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Subject: Need help with a MN to go inbetween Evelynn and Rose
Author: Whitney   (guest)
Date: April 1, 2013 at 11:28:12 AM
My husband and I are having a little trouble deciding on a middle name for a girl. I'm a fan of having two middle names, it just sounds more sophisticated to me.
We've settled on Evelynn and I'm pretty sure that I would like the last middle name to be Rose after my grandmother. But it's that first middle name that I'm having a hard time deciding on.

I really like nature themed names such as Autumn Rose and Briar Rose. I've even thought of Ivy Rose and Tia Rose (which sort of sounds like Tea Rose). Any other names you can think of along those lines?

Or even just a name that you think might fit nicely inbetween Evelynn and Rose?


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