Winter isn't a bad name, but it's one of those names (like Marley) where I would have gone; 'yep that's a girl's name' and then I read about an extremely compelling (and extremely masculine) male character with the the name, and now I'm like 'hmmmm. I'm still convicted that this is in fact a girls name, however, that character makes it impossible for me to see it as a feminine name. I guess it's just their name now.' So yeah, I can't use this, even on a fictional character, because for me at least, it belongs exclusively to Prince Winter of the IceWings.
It's pretty, though.
I have Winter in my personal list as a middle name.
I would keep in consideration if one day I will become mom of a daughter born in winter season.
Winter is a season that remember me of snow, blankets and hot chocolate so it's a period of the year which I like a lot.
Winter Ave Zoli is an American actress and model. Winter Vinecki is an American marathon runner, triathlete, and aerial skier.
Winter Schnee is a character in the webseries RWBY. She is Weiss's older sister and a member of the Atlas army.
Winter Corvus (born 1990) – Transgender female video game streamer and recording artist from Canada.
It's a fine name but unlike Summer, which sounds like a name, Winter doesn't really. I think it's better as a middle name.
Ooh how pretty! And it's my favorite season. I love this name.
I feel like all the 'season' names could be unisex, they'd sound equally lovely on anyone.
I think this name is absolutely beautiful. I have a connotation of word names being a bit “low class”, but Winter and Autumn are exceptions to me. Both are unheard of in Australia. I imagine a beautiful, smart, trendy, creative woman like a designer or classical musician.
Winter Anderson (portrayed by actress Billie Lourd) is the younger sister of the hotheaded cult leader Kai in the series American Horror Story: Cult. She is deeply involved in Kai’s plans as he begins to form the cult and start a political career.
I think this name is cute!
Winter (Kim Min Jeong) is a member of K-pop Group Aespa.
It's a cute name. Reminds me of a late night in December during a snowstorm.
It’s a pretty name but unlike some people, I never saw it as masculine tbh. It doesn’t really sound like a boy's name plus I haven’t heard of a man named Winter, unless it’s a last name, only on women. Same goes for other seasonal names that sound feminine. Even if it’s masculine based I still think it sounds more feminine and fits women better. Plus it’s a unique name.
At least it's better than Fall or Spring.
I love this as a first name for a girl. It's so pretty. One of my favorite names of all time.
Reminds me of a sad, white snowy day where cars are having car crashes because the road is too slippery. Not very nice, even worse, it’s the season I was born in and I wish it wasn’t.
Winter sounds harsh and unisex, I do like the season though, I was born during Winter.
A bit boring.
Actually, a really boring name. There is really nothing much interesting about it. Feels a little bit dry, too trendy. Not of my favorites. Boring!
Winter is the most beautiful time of the year, this name echo's it well. Its aura is periwinkle blue and glowing with light.
I love the name Winter, it's so beautiful, it makes me think of snow and happiness.
Not a winning pronunciation. Cold and dry.
Winter is my worst season. Where I’m from, it’s dark, cold, and oftentimes excruciating. For this reason, I could never name my child this.
One of the worst names. I would absolutely hate having to go through life with the name Winter! Summer okay. Winter NO!
I named my daughter Winter and at first I was a little unsure how people would react but it's gotten so much sincere positive feedback. Winnie for short. She is a fierce little girl who is not afraid of anything.
I see Winter as a name for fictional characters.
I would hate being stuck with this name.
Dear Winter is a song by AJR. AJR is one of my favorite bands. I like the name Winter and Wynter, but I wouldn't name my daughter Winter. I see this more on a girl than a boy. My favorite seasons are Autumn and Winter, by the way.
I love the name Winter! It’s so much prettier than Summer and Autumn. It’s elegant and simple yet practical at the same time. This name jumped out to me after I read the Lunar Chronicles, but it stands out on its own without the reference.
I see this name as masculine.
I’ll name one of my daughters Aurora Winter ❄️.
I love this name so much! And Winter is my favorite season!
Don't like it that much.
I'm a female named Winter. And might I say when people hear my name they seem to think they're the most comedic and original people in the world. Game of thrones references, is your favorite season Winter, do you change your name every season and were you born in the Winter? It's kind of funny at first but afterwards it gets boring because nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody has come up with something I haven't heard before. Like if you're gonna make fun of my name, at least be original. Also, my middle name is mai-lin. Mai is pronounced May. So there's plenty of jokes around that. And to top it off my last name is MacDonald so everybody jokes about McDonald's. I can't catch a break man! M'kay bye.
Usage: English (Modern), German (Modern), Swedish (Modern), Danish (Modern), Norwegian (Modern), Old DanishPronounced: WIN-tər (English), VIN-tu (German), VIN-teh (Swedish), VEHN-du (Danish)Meaning: From the English word for the season set between December and March, which is derived from the Old English Winter or the Old High German wintar. This was a nickname for a person with a cold personality. It is also the Old Danish form of Vetr which also means 'Winter'.
“I turned out to have triplets and the due date was in Spring. Two girls and one boy! I had a lot of trouble deciding a name.. but Autumn, Summer, and Winter were our choice because none of them were born in Spring and they were all super pretty names. Everybody is so happy with our choice.”
-Johanna K.My fave name picks I have ever seen online; I did not write it! :)
Also used as a German, Danish, and Swedish surname. Too bad it's never used in these languages as a given name.
What if her favorite season is summer? Or Spring?
I'm a male named Winter Storms, so that's fun. Anyway, it's definitely the kind of name that draws attention and starts conversations. I've heard a lot of jokes about the name but they're always pretty harmless. Lots of Game of Thrones references as of the last few years. People sometimes accidentally call me Hunter or Forrest. I think it's because it's such an uncommon name. I hope this is helpful!
I have a friend named Winter. The name is beautiful.
A guilty pleasure name that I surprisingly adore. It reminds me of cool Winter breezes, snowball fights and ice hockey. I really think this is one of those unique names that could go with any baby to elderly person.
Nicknames could be “Winnie” or “Terri.”.
I LOVE this name for a girl! Not so much for a boy.
Princess Winter from the Lunar Chronicles.
PRINCE WINTER OF THE ICEWINGS! Wings Of Fire book series.
My favourite season name. It has a distinct charm and generates pretty imagery.
We decided to name our daughter Winter Rose. I have always wanted a rather not so common name that wouldn't be too far fetched but yet beautiful. She was born Jan 19th (mind you a month early and wasn't expected till Feb) none the less, Winter for the season and although it's not on everyone's list for the best season, it reminds me that there's also a lot of beautiful things that come with the cold. Rose was for love and original due date within a day of Valentine's day, also because of the movie Titanic (most favorite movie and love story). I think I'm still for Winter being a girl's name more so but then again it depends on what the middle name to pair it with would be. Have always gotten compliments on her name, it suits her and I couldn't ask for a better name to call my baby girl, Winter rose!
Winter seems more like a fictional name than a real one, but there is something very attractive about this name.
From Star Wars: Winter Celchu, handmaiden and foster sister to Leia Organa Solo and wife to Tycho Celchu, as well as the caregiver Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo during their early years.
I personally wouldn't name my baby girl this, but it is a very pretty name and reminds me of how beautiful snowfall can be. You could call her "Winnie" for short.
I have a friend called Winter, but he's a boy. I'm still getting used to the fact that it can be used as a girl's name. I like it, though, for both boys and girls. It's strong of will and character and reminds me of soft snow falling and dreams coming true. It's a unique name, unlike any other, with its own qualities. I would name a daughter or a son Winter.
I named my daughter Winter. She is a little firecracker of a personality. Bold, beautiful, and adventurous. Most people we meet absolutely love the uniqueness of her name. We do get a few "funny" jokes and comments... the kids at school ask her if she will melt during summer holidays... or we get asked if she has a sister named Autumn, Spring, or Summer. She just laughs and rolls her eyes. She still likes her name. It seems to be getting more and more popular now... especially since Game of Thrones. "Winter is Coming."
Princess Winter Hayle-Blackburn is one of the main characters in The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. She is the stepdaughter of Queen Levana.
I should probably start by saying I don't have children - I am a writer, with many characters who all have their own unique moniker. I started writing in high school (when I discovered behindthename) and I remember the polls then had an overabundance of this name with basically almost every other poll having it as an option for either a first or middle name. And I snubbed it completely. But it has been some time since then and now during the month of Nanowrimo 2016 I've actually used it myself for a young boy in my story because somehow in today's environment it doesn't seem quite as strange and 'kreatyve/uunique' as it once did. I don't know if that's because uncommon names are now becoming more common place or because I've become more like the rest of the generation that's giving babies these names, but it sounds like a good, strong name. And not strong in the masculine sense, just strong of character and will. Like the season itself. And it doesn't sound nearly as overdone as Summer and Autumn or as awkward as Spring.
Season names can be a hit or miss. Autumn and Summer are pretty, but rather juvenile, and Spring just sounds weird. Winter, however, is a very pretty name. It reminds me of a story I once read about a mute little girl named Winter, and though I barely remember the story, the association is still there in my mind. This gives it a rather sad flavor to me, because it was a sad story, but I still find it a pretty name.
Hate people being named after seasons except Summer.
I love, love this name. My 3rd child is named Wynter Noelle and it fits her very well. She's 8 years old now and as far as I know, she hasn't faced any bullying or teasing because of her name. (She was born on December 24th so my wife and I thought Winter (spelled Wynter to differentiate between the seasons and the name) and Noel were very fitting).
I really love this name! Over the past few years I've been facing feelings of gender dysphoria and I think I might adopt this name for a while as I believe it's more of a unisex name (although I worry that my personality might not match the connotations of Winter, but does that really matter?) :)
Winter is a lovely, cute name. I think it suits boys as well as girls. :)
I named my daughter Winter in 2011 - because I thought it was a strong name - not a fluffy girl one- of serene calm and strength - force and tranquility - female at it's best - my ex husband landed her a title so now she's Lady Winter... - and she alternates between football strips and fairy dresses fluidly - it's appropriate.
I love that name, middle names such as Grace, or Belle are perfect.
I think this name sounds great, but I would prefer it as a middle name, for an example: Sadie Winter ____, or something like that.
I knew a girl named Winter in high school. She was so awesome and the name fit her so well. I really loved her name. So I've always wanted to name a future daughter Winter. I'm now pregnant with a girl who is due in December. My husband and I both love the Winter season. But I'm doing lots and lots of research because I was made fun of a ton (my name is Anita) growing up because of my name. I really don't want my children to go through the same. If we choose not to name her Winter for a first name we will most likely choose it for a middle. It's a beautiful name for those who love the Winter season!
My dogs name is Winter, or Winter warlock, hes a boy puppy.
I love the name Winter. I named my daughter who passed Winter, well because it was Winter and I knew she was going back up to heaven. So I have an angel named Winter. It feels peaceful to me, reminds me of suttle good things. I loved that baby, I love her name. I believe it suited her well.
I really like this for a first or middle name. Its pretty and not common. Though it might be odd to name your child this if you live in a warm state like Florida or Arizona. Nonetheless, a very beautiful name.
Winter is a pretty name- even though I despise the season. Summer is the best season, but I dislike the sound; Autumn is a gorgeous season and name, though it's a little cumbersome as there's no nickname; Spring sounds hippie- ish. (Yes, somehow Spring sounds hippie- ish but Winter does not.) Snow would be a better name than Winter, though.
I was named Winter. Yes it took me a while to grow into it but I did. I was never picked on and everyone I met loved it. It is a strange name but I am proud to have it. It's unique, not one of those names you hear about often. I have never met anyone else with my name. It is both masculine and feminine, but I think it has a classy touch.
Winter is the name of a bottlenose dolphin at Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida. She was famous for getting a prosthetic tail after losing her old tail in a crab trap.
I always thought the name sounded more masculine partly because it's similar to Walter but mostly because of male personifications like Old Man Winter and the Winter Warlocke from "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."I actually used to really like it for a boy.But I'm in the minority as whenever I hear it's used for a female which to be fair I can see as Autumn and Summer are strictly female. And oddly, as a middle name, I prefer it on girls for some reason.
It's a little tacky, as all season names are in my opinion, but I still like it a lot. It reminds me of frozen trees in the Winter, very delicate and beautiful. I probably will never end up using it for a child, but it will always be gorgeous to me.
While I like Winter, the season, Winter as name seems odd to me. I guess it's better than Summer though. With certain names it doesn't sound that bad. It could grow on me.
I suppose it is a rather pretty name, but it sounds harsh and just the slightest bit unisex. And for the parents who want to use it, please don't go with some kree8tyv spelling like Wyntre or some crap like that.
There are people alive in the world called Winter!? Poor lambs... Cruel parents.
It's cheesy and tacky. I dislike it.
I dislike Summer and Spring, but Winter gives a more professional, clean appearance than the other names. A nickname could be Win, like Wynn. I really like this name.
This names sounds classic, strong, elegant and refined, yet delicate in a way.
I think Winter is a nice name, but I'd prefer to use it as a middle name.
While I think Winter is a bit overused and sappy, it's also beautiful and suitable for grownups. A lot of holidays are during Winter, and while the name is still secular, that can add meaning if you like.
It's nice but overused/becoming overused.
This name is pretty, but sounds really corny. This is a name you'd find in a romance novel or soap opera.
Winter is my least-favorite season due to the low temperatures, and it sounds a little trashy as a name. Still, at least it looks fine compared to Spring.
Beautiful. My favorite season ever and every time someone would say "Winter" it makes me have the best memories with my sister, my family, and my friends.
I think this name is very pretty. It reminds me of snow on evergreen trees. Very pretty and unique name.
I think this is one of those names that would be good on a fictional character but not so much on a real person.
This is one of my absolute favorite names. Winter's my favorite season too. I named my absolute favorite story character Winter, but he's a guy. It really suits him though, and I like it for either boys or girls. I don't know if I'm going to play with the spelling though. I really love the sound of this name.
There's a character in The Water Mirror series who's named Winter. It's a boy though, and he's ACTUALLY the season of Winter, who's in love with Summer.
One of the few names that still sound right even after the child as grown up. Winter sounds mature but still feminine, the kind of name that wouldn't make me roll with my eyes. I have the feeling that it will become another overused name, though. Takes the charm from the name.
Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have a daughter named Harlow Winter Kate Madden.
My name is Winter, and personally I love it even though I hate the season Winter. It's kind of interesting how many people actually ask me how to spell it, though. For some reason no one wants to believe that it's spelled the same way as the season.
In my opinion, this sounds like it could be used as a boy's name as well as a girl's. It has a subtle sort of sound, and kind of nice.
A highly cliched name in my opinion. I could only assume the parents of a child who was named Winter were the type to never grow up, no offense.
I've never liked this as a name, because for me, it's just incredibly impersonal as a name.
My Xbox Live username has been "Winter twilight" for a few years, and I've grown used to being called "Winter". That being said, I really like it! It's one of my favorite names.
Eh. It's a nice name, but it sounds too masculine to be listed as female.
This is one of those rare names ending in -er, along with Amber, Summer, and Piper, that sound feminine. This is my favorite season name, even though it's not my favorite season by a long shot! In fact, I rather dislike winters because of the low temperatures, but I can appreciate the beauty of sunny winter days when powdery snow shimmers on tree tops and on the ground, which are things the name reminds me of. Summer sounds too hippie-ish, youthful, and cheerful. Autumn is overused and occasionally pronounced as ''AH-dum''. Spring doesn't sound right at all. This name sounds serious and mature, but not as gloomy as some might think because if the darkness.
This name IS beautiful! It would also be an appropriate first or middle name for someone born in the Winter.
It's a beautiful name. It makes me think of purity, beauty, and kindness. There's a simplicity to it that most names don't have. Winter - I love this name very much.
This is a nice name. And although I love this name, imagine if your last name was Spring, and you loved the names Winter, Summer, and Autumn? That would stink.
Winter is the name of the main character of a book (called Winter) by Australian author John Marsden.
So pretty and cute. I once saw it kre8tively spelled though, as: Wyntre. Yikes. I do like the spelling Wynter, though.
I think this is a wonderful name for a girl. So pure and innocent.
I have also seen it spelled Wynter for a girl.
I love this name. It's so beautiful and pure. Winter is my favorite time of the year and this name always brings up wonderful childhood memories. I'm seriously considering of naming my child that.
A cute nickname for winter could be Winny or some thing like that!
Winter? Winter? Um, no I don't like It.
Winter is a very unique name, but I don't think it would be the name of my child.
This name reminds me of happy times of playing in the snow. It is such a sweet and tender name. I love it dearly.
I like Summer and Autumn, but for some reason Winter and Spring don't appeal to me. I wonder why all the seasons are listed as feminine.
I named my daughter, 'Winter' in 1989. It reminds me of something pure as a fresh snowfall. Virgin white.
It says that this name is femenine but I have only ever thought of it as masculine. I have heard some people say that it seems quite a depressing name but I disagree. It makes me think of the colours blue and white, and makes me feel very peaceful and calm.

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