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, GIL-ee-ən

Meaning & History

Medieval English feminine form of JULIAN. This spelling has been in use since the 13th century, though it was not declared a distinct name from Julian until the 17th century.
DiminutivesGill, Jill, Jillie, Jilly
Masculine FormsJulian, Jolyon, Jools, Jules
Other Languages & CulturesIuliana, Juliana Ancient Roman Yuliana Bulgarian Julijana Croatian Juliana Dutch Juliane, Julienne French Xiana Galician Juliana, Juliane, Liane German Julianna Hungarian Yuliana Indonesian Giuliana, Liana Italian Julijana Macedonian Julianna Polish Juliana, Liana Portuguese Iuliana, Liana Romanian Uliana, Ulyana, Yuliana, Yulianna Russian Julijana Serbian Julijana Slovene Juliana Spanish

Sources & References

  • Elizabeth Gidley Withycombe, The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names (1945)


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