Names Categorized "conquering"

This is a list of names in which the categories include conquering.
Ajeet m Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali
Alternate transcription of Hindi अजीत, Marathi अजित, Gurmukhi ਅਜੀਤ or Bengali অজিত (see Ajit).
Ajit m Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali
Means "unconquered, invincible", from Sanskrit (a) meaning "not" and जित (jita) meaning "conquered". This is a name of the gods Shiva and Vishnu, and of a future Buddha.
Ajith m Tamil, Indian, Malayalam
Southern Indian form of Ajit.
Amarjeet m & f Indian (Sikh)
From Sanskrit अमर (amara) meaning "immortal" and जिति (jiti) meaning "victory, conquering".
Arijit m Bengali
Means "conquering enemies" in Sanskrit.
Bikendi m Basque
Basque form of Vincent.
Cihangir m Turkish
Turkish form of Jahangir.
Fathi m Arabic
Means "conqueror" in Arabic.
Fathiyya f Arabic
Feminine form of Fathi.
Fatih m Turkish
From Arabic فاتح (fatih) meaning "conqueror".
Fatiha f Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "opener" in Arabic, from Arabic فتح (fataha) meaning "to open, to conquer". This is the name of the first chapter (surah al-Fatiha) of the Quran.
Galip m Turkish
Turkish form of Ghalib.
Ghalib m Arabic
Means "conqueror" in Arabic.
Inderjeet m & f Indian (Sikh)
Alternate transcription of Gurmukhi ਇੰਦਰਜੀਤ (see Inderjit).
Inderjit m & f Indian (Sikh)
Variant of Indrajit used by Sikhs.
Indrajit m Hinduism, Bengali, Indian, Hindi
Means "conqueror of Indra" from the name of the god Indra combined with Sanskrit जिति (jiti) meaning "victory, conquering". In Hindu legend this is another name of Meghanada, the son of Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka. He was given this name by Brahma after he defeated Indra.
Jagjit m Indian (Sikh)
From Sanskrit जगत् (jagat) meaning "world, universe" and जिति (jiti) meaning "victory, conquering".
Jahangir m Persian, Urdu
Means "world conqueror, world seizer" in Persian, from جهان (jahan) meaning "world" and گیر (gir) meaning "catch, seize, conquer". This was the name of a 17th-century Mughal emperor.
Jeetendra m Indian, Hindi, Marathi
Alternate transcription of Hindi जितेन्द्र or Marathi जितेंद्र (see Jitendra).
Jitender m Indian (Sikh)
Variant of Jitendra used by Sikhs.
Jitendra m Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati
Means "conqueror of Indra" from Sanskrit जिति (jiti) meaning "victory, conquering" combined with the name of the god Indra.
Manjeet m & f Indian (Sikh)
From Sanskrit मनस् (manas) meaning "mind, intellect, spirit" and जिति (jiti) meaning "victory, conquering".
Prasenjit m Bengali
Means "conqueror of an expert army" in Sanskrit.
Prosenjit m Bengali
Alternate transcription of Bengali প্রসেনজিৎ (see Prasenjit).
Tarhunna m Hittite Mythology
From Hittite or Luwian tarh meaning "to cross, to conquer". This was the name of the Hittite god of the weather, storms, and the sky, and the slayer of the dragon Illuyanka. He was closely identified with the Hurrian god Teshub, and sometimes with the Semitic god Hadad.
Venka f Esperanto
Means "victorious", from Esperanto venki "to conquer", ultimately from Latin vincere.
Vicenç m Catalan
Catalan form of Vincent.
Vicent m Catalan (Valencian)
Valencian form of Vincent.
Vicenta f Spanish
Spanish feminine form of Vincent.
Vincas m Lithuanian
Short form of Vincentas.
Vincenc m Czech, Slovene
Czech and Slovene form of Vincent.
Vincent m English, French, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Slovak
From the Roman name Vincentius, which was derived from Latin vincere meaning "to conquer". This name was popular among early Christians, and it was borne by many saints. As an English name, Vincent has been in use since the Middle Ages, though it did not become common until the 19th century. Famous bearers include the French priest Saint Vincent de Paul (1581-1660) and the post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890).
Vincente f French
French feminine form of Vincent.
Vincentius m Late Roman
Original Latin form of Vincent.
Vincenza f Italian
Italian feminine form of Vincent.
Vinka f Croatian
Croatian feminine form of Vincent.
Vinko m Croatian, Slovene
Croatian and Slovene form of Vincent.
Vinzent m German (Rare)
German variant form of Vincent.
Vinzenz m German
German form of Vincent.
Vissenta f Sardinian
Sardinian feminine form of Vincent.