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Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. fran-THEES-ko(European Spanish)
fran-SEES-ko(Latin American Spanish)
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Meaning & History

Spanish and Portuguese form of Franciscus (see FRANCIS). A notable bearer was Francisco de Goya, a Spanish painter and engraver. The name was also borne by Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.
DiminutivesCurro, Fran, Paco, Pancho, Paquito(Spanish) Chico(Portuguese)
Feminine FormsFrancisca(Spanish) Francisca(Portuguese)
Other Languages & CulturesFrantzisko, Patxi(Basque) Frañsez(Breton) Francesc, Cesc(Catalan) Francescu(Corsican) Frane, Franjo, Franko, Frano, Fran(Croatian) František(Czech) Frans(Danish) Franciscus, Frans(Dutch) Francis, Fran, Frank, Franny(English) Frans, Ransu(Finnish) Francis, François, Francisque(French) Franz(German) Ferenc, Feri, Ferkó(Hungarian) Proinsias(Irish) Francesco, Franco(Italian) Franciscus(Late Roman) Frens, Frenske(Limburgish) Pranciškus(Lithuanian) Frans(Norwegian) Franciszek(Polish) Frantziscu(Sardinian) Frang(Scottish) Franjo(Serbian) Franc, Frančišek, Fran(Slovene) Frans(Swedish) Ffransis(Welsh)


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