Names Related to Andreia

Names that are related to ANDREIA:
AINDREA   m   Scottish
AINDRÉAS   m   Irish
AINDRIÚ   m   Irish
ANARU   m   Maori
ÁNDARAS   m   Sami
ANDER   m   Basque
ANDERS   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
ANDERSON   m   English
ANDI   f   English
ANDIE   m & f   English
ANDOR (2)   m   Hungarian
ANDRA   f   English
ANDRÁS   m   Hungarian
ANDRAS   m   Welsh
ANDRAŽ   m   Slovene
ANDRE   m   English, African American
ANDRÉ   m   French, Portuguese
ANDRÉA   f   Portuguese (Brazilian)
ANDREA (1)   m   Italian
ANDREA (2)   f   English, German, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Croatian, Serbian
ANDREAS   m   German, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Welsh, Ancient Greek, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
ANDRÉE   f   French
ANDREEA   f   Romanian
ANDREI   m   Romanian, Russian, Bulgarian, Old Church Slavic
ANDRÉIA   f   Portuguese (Brazilian)
ANDREIA   f   Portuguese
ANDREINA   f   Italian
ANDREJ   m   Slovene, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian
ANDREJA   f   Slovene, Croatian
ANDREJS   m   Latvian
ANDRÉS   m   Spanish
ANDRES   m   Estonian
ANDREU   m   Catalan
ANDREW   m   English, Biblical
ANDREY   m   Russian, Bulgarian
ANDRIA   m   Georgian, Corsican
ANDRIANA   f   English (Rare)
ANDRIES   m   Dutch
ANDRIJA   m   Croatian, Serbian
ANDRIJANA   f   Croatian, Serbian
ANDRINA   f   English (Rare)
ANDRIS   m   Latvian, Hungarian
ANDRIUS   m   Lithuanian
ANDRIY   m   Ukrainian
ANDRO   m   Croatian, Georgian
ANDRUS   m   Estonian
ANDRZEJ   m   Polish
ANDY   m & f   English
ANTERO   m   Finnish
ANTTI   m   Finnish
BANDI   m   Hungarian
DAND   m   Scottish
DEANDRE   m   African American
DRE   m   English
DREA   f   English
DREW   m   English
ENDRE (1)   m   Hungarian
JĘDRZEJ   m   Polish
JOANDRA   f   English (Rare)
MALANDRA   f   English (Rare)
ONDŘEJ   m   Czech
ONDREJ   m   Slovak
TERO   m   Finnish