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Subject: Questions about my name!
Author: Sarina   (Authenticated as LimbicLove)
Date: August 22, 2005 at 2:54:17 AM
Hello, my name is Sarina Lyn and I have a newfound interest in names, in which the first and middle name have one meaning. For example Sarah Lyn would mean lake princess, or princess of the brooke. Heres a link for more examples:

I was just wondering if my name Sarina has a different meaning other than princess, being sarina is derived from Sara(h), because of the suffix -ina. I've read that -ina just makes a name feminine. I've also read that -ina can mean little added to italian names. So does my name mean "little sara or more feminine princess?" or does anyone know any other meanings of -ina in different languages. Also Lyn, since its only spelled with one n does it have any different meanings. I've read that in some language it means lightning, but I'm not sure if thats true. It would be interesting if my name meant Little Lightning princess.. I also know lynn means brooke, stream, lake... If anyone knows for what language each is derived I would like to know. I love getting really in depth with origins of names and such and I would like to learn more about the history of my names and others. : ) Thanks in advance for anyone's help!

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