Kabyle Submitted Names

Kabyle names are used by the Kabyle Berber people of Algeria.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AGHILAS m Kabyle
Means "leopard; panther; lion" in Kabyle.
AGHILES m Kabyle
Variant of Aghilas.
AKLI m Kabyle
Means "slave, prisoner, captive" in Kabyle. It was historically used to refer to Tuareg slaves and servants, who are typically dark-skinned in colour.
ALDJYA f Kabyle
Means "doll" in Kabyle.
AREZKI m Kabyle
Probably derived from Arabic رِزْق (rizq) meaning "wealth, fortune" or "nourishment, sustenance".
AREZQI m Kabyle
Variant transcription of Arezki.
BAYA f Kabyle
Kabyle name of unknown meaning.
FADHMA f Kabyle
Kabyle form of Fatima.
GHILAS m Kabyle
Short form of Aghilas.
GWASILA m Kabyle
Means "son of the plains" in Kabyle.
LOUNÈS m Kabyle
Means "companion" or "to keep company" in Kabyle, possibly of Arabic origin.
LOUNIS m Kabyle
Variant transcription of Lounès.
ḤMED m Kabyle
Kabyle form of Ahmad.
MUḤAND m Kabyle
Variant of Muḥend.
Kabyle form of Muhammad.
MUḤEND m Kabyle
Kabyle form of Mohand.
REZKI m Kabyle
Variant of Arezki.
SAƐID m Kabyle
Kabyle form of Sa'id.
TAFRARA f Kabyle
Means "aurora, dawn, daybreak" in Kabyle.
TAFSUT f Kabyle
Means "spring, springtime" in Kabyle.
Derived from the Tamazight feminine prefix ⵜⴰ- (ta-) combined with Arabic سَعْد (saʿd) meaning "good fortune, luck, success" and the feminine suffix -ⵜ (-t).
THANINA f Kabyle
Sometimes spelled Tanina, the name is often associated with a mystical bird or "female eagle". This name is born by Tanina Cheriet, the daughter of Algerian Kabyle singer, Idir (b. 1949).
TILELLI f Kabyle
Means "freedom" in Kabyle.