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Subject: Re: anyone heard of "Ilko" or "Hylko"
Author: prbillard   (Authenticated as prbillard)
Date: September 12, 2011 at 9:52:22 AM
Reply to: Re: anyone heard of "Ilko" or "Hylko" by Mike C
actually the name "Ilko" is an English speaking census taker's attempt at recording my great grandfather's name yet a ship's passenger record shows his name as "??lko" where the first two letters are undecipherable but could well be "Vi" -- i'm now deducing that it might be "Vilko" which is consistent with my uncle who was nicknamed Bill (Vilko is showing in Behind the Name as a variant/diminutive of William in Slovenian) but my great grandparents were born in Ternopil Oblast Ukraine of Polish/Ukrainian descent under the Austro-Hungarian empire. Ternopi(NW corner of currently defined Ukraine) which borders on current day Slovakia -- so now I'm trying to see if "Vilko" might be Slovakian -- Slovenian is too far away doesn't make sense -- am getting closer to solving this -- if anyone knows if "Vilko" is a SlovaKIAN name would appreciate hearing about it -- THanks!

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