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Zana 1

Zana 2

Zana 3
Gender Feminine
Usage Persian
Scripts زانا(Persian)

Meaning & History

Means "woman" in Persian.
Added 10/5/2011 by Amara L.
Edited 4/30/2018 by Evil and LMS

Zana 4
Gender Feminine

Meaning & History

Zana is an Albanian mythological figure of pre-Roman Paleo-Balkan origin, usually associated with mountains, vegetation and sometimes destiny. The derivation of the name itself is somewhat debated; theories include a derivation from Albanian zâni "voice" or from Gheg Albanian zana "voices" (with the sense of "muse") as well as a cognate of Romanian zână "fairy", itself ultimately derived from the name of the goddess Diana.
Added 10/6/2012 by overtheclouds
Edited 6/12/2022 by Frollein Gladys, Evil, Callirrhoe and more

Zana 5
Gender Masculine
Usage Kurdish

Meaning & History

Derived from Kurdish zanyar meaning "scholar".
Added 10/30/2016 by grimscribe
Edited 4/29/2018 by Evil

Zana 6
not set
Gender Masculine & Feminine
Usage Mongolian
Scripts Зана(Mongolian Cyrillic)

Meaning & History

Means "bullfinch" in Mongolian.
Added 7/26/2022 by cassilda in carcosa

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