And the Tucker Carlson association makes it even worse. Vile, hateful man.
Sounds like a golden retriever's name. Don't name your kid or your dog after a fascist.
Tucker the trucker. It’s a very strong sounding name honestly.
Anyone who names their kid Tucker has to be out of their MIND! Tucker Carlson is nothing more than a political BS hack POS!
I like it on a human but you hear this a lot on a dog.
Super cute, and I think of Tucker Budzyn when I hear this name!
Dumb jock name.
Not bad. I like its ring and sound.
Good dog’s name.
My Tucker is named after the Tucker car, developed by Preston Tucker. Although not many were made, the Tucker car was ahead of its time with revolutionary safety features and thought given to enjoying the ride. Mr. Tucker was a brilliant, thinking man who valued what mattered most. I had no issue about it rhyming with any other word because kids are always going to find something to rhyme a name with unless your name is Orange. My family is from the south and surnames are often given as first names in following generations so didn’t seem weird to anyone I knew.
This is my name and my friend said it means cloth filler for people that don't know what it means.
Sounds like that overly horny college kid who sleeps with all the girls' name. A good or a bad thing, just depends on how you interpret it.
Although all the Tuckers I've met are nice people, (and I like Tucker Carlson) this name is too modern, cutesy and pet-namey for me.
Don't really like it.
I just can't take the name Tucker seriously. Seriously, when I hear "Tucker" I think of a grizzled geezer of the Old West who's too fond of his 'likker', some unshaven salt that character actor Walter Brennan would've played.
And horrors! I just met a teen girl named Tucker! Good lawd.

In my mind I always hear the song "Old Dan Tucker":

Old Daniel Tucker wuz a mighty man,
He washed his face in a fryin' pan;
Combed his head wid a wagon wheel
And he died wid de toofache in his heel.

So, git outa de way for old Dan Tucker,
He's come too late to git his supper.
Supper's over and breakfast cookin',
Old Dan Tucker standin' lookin'.
Tucker is a cool name for a boy. I know one great Tucker - his last name is "Carlson".
Not bad, but don’t know if I like it enough to use it.
This name is rather unpleasant, plus it remind me of a tummy tuck. I don't like the uck, er, and what it rhymes with, but if you like it enough, name your child it.
Wasn't Tucker a character on Danny Phantom? Yeah... I can't get that out of my head.
Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson is an American political news correspondent for Fox News. He has hosted Tucker Carlson Tonight since November 14, 2016, each weeknight at 9:00 PM ET. He is co-founder and former editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller website and formerly co-hosted CNN's Crossfire and MSNBC's Tucker.
Tucker is my son's name. It fits him. He is fun loving and caring and everybody loves him. He wears his name well. As with any name there are pro's and con's. To be told, my son's name is actually TuckerJohn. But he goes by Tucker or TJ. If you like the name then use it. I promise when I call his name at school or anywhere else he is the only one.
My name is Tucker and I have to say, I love my name. I was browsing the internet looking around for the meaning of my name when I came across this thread. I almost never meet people with my name, and when I do it is always very cool. What is so interesting though is my middle name is John. So just like the son of the anonymous user above, my name also is Tucker John! Even more interesting is that I went by TJ all the way up to my senior year of high school. I did check with my parents and they said they did not make this anonymous post, so it is really cool to know there is another person with the same name (and nickname) as me! But it looks like the user's son's name is TuckerJohn, not Tucker John, but it is still cool nonetheless!
Tucker is the best name ever, and me as a Tucker can say it's the best name you can name your child. It may rhyme with a swear word, but I've had a great life with the name Tucker.
Tucker is a surname from England with its own coat of arms and is a very distinguished name. It is more likely to be someone from an old Boston family than some of the crass plebeians who have made their negative comments above. When I asked him about the rhyming jokes about his name, he good-naturedly answered that that was over after junior high.
I think this name is a good, rugged name, but I will never call my child that! The other children would say "He would never be able to play the name game!" And I think you know why.
Tucker is a fun, rugged name for a dog, and it's the 16th most common name for male dogs in the United States. It's also a common surname for people. However, it seems odd to me as a first name for a person. There are several human surnames that are popular as dogs' names (Tucker, Tanner, Bailey, Cooper) but have recently tried to gain acceptance as first names for children. However, as long as they remain so common as dogs' names, most people will never think of them as human first names, any more than Rover or Spot. Apologies to any Tuckers out there...
I think the name Tucker is masculine, manly and HOT. :D It's an awesome name! ;D.
Ok, to start off I am a Tucker, and secondly Tuckers like don't get a lot of love even though what a lot of people say is is true for a Tucker they are smart, kind, and very, VERY sensitive. If you hurt their feelings they're going to fight back. Tuckers are going to be the very best friend you ever had with tagged along said "bully" I don't believe In that. In fact, I actually get bullied by the name 'fucker' I mean, it's some what funny but after a while it gets annoying so all I have to say to this is don't call a Tucker that. It's funny, but not for long so just keep your mouth shut, ok? And lastly, GIVE THEM A LOT OF LOVE!
Tucker Mouse was a mouse in The Cricket In Times Square (1960) and five other books of that series by George Selden.
Dome Ace Tucker is the flamboyantly dressed purple-haired Frontier Brain in Pokemon Emerald.
I knew a really jerky kid named Tucker, and trust me, it didn't take me (or any of the other kids) very long to figure out what his name rhymed with, and I was only ten. Parents, this is definitely one good reason not to name your son this.
I first heard this name in a movie. Tucker was a cat and I have always loved this name. It's strong, yet sweet.
I love the name Tucker! I think it's really masculine and cool sounding. It's got a southern charm about it, which I love. I went to school with a Tucker, and no one ever called him fucker. Ever. I think people go way overboard about kids teasing because of names, kids will probably find SOMETHING to tease you about, but they really don't usually tease you because of your name. They're not THAT cruel, really. (Some are, but really most aren't! I'm a 13 year old myself, I know.)

I have it paired as Tucker Daniel on my list so he can have a more traditional name to fall back on in the event that he WAS indeed teased.
Why do people name their sons Tucker? It doesn't sound like a real name. Tucker, like Tanner, is a youthful, overly-modern thing that would only work if the boy stayed ten for the rest of his life. Unlike Tanner, however, Tucker can attract MANY unwanted nicknames: Fucker, hooker, tweaker, etc.
Tucker Jenkins was a schoolboy character in Grange Hill in the last century, played by Todd Carty.

Made most famous by the comment "Flippin' 'eck Tucker" from his schoolmate Benny Green.
I hate this name. It sounds so corny, every time I've heard it it's been used on the male love interest in a romance novel for teen girls. Not only that, but it sounds like a last name and it's only one letter off from 'fucker'.
Reminds me of "Everybody Loves Raymond" when a boy was teasing Ray's daughter Ally.

Ray: Tease him back - think of something that rhymes with his name. What's his name anyway?

Ally: Tucker.

Ray: Errrrrrr...
The name, to steal from above, is pure hill-billy trash. I'd gladly drop the T for a F. The comic appeal is priceless.

In addition, it's slang for food in Australia and New Zealand.
I know a guy named Thomas who goes by Tucker, but I have no idea why. He's given it some positive associations, but it still sounds like a hillbilly name.
This name rings a most prophetic tone. It bears true strength and integrity, while maintaining a simple and sound pronunciation. It is a rare and unique, only ever bestowed upon the most intelligible and articulate individuals. Those bold enough to bear this name, not sobriquet, prepare their most esteemed child for a life, lived never in fear nor shame, unlike many of you cynical fools would so verbosely state. I speak from absolute experience that one who bears this name will full-heartily, and bravely embrace the wholesome swarm of eager and foolish mellow individuals. As Albert Einstein once eloquently put it, great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from meager minds. Never fear, Tucker, as in the Latin motto, prevails.
Tucker Case is a character of Christopher Moore and has appeared in several of his books, like "The Island of the Sequined Love Nun" and "The Stupidest Angel".
I much perfer just Tuck, it sounds sweet to me. I can't put my finger on anything wrong with the full Tucker, but I don't like it as much.
I hate this name. It makes me think of either spoiled brats or dumb jocks.
I loathe this name. It sounds too much like a surname, it makes me think of dimwitted rednecks and frat boys, it sounds immature and sort of lower middle class, and it reminds me of that idiot Tucker Carlson.
Tucker is the 128th most common surname in the USA. It first arrived in the pre-USA colonies in the 1600s, and has "absorbed" many variations of independent national origin. While Southwest England (ie. Cornwall, Devon, South Wales) is one origin, there is also a proven Irish origin from the Gaelic O'Tuachair, as well as German, Polish and Jewish origins. One sould not be too hasty to presume that all Tuckers are of English origin. (Sources: US Census Bureau, and Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4).
I'd never name my son Tucker because, um, there are a lot of dogs named Tucker.
Tucker is a nice name, but I don't think that I could ever name a child something that rhymes with "fucker".
I think Tucker is a strong, rugged, but kinda sensitive name, it shows strength and power, and it shows gentleness all at the same time. I love this name!
There's a nursery rhyme that starts "Little Tommy Tucker sang for his supper."

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