Italian Presidents and Prime Ministers

This list is comprised of Italian Presidents and Prime Ministers. The Prime Minister (Italian Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri) is the head of government, while the President is the official head of state. The office of Prime Minister was established in 1861 during the unification of Italy. In 1946 Italy became a republic, at which time the office of President was created.
NameYearsTypeOther Names
Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour1861prime minister
Bettino Ricasoli1861-1862; 1866-1867prime minister
Urbano Rattazzi1862; 1867prime minister
Luigi Carlo Farini1862-1863prime minister
Marco Minghetti1863-1864; 1873-1876prime minister
Alfonso La Marmora1864-1866prime minister
Luigi Federico Menabrea1867-1869prime minister
Giovanni Lanza1869-1873prime minister
Agostino Depretis1876-1878; 1878-1879; 1881-1887prime minister
Benedetto Cairoli1878; 1879-1881prime minister
Francesco Crispi1887-1891; 1893-1896prime minister
Antonio di Rudinì1891-1892; 1896-1898prime minister
Giovanni Giolitti1892-1893; 1903-1905; 1906-1909; 1911-1914; 1920-1921prime minister
Luigi Pelloux1898-1900prime minister
Giuseppe Saracco1900-1901prime minister
Giuseppe Zanardelli1901-1903prime minister
Tommaso Tittoni1905prime minister
Alessandro Fortis1905-1906prime minister
Sidney Sonnino1906; 1909-1910prime minister
Luigi Luzzatti1910-1911prime minister
Antonio Salandra1914-1916prime minister
Paolo Boselli1916-1917prime minister
Vittorio Emanuele Orlando1917-1919prime minister
Francesco Saverio Nitti1919-1920prime minister
Ivanoe Bonomi1921-1922; 1944-1945prime minister
Luigi Facta1922prime minister
Benito Mussolini1922-1943prime minister
Pietro Badoglio1943-1944prime minister
Ferruccio Parri1945prime minister
Alcide De Gasperi1945-1953prime minister
Enrico De Nicola1948president
Luigi Einaudi1948-1955president
Giuseppe Pella1953-1954prime minister
Amintore Fanfani1954; 1958-1959; 1960-1963; 1982-1983; 1987prime minister
Mario Scelba1954-1955prime minister
Giovanni Gronchi1955-1962president
Antonio Segni1955-1957; 1959-1960; 1962-1964prime minister; president
Adone Zoli1957-1958prime minister
Fernando Tambroni1960prime minister
Giovanni Leone1963; 1968; 1971-1978prime minister; president
Aldo Moro1963-1968; 1974-1976prime minister
Giuseppe Saragat1964-1971president
Mariano Rumor1968-1970; 1973-1974prime minister
Emilio Colombo1970-1972prime minister
Giulio Andreotti1972-1973; 1976-1979; 1989-1992prime minister
Sandro Pertini1978-1985president(Alessandro)
Francesco Cossiga1979-1980; 1985-1992prime minister; president
Arnaldo Forlani1980-1981prime minister
Giovanni Spadolini1981-1982prime minister
Bettino Craxi1983-1987prime minister(Benedetto)
Giovanni Goria1987-1988prime minister
Ciriaco De Mita1988-1989prime minister
Oscar Luigi Scalfaro1992-1999president
Giuliano Amato1992-1993; 2000-2001prime minister
Carlo Azeglio Ciampi1993-1994; 1999-2006prime minister; president
Silvio Berlusconi1994-1995; 2001-2006; 2008-2011prime minister
Lamberto Dini1995-1996prime minister
Romano Prodi1996-1998; 2006-2008prime minister
Massimo D'Alema1998-2000prime minister
Giorgio Napolitano2006-2015president
Mario Monti2011-2013prime minister
Enrico Letta2013-2014prime minister
Matteo Renzi2014-2016prime minister
Sergio Mattarella2015-president
Paolo Gentiloni2016-2018prime minister
Giuseppe Conte2018-2021prime minister
Mario Draghi2021-2022prime minister
Giorgia Meloni2022-prime minister