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Gender Feminine

Meaning & History

Swedish and Lithuanian feminine form of WILLIAM.

Related Names

DiminutivesHelmi, Mimmi, Vilma(Swedish)
Masculine FormsVilhelm, Ville(Swedish) Vilhelmas(Lithuanian)
Other Languages & CulturesVilma(Croatian) Vilma(Czech) Wilhelmina, Willemijn, Willemina, Elma, Helma, Mien, Mina, Wil, Willy, Wilma(Dutch) Wilhelmina, Mina, Minnie, Velma, Willa, Wilma(English) Helmi, Iina, Miina, Mimmi, Minna, Vilhelmiina, Vilma(Finnish) Wilhelmina, Wilhelmine, Elma, Helma, Helmine, Minna, Vilma, Wilma(German) Vilma(Hungarian) Vilma(Portuguese) Vilma(Slovak) Vilma(Spanish)
User SubmissionVilhelmína

Name Days

Hungary: September 19
Lithuania: May 26
Lithuania: September 19
Sweden: May 26


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