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Subject: Kelsey's Congrats Round 6
Author: Kelsey   (Authenticated as --allison--)
Date: February 22, 2013 at 9:55:36 AM
This will be our last first generation round. Next time you'll be getting SO'S and grandchildren :) Okay, this round everyone got girl/boy twins. And I'm going to make you all address one of your worst name-nerd nightmare: matching twin names. Go on. Ava and Avery. Alexis and Alexander. Samuel and Samantha. They have to be names that you can see the matching-ness of the names. Not something that only a name-nerd would know (for instance, Brendan and Sarah, the meanings are prince and princess, but the names themselves do not "match", so they do not count).Yeah, I know you hate me. ;) Have fun guys! Middle names must also match, for those who named before I remembered I didn't specify about middle names, don't worry about it, your names will be kept. Everyone else, please follow the rules!

LN: Longstaff
DH: Patrick Edmund Longstaff
DW: Cosette Joan {Lowry} Longstaff
DD: Jane Patricia
DS/DD: Jude Kit / Scout Wren
ADS: Curtis Danila
DD: Hollie Isadora
DS: Finn Sawyer
Surname: Sheridan
DH: Grant Edward Sheridan
DW: Vivienne Danielle Sheridan
DD: Grace Vivienne
DS/DS: Blake Maxwell / Caleb Malachy
ADD: Sophie Olivia
DS: Lucas Edward
DS: Jordan Douglas
Surname: Ashworth
DH: Henry Eric
DW: Camille Ruth
DD: Eleanor Rue
DD/DS: Scarlett Bryn / Magnus Gray
ADD: Sophie Marikit
DD: Freya Lily
DS: Thomas Alexander
Username: miakendall1075
Surname: Reagan
DH: Charles Edward Reagan "Charlie"
DW: Esme Rose Roberts Reagan
DD: Abigail Rosalie “Abby”
DD/DD: Scarlett Caroline / Sinead Alice
ADD: Lissa Mei
DD: Niamh Amelia
DS: Flynn Lake
Username: Diamante04
Surname: Navarro
DW: Katherine Elisabeth 'Kate'
DH: Benjamin Brandon 'Ben'
DD: Julia Kate
DD/DD: Scarlett Janna / Eleonora Adeline “Ella”
ADD: Lilliana Sonya “Lilly”
DD: Olivia Alexandra “Livie”
DS: Grant Stone
Username: six1seven
Surname: Travieso
DW: Autumn Elizabeth [Taggart] Travieso
DH: James Robert Travieso
DD: Grace Elizabeth
DD/DS: Evangeline Day “Evie” / Sawyer Flynn
ADS: Levi Weston
DD: Isabelle Sophie
DS: Callen David
Username: findthesea
Surname: Delgado-Dioli
DW: Eliza Kate Emily
DW: Vida Titania
DD: Claudia Elizabeth “Lady Bird”
DS/DS: Alcott Stone / Amos Humphrey
ADS: Evangelina Naira
DD: Freya Laurence
DS: Griffith Ocean
Username: Viatrix
LN: Lucas
H: James Ezekiel Lucas
W: Simone Rosalind Lucas {nee Lennox}
DD: Edith Rosalia “Edie”
DD/DS: Ginevra Pearl "Ginny" / Sebastian Dane
ADS: Robert Preecha "Robbie"
DS: Flynn Adair
DS: Theron Jasper
Username: Wandering Moon
Surname: Bristow
DW: Tessa Eliora
DW: Aveline Florence [Leigh]
DD: Abigail Theresa
DS/DS: Fitzgerald Maxwell “Fitz” / Nathaniel Isidore “Nate”
ADS: Robert Franz
DS: Benjamin Leigh “Benji”
DS: Theodore Halvard “Teddy”
Username: Eris
Surname: Nevin
Dbf: Connor Edward Nevin
Dgf: Autumn Katherine Nicholson
DD: Rosalynn Kate
DD/DS: Dahlia Rain / Jasper Reed
ADS: Oscar Jack
DD: Freya Lily
DS: Kai Darwin
Username: Bex
SN: Byrne
DH: Jonah Ezekiel
DW: Vivienne Rosalind
DD: Jacqueline Rosalie
DS/DD: Barnaby Claude / Hermione Fleur
ADS: Edward Julian
DS: Oscar Ezekiel
DS: Theodore Amyntas
Username: Weirwood
DH: Henry Eric Lombardi
DW: Simone Margot (Linton) Lombardi
DD: Julia Henrietta
DS/DS: Truman Axel / Luke Webster
ADS: Harrison Seti
DD: Cara Estelle
DS: Caden Darcy
Username: Ninor
Surname: Chadwick
DH: Henry Elijah Chadwick
DW: Aveline Phoebe (Castro) Chadwick
DD: Eleanor Castro
DS/DS: Blake Maxwell / Ezra Balthazar
ADD: Scarlett Gwendoline
DD: Leah Josephine
DS: William Edward
Username: Millie
Surname: Lawson
BF: Henry Elliott
GF: Camille Krystal {Laite}
DD: Caroline Elli
DS/DS: Beckett Vincent / Abraham Lorcan
ADD: Antonia Selene
DS: Alexander Cam “Lex”
DS: Lewis River
Username: Salsa
Surname: Ardley
DH: Max Étienne
DW: Esmé Sofia
DD: Louisa Étiennette
DD/DS: Catriona Fleur / Tristan Snow
ADS: Douglas Kito
DD: Aoife Eloise
DS: Carson Draco
Username: rubymay92
Surname: Butler
DH: Henry Elliot Butler
DH: Amos Julian [Riley] Butler
DD: Martha Juliet
DD/DS: Daisy Lux / Rufus Gray
ADD: Anna Flore
DS: Leo Harry
DS: Frank Alexis
Username: Zombieoftheweek
Surname: Endicott
W: Juliette Eva Endicott
W: Simone Marianne Estévez
DD: Rosalynn Mary-Anne
DS/DD: Jude Dane / Juno Pearl
ADS: Simon Dante
DS: Leon Julian
DS: Caleb Damien
Username: Cat/Dog Mad
Surname: Ackerman
DH: Grant Edward
DH: Adrian Caleb
DD: Grace Adriana
DD/DD: Lola Genevieve / Jacinta Evelyn
ADS: Christian Pacifico
DD: Ruby Virginia
DS: Kaden Dominick
Username: Sigrid
LN: Reilly
DH: Jonah Emmett Reilly
DW: Vivienne Theresa (Romilly) Reilly
DD: Grace Emma
DD/DD: Medea Bryn / Olympia Pearl
ADD: Juliet Imelda
DD: Emilia Isadora
DS: Nicholas Alexander
Username: SugarPlumFairy
Surname: Tennyson
DH: Patrick Edmund
DW: Vivienne Augusta
DD: Emma Elizabeth
DS/DD: Charles Frederick / Arabella Jane
ADD: Seraphina Maria
DS: Ronan Patrick
DS: Christian David
Username: Julia Elisabeth
Surname: Leoni
W (22) Juliette Esther Leoni
W (25) Cairo Penelope (Lane) Leoni
DD: Letitia Juliette “Lettie”
DS/DS: Tennessee Austin / Asher Odysseus
ADS: Levi Alexander
DS: Joshua Penn “Josh”
DS: Lewis Emery
Username: ursa
Surname: Sinclair
DW: Isabel Eve Sinclair
DW: Vivienne Demi (Seymour) Sinclaire
DD: Martha Evangeline
DS/DS: Dashiell Luke / Gideon Lorcan
ADS: Joel Mason
DS: Jason Dimitrios
DS: Finn Marcus
Username: Sugar
Surname: Locke
DH: Louis Ezekiel Locke
DW: Vida Helene Bove-Locke
DD: Mamie Vida
DD/DS: Temple Fay / Atticus Ray
ADS: Ramon Najib
Username: CarolinW
Surname: Rodriguez
DH: Joseph Ernesto
DW: Esme Holly
DD: Grace Esmeralda
DD/DD: Ruby Caroline / Ione Josephine
ADD: Bryna Enkhtuyaa
Username: Kaesy
Surname: Lyndon
DW: Eliza Emery
DH: Amos Theodore
DD: Rachel Elizabeth
DS/DD: Edward Ray / Emma Jade
ADS: Simon Ayodele
DS: Michael Amos
DS: Grant River
Username: estel
LN: Thompson
DH: Joseph Ethan "Joey"
DW: Jessamine Grace "Jessa"
DD: Laura Josephine
DD/DD: Lilith Savannah “Lily” / Lucienne Iris “Lucy”
ADS: Matthew Jacek
DD: Layla Charlotte
DS: Callen David
UN: Charlotte Parker, P.I.
LN: Nichols
DH: Patrick Emerson
DW: Cosette Vienna
-DD: Letitia Coselle
-DS/DD: Dunstan James / Portia Maeve
DS: Cillian Emery

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