I just can't picture this name on a grown man. Zac, I can, but Zachary just sounds very youthful to me.
I really don't like to be called Zachary because it is formal, too long, cringing, weird, and I don't see it as a part of my identity so yes I go by Zach cause I don't like the name Zachary. I declare that I will only answer to Zach and other names that you all call me I will ignore you until you call me Zach. I prefer to be called Zach not Zachary.
Doesn’t really sound like an adult‘s name, yet oddly it is such a dated name at the same time, pretty much anyone who has this name is well into adulthood but it still sounds like a little kid name.
Zachary is too long so I prefer you call him Zach.
Zachary is such a handsome name. I don’t understand what’s not to love!
Zaccheo and Zaccaria are Italian forms of this name.
I think Zachary is a fine name and it sounds modest.
I think this is a hella cool name. Definitely one of my favorites. My friends say that if I were to rename myself, I would fit Zachary Matthew. I like that combination, tbh. Also, sounds very sexy/attractive. I've honestly had crushes on guys named Zachary, lol.
My second son was named Zackyrie, which is a more refined spelling.
Doesn't sound charming. Sounds immature. I don't like it much. While it feels masculine, not that bad, just nothing much interesting.
Very cute name for a boy and the diminutive "Zach" is cool too!
Great name for a guy born in the 90s/early 2000s.
I like Zach, but I prefer the full version, I like pronouncing it.
I love being named Zachary. Especially because I'm a junior so I am called ZJ sometimes.
I really like Zachary and Zach/Zack/Zac/Zak for a nickname.
It's hard to imagine this name on an adult.
This is my favorite boys name. I will never stop loving this name.
In a book I was reading, there was a girl named Zachary. Interesting.
Zachary Kornfeld is a member of the popular YouTube group the Try Guys.
According to, there are four people in the U.S. named Zachary Zachary.
I think this is the best name ever.
Kind of funny that this is a male name meaning sugar, even though it sounds like the word, when most 'sickly' names are usually female, like Charlotte, Emma, Alice, etc (no offense, those names are still pretty).
Zach is in the same vein as Taylor, Chad, and Josh.
Not the brightest bulb of the bunch. Sometimes athletic. Brown hair.
This is a good name but alright meaning. Is only common because it so good. So great that I give it 10/10.
In 2018, 17 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Zachary who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 99th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Awesome name.
Zachary comes from the Hebrew root Zacharia, which means 'remember'.
Being a Zachary is an odd experience, one that has made me hate Zachary stereotypes, i.e. Zach is just that stoner guy at parties- you know, that one guy that is always judged like he's Shaggy from Scooby Doo, other than that I see nothing wrong with my name. I'm honest, caring, nonviolent. I have very twisted beliefs that settle around diesm and transhumanism. I wake up every day just like the rest of the world but because I am a Zach, I dunno, I feel like I just see the world differently. Like I can conquer the world if I really tried. I have always wanted to be remembered for something. Though I probably will never make a long lasting impact on the world.
I really like the name Zachary. The nickname Zach I love as well! I have met many Zachary’s in my life & all of them have been amazing nice boys! This makes me like it!
If you have this name you are a straight baller. Just being honest, it is so.
I like my name!
Apparently my brother is the only Zachary that's short for Zac.
This name is wonderful.
Formerly I didn't consider it as a good name, especially in our country the way they pronounce it in the Swahili language, but after knowing this movie star Zac Efron I started to like it and consider it as a good name. I like the way the name sounds when it is shortened 'Zac' since I knew Zac Efron. I've never thought of calling any of my sons this name because I don't feel it as a good name. Nathan is the name that I like most in this world and I must name my son that name.
I knew a kid named Zachary, or Zach, back when I was just a kid, too. Everybody thought his was the most awesome name on that side of town and he was the coolest kid in school each year, K thru 12, by far, without a doubt. I heard he went on to win like 12 different radio station popularity contests, and that he now lives in a mansion with a bunch of gorgeous young females who fan him all day with fresh palm leaves while he sips Mai Tai's and tells fascinating stories from his days as a lifeguard/fireman. I wish I had his name. Oh, how I wish this wish. For Zachary is far better than Homer, or Dennis, or Flacco, or Bernie, or Woodrow, or even Boris. It seems like an automatic chick-magnet reserved for the coolest of cool's cool. Kinda like Sir Arthur Fonzarelli, Rambo, or Blaaze, but more like, Zachary. I heard the kid turned 21-years-old, eight times in-a-row. Awesome. To all the Zach's out there... I wish I was just like each one of you! Tell us some stories, please! Maybe I should change my name to Zachary and tell everyone I was born that way? I don't want to get in trouble. Love you guys!... Like, A LOT!
A perfect name to give to your son if you want him to be placed at the end of almost everything.
Omg I love the name Zachary so much! It's so classy and handsome and perfect. You can't go wrong with the nicknames Zack/Zac/Zach! This name ROCKS! :D.
This is my name, and I despise it. It is far too common. I would prefer to be named something like Jacen, Zekk, Perseus, Anakin, Merlin, Achilles -- anything but Zachary. Those are far superior, and much rarer. Besides, the name is too similar to Zacharias Smith for my liking,
I hate this name, but I love Zachariah and Zacharias. Zachary just sounds ugly, juvenile and unintellectual.
Zachary Levi (born Zachary Levi Pugh) is an American actor who appeared as the titular character in Chuck.
There is a character named Zachary in the movie Cloud Atlas, played by Tom Hanks.
Zachary is a Hebrew name meaning: "God remembers".
Doctor Zachary Smith, the cowardly stowaway in Lost In Space.
Zachary may be a fairly common name, but it's very versatile. It fits a person's age no matter how young or old. I have liked the name since I was very young. I watched the movie "Hocus Pocus" and the character, Zachary Binx (played by Sean Murray, now McGee on NCIS), was my favorite.
Zakk Wylde from the band, Black Label Society and former guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne.Born Zachary Phillip Wylde.
One of my favorite names of all time. It sounds handsome, strong and youthful (yet ages well). It also helps that I have a good friend named Zachary who is one of the sweetest guys you'd ever meet.
Zach Porter- Lead singer of the band Allstar Weekend.
Zachary "Zack" Morris on the tv show, Saved by the Bell.
Zack, played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar, is often referred to as "Preppy" by his friend AC Slater. He is a charming schemer who often breaks the fourth wall by addressing the audience, sometimes temporarily freezing all of the characters around him in the process. Zack's schemes, though amusing, often backfire, resulting in unexpected outcomes.
Zachary Uriah "Zack" Addy is on of the main characters on the television show Bones, based on the life of forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs. Dr. Addy is played by Eric Millegan.
Zachary Scott was an American actor.
Zachary Farro is the drummer for the band Paramore.
Zacky Vengeance born Zachary James Baker is the rhythm guitarist and harmony vocalist for the American rock band Avenged Sevenfold.
Zachary Wells, football goalkeeper, born on 26th February, 1981 in Costa Mesa, California.
Another famous bearer of this name is Zachary Quinto, best known for playing Sylar on the sci-fi show Heroes.
I think it's quite an adorable and yet, intellectual name.
Number 29 for boys in 2005.
I really like this name. I think it is a strong boys name. I plan to use it as a middle name with "William." I don't know where people are getting the impression of the brooding metrosexual. When I think of a Zachary I think of a very energetic, fun-loving boy.
This is a nice name, mainly for youth. I've known some cute Zach's. But, it's hard to picture an old man with this name.
Although the name does have a hard sound to it, I still think of metrosexual high school boys when I hear this name.
This is my brother's name. It's cute, but it's way too common for me, I much prefer Zachariah. I often wonder what my parents were smoking when they named him.
Zachary Walker Hanson of the band Hanson.
This name also exists in the same form in Polish.
Zachary is also the Czech and Slovak form.
Name Day: 5th November, 13th March.
Nicknames: Zach, Zack, Chary.
It is a nice name, and I like how it sounds, but I think it is getting WAY too common for me. It wasn't as common when I was little, but today it is more common than I thought. I do like the nickname Zack or Zach.
I like Zachary! Maybe when I'm older I'll name my son Zachary then he could go by Zack or Zach.
This is my cousin's name but I don't really like it. However I think it is really cool what an above poster said about Zachary being sort of connected to the Greek word for sugar, because my name is sort of related to the Chinese word for chocolate, so it is kind of interesting that two cousins would have such "sweet" names, by total coincidence (I mean our parents didn't plan that or anything).
I love this name. It is so nice and much better than Zackary or Zack. I have a brother named Zachary and we call him Zachary or Zach. It looks so much better than with a k.
I like the name Zachary for some reason, but the origin has always confused me. See, the word 'zachari' (æÜ÷áñç) is Greek for 'sugar', and even if the words are pronounced differently, the name Zachary always makes me think of 'Zachari'.
I had always liked the name Zachary but when we were thinking about naming one of our sons this name, people kept telling us how much they hated the name so we named our son Adam.
Zachary or Zack is a very ugly name. I don't know why anyone would ever want to name their son this.
Zach Braff from Garden State and Scrubs is a famous bearer of the name.
Zachary Taylor was the 12th President of the U.S.A.
When I think about the name Zachary I think bad-boy with brooding eyes.
I like this name because the perfect nickname for it is Zack and I want to name my son either that or Leonardo when I'm older.

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