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Virginia is another rare and old fashioned name that has more or less died out in this day and age, which might be why I like it so much, that and all the famous people with this name. Sadly this name isn't going to become hugely popular any time soon again because people have dirty minds with Virginia sounding like Vagina- it really doesn't.
I love Virginia for a name. I think it's graced with beautiful elegance, class and femininity. Gia and Ginny would be really cute nicknames, as well. As for the meaning, “virgin”, I think it's a really sweet and pretty meaning. In an overly-sexualized society like ours, people are going to make anything vulgar. They do that with many names, such as Lana, Willy, Chastity, etc. It's not just Virginia. It's not even just names, either. However, that's their fault. Don't let that stop you from loving such a gorgeous name like Virginia. It ages wonderfully as well, as I can easily picture this name on a sweet infant, curious toddler, playful little girl, adventurous teenager, smart young adult, or respectful senior.
Also, I think the name is a good balance between feminine yet not too “frilly”. In other words, I can picture this name on a sweet girly-girl with long luscious hair, bright red lipstick and pretty sundresses, who loves singing, dancing and cute little animals; however, I can just as easily picture a Virginia as a sporty tomboy with a backwards ball cap, sports jersey, boyfriend jeans and sneakers, who loves basketball and hanging out with the guys.
Overall, I think Virginia is a very beautiful name. If you dream of giving your child this name, I say go for it! Also, if this is YOUR name, then be proud of it! You have a gorgeous name, with an even more beautiful heart, I'm sure ;)
Just weird! But better than naming your kid Florida haha. It’s not very pretty and I’m sorry to all Virginia girls but… it’s awful!
That you like the name Virginia is a matter of taste, but it is a real shame that there are parents who do not want to call their daughter Virginia or that there are Virginias who do not feel comfortable with her name due to the level of harassment and shame they have suffered at the hands of these people. I find it outrageous.
My name is Virginia. I would never name my child anything like this. You may think that people can get over it or grow up, if they wanna make a vulgar name out of this. People don't grow up and they don't care that it's hurtful. As a child it was horrible but it still happens as an adult occasionally and it is still hurtful.
Quite nice. I really like this name!
Also Provençal: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
This is another name that is old-fashioned in a delightfully refreshing way.
Very pretty but very dated.
Very dated!
Beautiful old family name. If I use it at all it would be traditional.
Virginia is also Swedish. The name day for Virginia in Sweden is December 8.
Such a wonderful, strong, just a great name! Virginia has class and elegance! Beautiful name, should be used more often!
Sounds too much like vagina but that's probably just me.
It's a nice name, very classy and old-fashioned. I don't get why people think it sounds like "vagina"... how are y'all pronouncing this?
If you are thinking of 'virgin' or genitals, can you just shush? Like, seriously? Can you just go and get a heart (and a brain?). Just really, get over your abounding immaturity.
I love this name, I love, love love it. So beautiful.
Reminds me of vagina.
AbbeyDawn, I don’t know what crazy stuff is in your head, I don’t get how this name can sound like vagina so you must be really dirty minded to think that.
My name is Virginia and the fact that some of you guys are coming up with words like vagina is kind of rude but I will say that does sound a little bit like it. Also, I would like to say that Virginia is a beautiful name and the state Virginia was named in the sense of the new land, not never having it. I will say the name Virginia is a beautiful name and I have been teased by being called Vir-gina. Don't do that. Virginia was actually the first name of the first child who was born in The Lost colony.
What's wrong with being a virgin? Anyway, I like the name.
It sounds pretty, but I wouldn't use it because of the meaning. I definitely prefer this over Chastity, though. Also, this name sounds nothing like "vagina"...
I'm saying no to any name containing the word virgin.
Sure it has a really similar pronunciation to a certain crude part of the body but I still find it to be a beautiful name, with a very interesting meaning. If I ever have kids I will name my oldest daughter this. I really like V names, like Vienna and Vivian, so of course I see this name as very pretty, but that's just my opinion. I think it would be nice if the name were paired with the middle name "Marie" as a tribute to the Virgin Mary. :)
In Spanish it could also be pronounced as vir-KHIN-EE-ya.
Not sure why this is tagged as Swedish, only 321 women in Sweden bear this name. Also it doesn't work phonetically in Swedish. If names are categorized as Swedish with such low numbers then names like Hailey, Cleo and Kimberly should also be Swedish since all of them have more than twice the amount of bearers in Sweden. The usage is not Swedish. [noted -ed]
A dowdy and old-ladyish name. It also would be very likely to cause teasing from other kids if someone gave this name to their child.
Virginia is one of my all-time favourites. I want to name my daughter this, if I ever have one. My favourite nicknames are Ginger and Ginnie. My great-grandmother's mother was called Virginia and my mother's stepmother was called Ginnie, so it's kind of a family name. I love it. It's classic and beautiful and the nicknames are cute. This name stood the test of time.
My name is Virginia, I’m 40 now. Growing up I never liked my name. I did get made fun of with Vagina. I was told to get laid after junior high so I wouldn’t be Virgin-ia anymore. I’ve gone by Vir my whole life as a nickname. I was named after my grandmother. After her death I couldn’t have been more proud to have her name, but I still go by Vir. But as an adult I was in a class and the instructor was about to say vagina referring to the body part but didn’t want to say that word so he said Virginia instead. I was soooo embarrassed.
Beautiful and elegant. The virgin isn't about sex but soul, which we have inside. But our society is obsessed about sex so...
I don’t understand why you guys think this is such a ghastly name to the majority if only 24% voted this name bad. Usually if there were a few rants on this name it would have at least 60% votes for being bad. I don’t even care. This is a beautiful and elegant name. Just like the state below where I live. If you guys insulted this wonderful name you should leave your rate for me to see what’s happening. No matter if you like it or hate it. P.S. I live in Maryland! :)
According to ISTAT Virginia was the #63 most used feminine name for newborns born in Italy in 2016. In fact, 631 Virginias were born that year.
In 2018, 67 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Virginia who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 119th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Virginia Weilder (1927 - 1968) was an American child actress.
Virginia Eriksdotter (1559–1633) was the recognized illegitimate daughter of King Erik XIV of Sweden and his mistress Agda Persdotter.
Better than Chastity, but still awful.
Wow... I have lost faith in humanity! Idiotic dirty minded people are saying this reminds them of the word “vagina”. Since when on a NAMING site do people bring up stuff like this? Names ARE NAMES it’s not even CLOSE to “vagina”. God... People overreact too much on this site.
Virginia sounds graceful, though it will make me come up with vagina...
Vagina, virgin, virginity, Victoria. All the names that will be associated with Virginia. I wouldn't use it.
My name is Virginia. I'm named after my grandmother, not the state. She was not named for the state either; her mother just liked the name. As a child, teenager, and young adult, I have gone by Ginny, Ginny Lou (middle name is Louneal) or occasionally Ginger, but never Virginia. So I can't recall ever being teased with "Virgin" or "Vagina" or some such nickname. I do remember growing up thinking Virginia is an old lady's name, but now that I'm an adult, I love it.

I started going by Virginia in college since all my official paperwork had Virginia on it, and people assume the spoken "Ginny" is actually "Jenny" and therefore short for Jennifer and rarely make the connection to Virginia. So going by Virginia as an adult has eased a lot of that confusion.

These days, I get called "Victoria" or "Veronica" or even "Valerie" by accident.

Regardless, I love my name. It feels regal and unique.

P.S. - I cannot tell you how many times I'll introduce myself as Ginny and the person comes back with "I may be a stupid man, Jenny, but I know what love is" and I have to tell them they're cute, but that's not my name ;-)
I’m Virginia, but I always hated Ginny, probably because one of my first bosses used to call out ‘Ginny dear, there’s someone at the counter’ when I was an awkward 19 year old working in a bookshop. Virginia isn’t that common in Australia and there was only one other on my year at school, but I’ve since discovered several other Virginia’s in my age group (1960 vintage).

And did I say... my middle name is Mary (thanks Dad). My mum won with the first name. What a team! And what a name to send a kid to school with. I copped all the teasing you can think of. At high school I was Virge. I don’t mind that and still call myself Virge the Scourge. Just the other week someone called me Gia on Facebook. I think that’s the nicest nickname yet!
For the young Virginias out there, I found when I grew older that it is a name one must grow into. As always, the inane and banal taunters will do what they do. It can make you stronger and more tolerant if you allow. I'm 58 now and still shake my head at the rudeness of some. Also, if you think the misspellings/mispronunciations of Virginia are bad, go with the nickname and you'll get some real doozies. My nickname is Gini and I get Janey, Jeanie, Jimmy, Jaimie, Geno, Genna... If I'd not been named for Dad's favorite niece, whom I've never met, I don't think I could laugh the way I do.
It is also the first name of Sal Marcano's wife in Mafia III.
Virginia Berasategui Luna is a Basque triathlete who represented Spain in international competition. In 2009, Berasategui took third place at the Ironman World Championships. In March 2013, she announced that she would retire from the sport after the 2013 season.
I'm 14 and I'm in middle school. So my daily life is full of derogatory nicknames relating to my name, Virginia. I've gotten "Virgin", "Vagina" and a slew of others. I've gotten. Victoria, Veronica, Vanessa, Vivian, etc. But despite all of this, I love my name. I believe I would be a different person today if I were named something different. I live in the US and many times people have asked "Were you born in Virginia? Were your parents from Virginia? Are you a virgin? What's you name going to be when you aren't a virgin anymore?". Thanks to those irritating and oh so original jokes, I've built up a thick skin. And that's an extremely valuable trait to have in life and especially middle school. I'm proud of my name and I never regret being named Virginia. And also, my name is not tacky.
I am named Virginia from my grandmother's middle name. Yes, I'm a Virginia too girls :) But I'm the little age of 12. I think the name I have is really soft and caring, it's that I don't really suggest it because us Virginia's get bullied because it sounds like Vagina or Virgina. Although, Jinger or Gingin suits me better, and would probably the other Virginia's out there too. I've been bullied since 4th and now I'm in 7th because of the immature kids.
Don't give your daughter this name, it's a real burden. If you must, as another person has already written, please give her a second name that's more popular, so she has a choice.
It's the Olympics in Brazil right now, and the gold medal for shooting went to an athlete called- guess what- Virginia.
Unfortunately in my country the annotators did what people always do- refer to the song Country Roads. I guess that happened in many more countries. "Virginia- take me home, mountain mama", he wrongly quoted, and the next reporter repeated the quote as well. I can't count the many times my name was being made fun of or I was looked at with irritation when introducing myself and I don't even live in an anglophone state. I agree with anyone about the insulting connotations- and I don't even like the sound of this name.

If you like the name that much, change YOUR name into Virginia, if possible, to see what it's like. As well, there's always the possibility to get a pseudonym. Or just introduce yourself as Virginia to a stranger to find out. I just wish MY parents had read this comment before naming me.
This is my name and I absolutely love it. I go by my full name and don't care for nicknames. I love the fact that there were never others with my name in my classes. I find the name to be memorable and that people treat me with the utmost respect and I think much of it has to do with my name. If I ever had a daughter (I had two sons) I was going to name her Virginia as well.
My name is Virginia. I am 58 so possibly my parents named me in a time where romance, history, and tradition were still important. Weirdly, they never called me Virginia, only Ginny. I use Virginia for my business name and all my close friends call me Ginny. I love it. It is different than others out there. I never get teased or have rude comments about my name. If anything I am the one who kids others about my name. So all those soon to be mothers, use Virginia, it is versatile, classic, feminine and memorable.
It's an okay name, but living in the good ole state of Virginia it just seems odd as a name to me. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just not my favorite :/
What I'm finding out about this name is that people either love it or hate it. When I heard the song "Meet Virginia" by Train I fell in absolute LOVE with the name and I find myself quoting the song all the time. I want to name by baby girl Virginia Rose. She can go by Rose or Rosie if she wants since I do not care for those Ginny or Gin nicknames. I don't see why the whole Virgin beginning is such a big deal. It's a beautiful name.
I wouldn't use this name. Not because it's dated or the fact that it's the name of a state but of the blatant 'Virgin' right in it.

I don't mind the name but due to the 'Virgin' right in it, I'd think twice before using it if I were you. Perhaps leave it as a middle name if it absolutely must be used.

And to add on: I used to not care for this name at all until I watched some TV show which opened my mind up a bit. (Character Virginia Chance from Raising Hope).
I'm sorry, but I have to say I hate this name! So old fashioned. Parents, I hate to say this, but if you name your child Virginia you are setting her up for teasing. They will call her names such as Virgin and, well, you know, lady stuff.
I think Virginia is a beautiful name. It was my mom's name and is my niece's middle name. I think it has a nice rhythm or lilt to it.
Although Ginny is the cutest nickname, another alternative could be Gigi.
Virginia is a beautiful, elegant name for a little girl. Ginny, Nia and Virgie are awesome nicknames. The word virgin isn't so bad to make this name useless or funny.
Virginia Cherrill (Born: April 12, 1908, Died: November 14, 1996) was an American actress known for her role as the blind flower girl in Charlie Chaplin's City Lights.
Virginia Nicholson (Born: 1916, Died: 1996) was an actress.
Virginia Centurione Bracelli is a saint.
This is my first name and I do not care for it, although I was named after an actress my Dad liked when he was younger. When I was very little everyone called me Ginger, and when I was about 5 or 6 I started insisting on being called Virginia because I liked it better than Ginger. Little did I know at the time the name calling I would have to put up with as I got older (not just Virgin, but also the name for part of the female anatomy). All this name calling made me hate my name, and my middle name is just as old fashioned so its never been an option. Ginger and Ginny never suited my personality, so during my late teens I started going by Gin (although I don't like the spelling, but if I went by Jen then people would think I was a Jennifer). As I get older I'm not hating the name as much (I'm in my late 30's), so maybe one day I won't mind it so much. But one thing I've always had a problem with is introducing myself as Virginia because its quite awkward to say and doesn't roll off the tongue easily. If you are considering naming your baby Virginia, please do her a favor and at least give her a more popular or trendier middle name to fall back on.
I think this is a great name. :) People who'd make fun of a person with this name are idiotic and immature. Seriously, what's so funny about the word 'virgin'?
Virginia Lewis is the name of the main protagonist from the 2000 NBC miniseries "The 10th Kingdom."
Virginia Is a great name.
I think the name Virginia is simply a bad name. I think that state names are sort of uncreative and are meant to be states, not names. I also don't really like the sound of it when you say it. "Ver-JIN-ya." Keep saying it, you'll realize that it sounds weird and sort of like a disease. The only upside to this name is that it suits anyone of any age. I think that it's best, however, for a middle-aged woman.
I'm a Virginia, born in the late 60's, not to hippy parents but very proper English parents! Yes, I got teased as a kid, both about the 'virgin' connotation, and "yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus", but it never bothered me. My response usually was along the lines of "original, never heard that before!". It wasn't a big deal.

Teachers always tried to shorten my name to Ginny, but I kept it as Virginia. My maiden name was Jackson - Ginny Jackson would have been too cutesy!
My immediate family still call me Veeg or Veegy, but to the rest of the world I'm Virginia, or "V". I live in Canada so there's not much association with the state of the same name, but I do get called "Victoria" on a regular basis! I like that there are very few other Virginias :-)

Oh, and to the commenter avengingangelx3, you should hear how a Spanish or Portuguese person pronounce this name, it's lovely!
Actually, many states are named after people. Typically, a name that is also the name of a state was a name long before the state was established. Georgia, for example, is a feminine form of George. The state itself was named after King George III. Carolina comes from Carolus, the Latin form of Charles. North and South Carolina were named after Charles I of England. Even Virginia was a name before it was a state. It is even stated here that the first baby born in the US to a colonist was named Virginia. It was a colony then, so technically not a state. It didn't become a state until at least 200 years later. It's quite irritating when people complain about a name because it's a state name- they were names before they were states (usually, though there are a few exceptions).
Virginia is old name and is older then America. In fact the reason why the state of Virginia had received it's name because the first baby born in the state name was Virginia.
In A Shirley Temple movie [I forget which one] she played a Virginia, and her nickname was "Miss Virgie" pronounced Vir-GEE.
English actress Virginia McKenna (b. 1931), star of the movie "Born Free".

Virginia Lilian Emmeline Compton Mackenzie was the real name of famous English actress Fay Compton. (I put more about her under "Fay")

Famous English singer Vera Lynn's only child is named Virginia.
Not really for a child.
Virginia "Pepper" Potts is Tony Stark's -Iron Man's- assistant in Marvel's Iron Man and Avengers comics.
Virginia Apgar (1909-1974) was a pediatric anesthesiologist who created the Apgar score, an observational technique used to assess the health of newborns. At one and five-minute intervals after birth, the newborn is given a score ranging from 0 to 2 in the categories heart rate, respiration, muscle tone, reflex, and color. Dr. Apgar was the first woman to chair the anesthesiology department at New York Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center and is considered a key founder of the field of neonatology.
Name of the Day: July 4th, 2011.
Sounds cheap and tacky in the United States. Gag.
I think it's a lovely name, but it'll definitely cause teasing. It makes me think of a nice brown haired woman with green eyes.
I really love this name, I think it's really nice, but the word "virgin" always comes to mind, unfortunately, but in my opinion, still quite usable.
TAKE THAT BACK. Just put a strike through my first comment. My life has been changed by a SHOCKING REVELATION. Namely (oh, hardy har), I like this name. I have a massive thing for this name, almost. Virginia may sound stuffy and it's probably downright hilarious to anyone teenage Anglophone, but honestly? Virginia is something beautiful. Nothing's taking that away from me, not even the snickers of teenagers. It's gorgeous, even if it sounds gawky and stiff as a board at first. (As the actress said to the bishop.)
I understand that in today's society, with how rude and stupid teenagers can be, this name could cause some problems, but I can't help but like it- I find it very cute, but at the same time refined and sophisticated!
Noooooooooooooooo. It may have been a good name in 1800 but NOT in 2010! Imagine in elementary to highschool. "Hey dude, there goes Virgin and she's still a virgin, hahaha!"
Virginia Gamba (1600-1634) was the oldest daughter of astronomer Galileo Galilei.
I like it, it's beautiful, but will lead to teasing.
I love the nickname Nia for this. It's a less common than Ginny.
This name is not Danish as listed. I have never met a Dane with this name and according to Danish statistics only 89 persons in Denmark are named this. [noted -ed]
I do understand the jokes that would be made, and I've a friend whose family is sooo religious that they named her Virgin. I do like the meaning, though.
I love this name, but it might cause jokes because it has the word "virgin" in it.
Many Christian girls are named Virginia after Mary the Virgin, the mother of Jesus. And most Christian Virginias have Mary somewhere in their names also; i.e. Mary Virginia, Virginia Marie, etc.
Though I have a personal bias (Virginia is my full name, though I've always refused to be called it), I dislike this name. It's too long and formal to be used as a common name, and for some reason, Ginny is annoying to me, so I'm left with either Gin, or, as I've always done, just going by my last name.

Outdated, too long, poor options for nicknames, and the whole "virgin" thing can get annoying once you're in secondaries.
Well, it sounds a bit tacky because it's a state name, and place names tend to sound quite tacky. I mean, the name will be associated with the state, and people will have their assumptions about parents who are very fond of the state Virginia. Poor Virginia herself might not be so enamored of the state. Well, you do get the cute nickname Ginny out of this, but it sounds so old-fashioned, and people might think you just have an annoying pronunciation of Jenny.
I think the name Virginia sounds a little too, I don't know, rude? I dread to think what nicknames you might get called if you were a ten year old in primary school.
Academy Award-winning actress Ginger Rogers (1911-1995) was born Virginia Katherine McMath.
This name sounds very refined, but a little awkward. I have never liked it.
Virginia Rappe (1891-1921), Hollywood starlet and model whose scandalous death at a party reduced Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle's career to shambles.
At first, this was believed to be Ginny Weasley's first name, from Harry Potter. This was later changed to Ginevra.
It wasn't "later changed" because it was never Virginia at all. People believed it to be because Ginny is usually a nickname for Virginia. J. K. Rowling later CLARIFIED that it was Ginevra. She never wrote anywhere that it was Virginia.
Virginia is gorgeous and sweet. I love it. It's so strong, yet feminine and pretty as well. It's also one of my Great Aunt's names. I never met her, but I do love her name!
Virginia is also derived from Mary, Virgin mother of Christ.
It reminds me of the state. I like it though but people could make up very, very vulgar nicknames for this.

Also: the Harry Potter character called Ginny, her full name was Ginevra, not Virginia.
I like this name, more for its famous bearers than for its sweet sound. Virginia Woolf is one of my favourite authors, and it could also be for Elizabeth I, the virgin queen. I don't really like the nickname Ginny because it sounds like Jenny and someone could mistake the girl's name for Jennifer.
Virginia was my Grandmother's name, and is my middle name. Everyone called Grandma Gigi, and I think that's a cute name.
Virginia is one of the most beautiful, classic names out there. Not only is it very classy and lady-like, but it can also sound cute and fun with the nicknames Ginger or Ginnie. Definitely a great choice. :)
There is an author named Virginia Andrews aka V C Andrews.
Virginia is my name. I like it. Sometimes I get called "Victoria", but not very often. I'm NOT named after the state, but a lot of people seem to think that. I don't even live in the USA! Only a few people call me "Ginny", my usual nickname is "Birdie". I don't know why either. But my name is uncommon, and I love that.
I love old, English names, and I think Virginia is elegant and lovely. While Virginia is regal sounding, the nickname Ginny is flirty and fun! The main character of one of my favorite books is named Virginia, too!
"Meet Virginia" is a fabulous song by the band Train.
A famous bearer is actress Virginia Madsen.
I think Virginia is a beautiful name, very elegant and I love the nickname Ginny.
Virginia Dare was the first person born in America, she was born August 18th, 1587 (I'm not sure if that's the right date or not). She disappeared along with 117 other people. (She's a part of the Lost Colony)
Virgina Dare was NOT the first person born in America. She was the first person of European blood born in America.
In response to the posts by StevieGrl and an anonymous user, she was the first person of ENGLISH blood born in the Americas. Vikings from nothern Europe travelled to Northern Canada and Greenland and set up colonies that failed miserably (that's why we never hear of them).
"Yes, Virginia..." is the name of an album by the Dresden Dolls. It refers to the letter in which a girl called Virginia wrote in to the New York Times and asked if there was a Santa Claus. Or was it the NY Post? I forget.
There is a species of bird called the Virginia’s warbler (Oreothlypis virginiae). It’s not named for the state of Virginia (it doesn’t live there), but for the wife of its discoverer.

By the way, patchworkgirl, it was actually the New York Sun that printed the “Yes, Virginia...” editorial.
My friend's name is Virginia and she hates it. It's long and people often misspell it (even though we LIVE IN VIRGINIA!) and her mom named her after the state we live in. I mean how uncreative! We all call her Jen or Jenny (I guess it would be spelled Ginny but Gin just doesn't look right!)
Virginia Sorensen, who wrote a book called "Miracles on Maple Hill", a John Newbery Medal award winning book. Besides this book, she also wrote another book called "Plain Girl".
This would be kind of embarrassing, if you know what I mean.
Not a bad name, I like the nickname Ginny.
The name gives me the impression of intellectuality and sensitivity. I have sort of an indescribable passion for it though.
Writer Virginia Woolf is a famous bearer. [noted -ed]
Virginia Woolf, like said above, was a writer. She commited suicide in Sussex, England in 1941 by drowning herself. She's my hero, and I plan on naming my first future daughter after her (I already have a cat named Woolf!).
This is Geena Davis' full name.
This name was borne by American actress Virginia Mayo.
Virginia Clemm was both Edgar Allan Poe's wife and his cousin. She lived an unfortunate life and died before she was 25.

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