I actually really like this name.
Ask your doctor if Viatrix is right for you.
I love Viatrix, but can see why people dislike it. And if you want to shorten it, Via is cute.
Even though this is a strange connection, it reminds me of the Matrix, since both end in Trix.
Twin name: Victrix.
I think that Vi or Vivi would be cute nicknames. If I named my daughter Viatrix, she would definitely go by Vivi, or maybe Vi.
I have long loved Beatrice and Beatrix, and truly wish to share a similar adoration for Viatrix. Unfortunately, it, in all honesty, could very easily be used (or mistaken) for a drug or medication. Viagra comes to mind, actually.

VEE-Uh-Trix sounds more believable and passable, but whenever I see it I immediately pronounce it as Vee-AH-Trix ("A" as in "Apple"; emphasis placed there). The latter is exceptionally repellent and unlovely.
Beautiful name, but I don't like the nicknames. Vi reminds me of an annoying girl I know. Trixie and Trix sound very trailor-trash. I suppose maybe Vixie would be okay, but I find it unattractive.
Am I the only one who doesn't like this? It sounds like the name of a prescription drug.
Viatrix is so gorgeous, in my opinion. Agreed that Vi and Trixie (Trix as well?) make darling nicknames, especially Vi (seeing, particularly, as Trixie and Trix can be a bit corny). It’s just so beautiful! I love Beatrix, so maybe that’s a given, but I think it’s even more unique than Beatrix, which is saying a lot for its beauty.
I love Viatrix! So cute, and Vi and Trixie make adorable nicknames.

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