Old Norwegian Submitted Names

These names were used by medieval Norwegian people.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Alfastr m Old Norwegian (Rare)
Combination of the name elements alfr "elf" and fastr "firm".
Alfiva f Old Norwegian
Norwegianized form of Ælfgifu. Ælfgifu (Alfiva) of Northampton was the regent of Norway from 1030 to 1035.
Amdi m Old Norwegian, Old Danish, Danish, Swedish (Rare)
Old Danish short form of Ámundi and Old Norse form of Amadeus.
Androder m Old Norwegian (Rare)
Old Norwegian form of Arnrøðr.
Annbjørn m Norwegian (Rare), Old Norwegian
Variant of Arnbjørn (see Arnbjörn).
Arntrud f German (Rare), Old Norwegian
Modern transcription of the Old Nose name Arnþrúðr.
Audgerd f Old Norwegian
Norwegian form of Auðgærðr.
Balki m Medieval English, Old Norse, Old Norwegian
From Old Norse balkr meaning "beam, rafter, ridge of land."
Baugeid f Old Norwegian
Norwegian form of Baugeiðr (see Baugheiðr).
Bergulfr m Old Norwegian
Variant of Bjǫrgulfr (see Borgulfr).
Elsebe f Low German (Archaic), Medieval Baltic, Medieval Scandinavian, Old Norwegian, Norwegian (Rare)
Low German variant of Elsabe, recorded between the 15th and 18th centuries, which was also used in 15th-century Latvia and in Medieval Norway.
Fjallar m Old Norwegian
Norwegian spelling of Fjallarr.
Freiya f Old Norwegian
From Norse mythology, an alternate spelling of Freya
Gandalv m Old Norwegian
Norwegian form of Gandalfr. This name was used in the Norwegian translation of Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings'.
Gautrek m Old Norwegian
Younger form of Gautrekr.
Jarp m Old Norwegian
Norwegian form of Jarpr.
Magga f Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Old Norwegian, Old Swedish, Sami, Faroese
Short form of Margareta (or sometimes of Magnhilda). This is also a Lule Sámi form of Margareta.
Nottung m Old Norwegian
Possibly means "descendant of Nótt" (a combination of the given name Nótt and Old Norse ungr "young" (compare Sveinung))... [more]
Oddsteinn m Icelandic (Rare), Old Norwegian
Derived from Old Norse oddr "point of a weapon" and steinn "stone".
Pedr m Old Norwegian
Variant of Pétr.
Sigga f Danish (Rare), Faroese, Icelandic, Old Norwegian, Anglo-Norman
Short form of names beginning with the element Sig-, such as Sigrid or Signe.
Víðkunnr m Old Norse, Old Norwegian
Derived from Old Norse víðkunnr "famous".