy" instead.
Popular with people who can't actually afford to shop at Tiffany & Co.
Very trashy, low-class-trying-to-sound-upscale name along the likes of Crystal, Brittany, etc. Hate it.
It's funny that someone called this a "blonde" name, because all of the Tiffanys I've ever met all had dark hair! (And several of them were actually Black.)I'm not sure about the generation being born in the new millennium, but from the 1980 to at least the late 90s, there were TONS of Tiffanys being born in America, and the name became overly common. Now, even though being "overused" in my generation has ruined (for me) the charm of names like Ashley, Emily, Sarah, and even Stephanie, Tiffany still sounds beautiful--overuse can't change that.
I don't like it. Especially because it ends in FANY like FANNY.
Not a favourable name for me. This is slightly ironic because in middle school there was a girl with this name who loved to spread gossip and ruin people's friendships, and even before that I had that stereotypical ditzy platinum blonde impression. The ironic part is that my birthday is January 6th.
Unlike other overused names (Jessica, Emily, etc.) I can't see anything nice about this name. It seems infantile and ditzy to me. The spelling, too, looks way, way, way too modern. Other spellings, like Typhani, look old fashioned and elegant, but this spelling reminds of a sparkly poodle! (God knows why!)
My name is Tiffany, I however do not think that Tiffany is a ditzy "Blonde" name. I have always loved the fact that you could shorten my name to Tiff or Tiffy. And also I do not think it is overrated or outdated. I love this name.
This name is horridly UGLY. I cannot stress that enough.
Not every name needs a nickname, though some probably disagree with that statement. Anyway, the most common nickname is "Tiff". (For those of you wondering.)
I don't favour it. We have three Tiffanys in our class, and no less than fifty in the school. How could you give it a nickname? fanny? tiff? toffee?
This name is quite unique, but I've always seen it as a chav name. Probably because of Tiffany Mitchell in Eastenders, which is considered to be a chav programme. I can't imagine an old biddy with this name, but in years to come, all the old grandmas will be called Tiffany, Tracy, Stacy, Rochelle and the likes.
I'm torn on this name. :)On one hand, I love it, because it's my middle name. My family has this thing about giving a mother's maiden name as a child's middle name, so me (I'm a girl), my father and my grandfather's middle names are Tiffany, after my great-great-great something Grandmother, who was part of the Tiffany (jewelers) family. But on the other hand, like many people have said, it just attaches itself to a 80's girl with the wild hair, wearing leg warmers and a leotard.It is interesting that it's a medieval name though, and I love the meaning. :)
I really dislike this name. It sounds trashy and cheap. Still it is very popular! Go figure (?!)
Ashley, Emily, Hannah, Sarah, and Tiffany all have one thing in common: overused.
This name is totally dated. I think it's forever attached to the Seventies and Eighties. This name is only suitable on a cheerleader or teen singing sensation (like Tiffany, the singer). And it's even worse when people spell it like Tiffani, Tyffani, or Tyfanee. No offense to all you Tiffanys out there!
Gorgeous name! Soft and pretty. I have only known 1 Tiffany my entire life and she definitely did not live up to the ridiculous stereotype. I am considering it as a middle name.
Firstly: This name isn't common. I've only met 1 in my life.
Secondly: It's not trailer trash snobby stripper material. If that's the sort of name you want to bash, try Clementine or Crystal.
Thirdly: As far as nicknames go, there are thousands. The one I know is nicknamed Annie from the last two syllables of her name. Iffie is something we never use, occasionally Tiff or Tiffin.
I agree that it sounds tacky. Such a trendy, low-class name. And it can't even be remedied by a good nickname! Tiff? Iffie?
I've only met one Tiffany and I've kinda gotten used to it. I don't really associate it with a stripper or trailer trashy either (that's Brandi and Crystal).
This name sounds hopelessly ditzy to me, like the name of a cute, yet spoiled, dim-witted upper middle class girl. The name is pretty much über-girly, and I can't imagine this on any self-respecting woman past the age of 20. This was quite appropriately the name of the utterly superficial, vapid, and extremely stupid girl Tiffany on the series Daria.
I think that this name is beautiful, but it is dated and I had some bad associations with it so I will never use it.
Tiffany is my name and I'm not a trampy, ditzy blonde. I may not like the way my name sounds but I love the meaning. Apearence of God. I'm not a cheerleader either. Neither is any other Tiffany I'v met. Tiff is my favorite nickname.
Tiffany comes off as a trashy '80s name to me. Interesting that it's a medieval name, though I still hate the name.
Tiffany Aching is the main character in some of the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett (she features in The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky and Wintersmith).
A blonde, poodle-haired chick who cheerleads and, when not cheerleading, wears legwarmers and a terry headband. She says "like, gag me with a spoon" entirely too much (at all, in other words).
THEO means God or Lord, Phanie, related to phonix, or phone; to hear (or to OTIS). Tiffany means God hears or to hear God.
My name is Tiffany, my family lived on an American Base in Okinawa, JA and my mother knew a little girl that lived down the road from them named "Tiffany," so she decided to use it herself! That is how I got my name. I love the meaning "Image of God" or "Appearance of God." (same thing)I personally like my name, can't say I always have though! I think it's a great name, not used often enough this day in time, but I hope it'll recycle itself again soon as most names do! Hollar to all the TIFFANY'S out there! We have more fun!
I love the name Tiffany. I think that it sounds girly and chic. I want to name my first daughter Tiffany.
Tiffany Pollard is the birth name of New York from "Flavor Of Love" and "I Love New York".
My name is Tiffany and I like it just not for me. I have everyone call me Tiff instead of the whole thing.
Anyone who thinks everyone with the name Tiffany (or any name for that matter) is automatically ditsy and blonde are crazy! My name is Tiffany and I don't act ditsy all the time. I just can't stand how people do that, sorry if I offend you but it's the way I feel.
My name is Tiffany, and my parents named me Tiffany because they thought it was a pretty name. I've met many Tiffanys in my life, and each and every one of them (including me) are unique individuals. Theophania sounds royal, elegant, and high class. Tiffany reminds me of TIFFANY&CO. Which is a company which has a wide variety of precious jewellery. Like the company, Tiffany is a unique and special name. I think it's a beautiful name, and I am PROUD to be named Tiffany!.
Has everyone forgotten the 1980s teen singing sensation Tiffany? (Tiffany Darwish) I assumed she was the reason the name got really really overused in the 80s.
This is a cute, preppy name for a girl. While not my favorite name, I love its meaning. I was in a drama a few years ago, and played the part of a girl named Tiffany - called Tiff - who was trying to get away with cheating on her history test by writing the answers on her arm/leg/belly etc. But made the mistake of writing the answers with a laundry marker! She was a charming smart-alec, with a care-free disposition. Playing the part made a lasting impression on me, and gave me my opinion of this name. I must say that I do love the nickname Tiff. And I think this name would go well on myself, despite my not being preppy. I think it could also represent a strong woman of God, who is a loyal friend with a great sense of humor.
Tiffany is also a surname, e.g. Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of Tiffany & Co.
I named my daughter Tiffany. I knew that she was special even when she was in my womb. I have read most of the comments about girls named Tiffany. And yes you can find ones with the attitudes, and sassiness, and maybe a woman working as a stripper, but unfortantely we don't know why they act they way the do, nor can we down someone for the way that they have to live to survive. Just because your name is Tiffany, we shouldn't put anyone in a classification!
With all due respect Tiffany is a bad name and anyone planning to call their child Tiffany is plain crazy.
I don't think that Tiffany is an ugly or bad name at all but I think of it as a very over-used 80s name. My mind refuses to associate it with anything else.
Tiffany Trump is the daughter of The Donald and his second ex-wife, Marla Maples. Whether that's a point for or against the name, I leave it to you to decide.
Just think of all the elegant Medieval girls, with their Celtic dresses and long hair dining in castles (obviously only the nobles) and maybe some peasant girls in the Peasants Revolt along the way. And today it is associated with "ditzy" girls. Shame really. Popularity kills everything. Why is it when a nice name is discovered by a generation it is stuck on every other baby born to them?
I've never really liked this name. I don't like the way it sounds. I don't think it's beautiful or elegant. It makes me think of someone who is indecisive or insecure. But I'm not going to judge someone just because of their name, though. That's just unfair.
I don't think I'd use this on a person in this day and age. You hear Tiffany, and you like "diamonds." I wouldn't even give it to a cat (mainly because I can't think of a cat that would suit it) but I think it's a bit out of date now.
Reminds me of a child or teen growing up in the late 80's to 90's, maybe it's because of the show "Saved By The Bell". I seriously don't know why though, it's not so popular today anyway.
Though I've never personally known any Tiffanys, I'm not fond of the name. When I hear of it I think of a girly girl. Or a prissy poodle some reason. The name just has a frou-frou sound and feeling.
Hi. My name is Tiffeny, a spelling of the name you may not have seen before I know, lol. Anyway I have read a little about what the name means etc and I would agree that Tiffeny's do have a tendency to tell lies. And although I was born 9th December I was early. I was actually due in January I think!
Tiffany appeared on the top 1000 list in the 1960's. Its most popular year was the 1980's where it ranked 11.
It's strange how pretty that the original name is and how wholesome its meaning when I will probably always associate this name with ditzy harlots and bimbos (no offence to anybody with this name).
Tiffany is my name, and I have to admit that I am not that fond of it. I have never liked my name, mainly because I don’t think it’s a pretty or feminine name. The only thing I liked about my name growing up was that there were not a lot of Tiffany’s around. I didn’t meet another Tiffany until I was in grade 11, and when I graduated high school, there were only two Tiffany’s in my school. I always appreciated having a unique name, and not a popular name like Jennifer or Jessica.
My name is Tiffany. I have always loved my name. I haven't met too many other Tiffany's. I love that my name is somewhat unique.
I was surprised to see the wonderful origin of this name, because these days it's the quintessential slutty ditz name.
I really hate this name. It's too fluffy.
Not doing it for me. Every Tiffany I've ever known or seen is fake and trampy and dyes their hair blonde. Sorry.
Tiffany is actor Richard Gere's middle name.
I can not stand this name. I think it's obnoxious and low class. I loved it when I was little, but now it just sounds tacky.
Though I very much dislike "Tiffany" (along with Jessica, Ashley, Melissa, Stephanie, etc.), I like its first form (stated on its etymology). I know of a Tiffany, who's name is spelt "Typhani". Still, I totally despise this name.
This name is very pretty and elegant. I just love the meaning of this name.
This name is very pretty. ;)
To me, Tiffany is a name of someone who likes to go shopping! It's not my favourite name, I don't like the hard TIFF sound.
My name is spelled Tiffanie. I am very proud of my name. I love that it is symmetrical and has eight letters. My name to me seems very noble, especially the way it is spelled. When others call my name they say it softly. I feel very special, artistic, and creative when I consider my name is Tiffanie. I think it is a beautiful name.
I am a Tiffany... I was supposed to be born early January, not sure of the exact date, because I was early! Like most Tiff's I had things to do, places to be, people to impress! :-)
Tiffany (along with Jessica, Melissa, Ashley and Vanessa) is fairly popular in the town I live in, as well as the surrounding towns. I can't say that I love the name, but I don't hate it.
I find it quite facinating that I was born on January 6th 1978 and given pleasure of being named Tiffany. I have always wore my name a sense of pride, to me it represented a subtle beauty. My father gave me that name, having no notion of its religious significance, it's simply touching.
How interesting! I love medieval names or names related to them. I have a cousin named Tiffany, and a neighbor (who moved away recently) named Tiffani, except she spelt it with an I. I didn't really like the name till I got a little older. I love it! I am also a Christian.
I have always loved my name. All Tiffany's that I've met have all been so pretty and sweet as myself.
I think it means strong and smart and hot!
At first I hated having the name Tiffany because there was always at least three Tiffany's in my class. But as I got older, I grew to appreciate it more, its meaning and everything else about it.
I was blown away after reading the brief description of the history behind the name "Tiffany", and I'll tell you why. I make jewelry (I know, how funny, Tiffany's jewelry) and I wanted to call my company Tiffany's Epiphany. Here we have Tiffany being the traditional name given to girls on the holiday, Epiphany, which happens to fall on Jan. 6th. My birthday is on January 15th. Now look at the reason for the holiday. I am a Christian, so that was the icing on the cake for me. Just thought I'd try and share my experience with you all. Also, Tiffany means "appearance of God". It's a very powerful name and I would feel priveledged to meet any of you others out there. But if you've noticed there are not to many of us out there (I haven't met too many anyway). You are all very special ladies!
Tiffany is the most beautiful name a female can have, most Tiffanys I have come across are special people. So be blessed if your name is TIFFANY!

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