Aztec Submitted Names

These names were used in the Aztec Empire.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Acamapichtli m Nahuatl, Aztec
Means "a handful of reed arrows". Name borne by several rulers of Tenochtitlan.
Ahuitzotl m Aztec
From āhuitzōtl, "otter" in Nahuatl.... [more]
Atotoztli f Nahuatl, Aztec
Means "water parrot", deriving from the Nahuatl elements atl ("water, a body of water") and toztli ("yellow parrot"). Name borne by an Aztec queen that possibly ruled as tlatoani (ruler of a city-state) in her own right.
Atzin m & f Aztec
Means "sacred water" in Nahuatl.
Ayauhcihuatl f Nahuatl, Aztec
Etymology uncertain, possibly deriving in part from the Classical Nahuatl elements ayahuitl ("fog") and cihuatl ("woman, wife"). Name borne by an Empress of Tenochtitlan (fl. 1400).
Cacamacihuatl f Nahuatl, Aztec
Etymology uncertain, possibly from the Classical Nahuatl elements cacamatl "small corncobs, small ears of corn" and cihuatl "woman, wife". Name borne by a queen of Tenochtitlan.
Cintialy f Aztec
Means "star" in Nahuati.
Edahi m Aztec
Means "wind" in Otomi.
Eztli f & m Aztec
Means "blood" in Nahuatl.
Itzcuauhtli m Aztec
Means "obsidian eagle" in Nahuatl.
Matlal m Aztec, Nahuatl
Means "dark green" in Nahuatl.
Miahuaxihuitl f Nahuatl, Aztec
Etymology uncertain, possibly deriving from the Classic Nahuatl elements miahuatl "the maize plant in bloom" and xihuitl "plant" or xihuitl "year". Name borne by the mother of Monteczuma I.
Miyahuaxochtzin f Nahuatl, Aztec
Etymology uncertain. Possible name elements include miyahuatl "tassel, of maize or things with a similar appearance", xochitl "flower" and tzin "lady". It is also possible that it is derived from the Classical Nahuatl word miyaoaxoch "maize tassel flower", which was attested as a female name in the mid-sixteenth century... [more]
Mocteuzma m Aztec
From Classical Nahuatl Motēuczōma (“he who frowns like a lord”), from mo- (“reflexive prefix”) + tēuc- (“lord”) + -zōma (“to frown in anger”).... [more]
Nezahualpilli m Nahuatl, Aztec
Form Nahuatl nezahualli, a fasting collar made out of bands of paper twisted together + pilli "child"... [more]
Tizoc m Aztec
Diminutive of Tizocicatzin.
Tlatilpa m Aztec (Rare)
A name from the Aztec People, its been used in one bloodline of Aztecs'. Meaning is unknown.There is one bloodline of the Aztec people that use this name. They are all related by one common ancestor a Tlatilpa... [more]
Xiuhcuetzin f Aztec
A famous bearer of this name is Xiuhcuetzin, who was a Queen of Tenochtitlan.
Xiuhtezcatl m Aztec
Notable bearer is climate change activist, hip-hop artist, and Earth Guardians, a worldwide conservation organization, leader, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez/Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez.
Yaotl m & f Aztec, Nahuatl
Means "warrior" or "war" in Nahuatl.
Yayauhqui m & f Aztec
Means "black smoking mirror" in Nahuatl.