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In my opinion Tybalt has a fiery, literarian and Medieval vibe. I really like its strength!
Felie  11/22/2018
Don't like the connection with Romeo and Juliet.
kayisforkeen  9/25/2018
It sounds cool, but I don't think it could work for a person because it is so weird and out there and the character was killed.
― Anonymous User  5/12/2018
Strange name to begin with, makes me think of the element Cobalt (Co). This is not a name I think highly of.
Kidwins9  2/1/2016
I don't really like this name. There's always the Romeo and Juliet factor, plus it just doesn't sound all that good. It would be nice on a cat, though. Tybalt would be a nice companion for Miss Kitty Fantastica.

Plus, it also makes me think of Tybalt from the webcomic Boy Meets Boy. If BMB ever really had an antagonist, it was Tybalt (or Collin, but that's beside the point).
DestructoGirl  6/27/2009
This name sounds and looks amazing, and I love the 'fire' if you like that is given to it by the character in Romeo and Juliet. It's indeed lovely.
Golden Phoenix  3/28/2009
Pronounced: TIB-ult.
Kate  4/19/2008
Pshhhh, I read a book called Chestnut Hill written by Lauren Brooke, and she writes horse story type of books and Tybalt was the name of a traumatized horse. I don't think this is a very good name for a person.
dreamgirl54  11/11/2007
This name makes me think of someone who is fiery and angry, probably due to the character in Romeo and Juliet. Tybalt had it comming to him when Romeo killed him. He was a jerk. I wouldn't use this name.
sharonrenee  8/6/2007
This name is amazing! I love it =] And I love Tybalt's charactor in Romeo and Juliet too, he's such a rebel, he rocks! =]
twinkle toes  5/3/2007
This name is rad. Perfect choice for the character in Romeo and Juliet.
ellen day  5/27/2006

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