Kongo Submitted Names

Kongo names are used in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo and Angola.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Atepekoungo m Zulu, Esan, Kongo, Mossi, Tooro, Yao
First used by King Atepekoungo of the Kingdom of Äsikoluboru in modern day Zïare.
Bompaka m & f Kongo
Means "old age" in Kikongo
Bote m Kongo
The first given name of the German footballer Ridle Baku.
Fuani f Kongo
Kongo form of Fanny.
Fula-ngenge m Kongo
The meaning: ... [more]
Fumu m Kongo
Means "king" in Kikongo.
Kembo m Kongo
Means "heaven" in Kongo.
Kengani m Kongo
Kengani is an African language, that belongs to Bantu people, designated from Congo kingdom in area that now is called Angola(Uige province).Which is used for Kings, liders, Boss, or heroes.... [more]
Kimpa-vita f Kongo
The name of a congolese prophetess and religious leader who lived at the end of the 17th century.
Kokolo m Kongo
Of unknown meaning.
Lufima f Kongo (Rare)
A feminine Kongo name from Dessin Animée congolais.
Lumingu m Kongo
Means "Sunday" in Kikongo.
Luyindama m Kongo
Also congolese footballer Christian Luyindama.
Makana m Kongo
The first given name of the German football player Makana Baku.
Makiadi m & f Kongo
Means "misfortune" in Kikongo.
Makiese m & f African, Kongo
Means "happiness" in Kikongo.
Malundama f Kongo
Means "hidden things" in Kikongo.
Manoka m & f Kongo
Means "rain" in Kikongo.
Matadi m & f Kongo
Means "stone" in Kikongo.
Matondo m Kongo
Means "thanksgiving" in Kikongo.
Mavika f Kongo
A Bisingombe and Mboma feminine name.
Mayangi m & f Kongo (Modern)
Means "joy; happiness" in Kongo.
Mayingi f & m Kongo
Nicknamed: Yingi
Ndombolo f Kongo
It is the name of a Congolese music genre and dance style derived from the Congolese Rumba and Kwassa Kwassa during 1990s.
Ngondala f Kongo
Feminine form of Ngonda.
Nsimba m & f Congolese, Kongo, Ngombe, Mboma
Means "first-born twin" in Kongo and other Congolese languages. It is referred to the first-born child in a set of twins.
Nsuka f Kongo
Means "last born; youngest child" in Kongo.
Nzuzi m & f Kongo
Means "second born twin" in Kikongo.
Tutonda m Kongo
Means "to thank" in Kongo.
Tutondele m Kongo
Means "we thank you" in Kongo.
Yenge f Kongo
Means "peace" in Kikongo.