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Gender Feminine
Usage Italian
Pronounced Pron. fyo-REHL-la
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Meaning & History

From Italian fiore "flower" combined with a diminutive suffix.
Masculine FormsFiore, Fiorino
Other Languages & CulturesFleur, Floor, Flora, Florina, Fleurette, Floortje(Dutch) Flora, Fleur, Fleurette, Flo, Floella, Floretta, Florrie, Flower(English) Fleur, Flore, Florine, Fleurette, Florette(French) Flora(German) Flóra(Hungarian) Florina(Late Roman) Flora, Florinda(Portuguese) Flora(Roman Mythology) Florina(Romanian) Flora, Florina, Florinda(Spanish) Fflur(Welsh)


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