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Subject: Zombie's Question Congrats - Sign Up
Author: zombieoftheweek   (Authenticated as zombieoftheweek)
Date: February 11, 2013 at 5:53:53 AM
Another one, because they're fun. This congratulations game will assign genders, new additions, and name options based on questions each round. The names will come from initials, rules, namebanks for everybody, and personal namebanks.

People will be dropped after missing three rounds, but are welcome to join up at any time. I'll be accepting sign-ups until I can't cope with them!

Single parents, same sex couples, whatever else you want, are welcome. However, those choosing to have multiple partner families will have to decide themselves who the children are with. Let me know if you also want adoptions, and if you want to decide where the children are adopted from, or if you'd like me to decide.

Sign up form.

LN: Must be related to mountains, forests, meadows or a body of water.
SOI: FN is historical, and no longer in common usage.
MN relates to food in some manner.
SO2: FN must be shared with a character from the last movie you watched.
MN must have been popular when s/he was born (ages are not required, though).
LN must be patronymic.
Adoption: Yes/No
(If yes) Do you want to choose where the adoptees are from: Yes/No

Question for this round: Maths, Chemistry, Botany or Dance?

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