Names Categorized "rare Swedish"

This is a list of names in which the categories include rare Swedish.
Agda f Swedish (Rare)
Swedish variant form of Agatha.
Bengta f Swedish (Rare)
Swedish feminine form of Benedict.
Elov m Swedish (Rare)
Variant of Elof.
Fritjof m Swedish (Rare), Norwegian (Rare)
From the Old Norse name Friðþjófr meaning "thief of peace", derived from the elements friðr "peace" and þjófr "thief".
Gillis m Swedish (Rare), Dutch (Rare)
Swedish and Dutch form of Gilles.
Gunne m Swedish (Rare), Norwegian (Rare)
Short form of Old Norse names beginning with the element gunnr "war".
Halvar m Swedish (Rare)
Swedish form of Halvard.
Hemming m Swedish (Rare), Norwegian (Rare), Danish (Rare)
Perhaps derived from Old Norse hamr "shape", and possibly originally a nickname for a person believed to be a shape changer.
Henrika f Lithuanian, Swedish (Rare)
Lithuanian and Swedish feminine form of Henrik.
Madicken f Literature, Swedish (Rare)
Used by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren for the heroine of her series of books of the same name, first published in 1960. She is called Maggie, Meg or Mardie in English translations. In the books the name is a diminutive of Margareta, though the inspiration for the character was Lindgren's childhood friend Anne-Marie, whose nickname was Madicken.
Merit 2 f Estonian, Swedish (Rare)
Variant of Maret (Estonian) or Marit (Swedish).
Sigfrid 1 m Swedish (Rare)
Swedish form of Siegfried. This was the name of an 11th-century saint from England who did missionary work in Scandinavia.
Tryggve m Norwegian (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Norwegian variant and Swedish form of Trygve.
Varg m Norwegian (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Means "wolf" in Old Norse.
Vilhelmina f Swedish (Rare), Lithuanian
Swedish and Lithuanian feminine form of William.