Northern African Submitted Names

Northern African names include those from Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and Western Sahara. See also about African names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Wagguten m Berber (Rare)
It means ‘one who will proliferate’ and reflects the abundance of life.
Wararni m Berber
Means "without victor, without conqueror" in Amazigh.
Warmaksan m Berber (Rare)
Means ‘without enemies; undefeatable" in Berber.
Winaruz m Berber
Means "hope" in Tamazight.
Wiwurgh m Berber
Means "golden" in Tamazight.
Wolete Nagache f Ge'ez
Means "daughter of the King" in Ge'ez.
Xamida m Berber
Berber form of Hamid.
Yarra f & m Western African, Yoruba, Arabic (Maghrebi), Northern African
Means "child" in Yoruba, Nago and Kanga, spoken in Northern and Western Africa.
Yedder m Berber (Rare)
Though this name symbolizes immortality, it indicates a sense of unbroken spirit or uncaptured soul.
Yeddes m Tuareg
Means "he will be organised", from the Tuareg verb ddes meaning "organised".
Yejira f Northern African (Archaic)
“flowing river” or “white flowers”
Yidir m Berber, Northern African
Variant transcription of Idir.
Yufayyur m Berber
Means "more handsome than the moon" in Tamazight.
Yufitran m Berber
Means "more handsome than the stars" in Tamazight.
Yufitri m Berber
Means "nicer than a star" in Amazigh.
Yuften m Berber
Means "the best" in Tamazight.
Yugerten m Berber
Original Berber form of Jugurtha.
Yuns m Berber
Central Atlas Tamazight form of Yunus.
Zawgha f Berber
Possibly from azewwagh meaning "red".
Zeğiga f Kabyle
Possibly means "flower" in Kabyle.
Zeray m Tigrinya, Ge'ez
Means "sower" in Ge'ez and Tigrinya.
Zigza m Berber
Means "green" from the root zgz.
Zira f Berber
Feminine of Ziri.
Ziri m Berber
Masculine form of Tiziri.